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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Sara
  • Available for Nanako through debug mode only


  • In order to actually get to this town, you'll first have to complete the following quests.
  • Go to Nanako's house's kitchen teddy bear and turn on debug mode.
  • Speak with Sara in her house and agree to the debug dialog to start Frontier of the Beasts event. (Debug mode can be turned off from here on out)
  • Speak to Gerbera in the kitchen in Sara's house.
  • Speak with the Witch from Delivery Work.
  • Enter her basement and walk into the magic circle.
  • Nanako will be teleported to a lava cave and be attacked by three Orcs.
    • Winning, taking too long, entering the magic circle to the South West will cause a ninja to show up and rescue Nanako.
    • Losing the fight will lead to an h-scene and game over.
  • Enter the magic circle in the southwest corner of the lava cave.
    • After entering the circle Nanako will be teleported to Underground City
    • In order to get back to to rest of the world, just go back through the magic circles.
    • If Nanako completed Mel's tasks, it will be possible to teleport to her house from the magic circle.