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Serena's home town is a quiet place with a rather rubbish selection of items. The town's ferry can take you to Ceres and Grihasta, saving you the time of getting lost in Fairy Forest or long walks from Hot Spring Town. Reachable from Ceres by boat, or on foot from Ceres and Capital. If you are playing as Nanako or Rin, try the beef sandwich here.

Getting to Kojima: Take the west exit at Capital's Capital Avenue or via the ferry from Ceres.


  • Ferry: Ceres, Grihasta.
  • Road to Kojima north exit: Capital
  • Road to Kojima South: Fairy Forest, Ceres


Notable places:

  • Docks
    • A captain is there and can bring you to Kojima Mine or Kojima Cave.
    • Food and drinks are available.
    • NEET and his friends will gather there after Nanako met NEET.
    • A little beach is accessible, the water fairy is wandering there.
    • Angie can be found there.
  • Harbor
    • Grazia Tourism Office is there. Nanako can read some tourism guides.
    • Other food is available there.
    • From there, you can speak to the sailor to go to Ceres or Grihastha.
    • The lightning fairy can be found there tormenting a man.
    • Underling B starts the quest Harbor boarding.
  • Adventurer's Guild/Inn
    • Mister the guild master is there to help you in your requests.
    • The Inn Old Man starts the quest Adventurer's Guild (Inn Old Man).
    • The front part is the guild, the back is the inn.
  • Rock band
    • Talk to the main guitarist to change the onsen music to the boss battle music.
    • The earth fairy walks in front of the rock band.
  • Orphanage
  • Serena's Villa