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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Hinano
  • Available for Nanako immediately after turning in Murder Investigation.
  • Note: It's advised you spend all your money before starting this quest.
  • Warning: Doing this quest after or during Saving Sara may bug up the mansion area.


  • Go to the Public Office and speak with Hinano, the maid in Rin's office.
  • Go to the prison.
    • Exit the building, head east to the Trade District.
    • Continue going east.
    • Make a left and head up the stairs going north.
    • Continue going north, over the bridge and into the next area.
  • Talk to the guard in front of the door.
  • After he gropes Nanako, go to the inn and sleep for the night.
  • Once Nanako wakes up in the middle of the night, head to the pub.
    • Exit the inn, take the road north a bit then go west towards the Public Office.
    • Go south and exit the area through the alley between two buildings.
    • Take the stairs down and enter the door with the PUB sign over it.
  • There's a man to the left of the stage, speak with him.
  • Go to the bathroom, Nanako will remove her pants and underwear.
  • Return to the man. He takes Nanako's wallet and uses her money to pay a 2,000G bar tab.
  • Exit the pub and enter the sewer, it's the hatch right outside in the middle of the water.
  • Once in the sewer, follow the path which eventually leads to Rin's prison cell.
    • First, head east. In the next area the man will open a gate. Enter the gate and go north.
    • Head north into the next area.
    • In this area the path starts to branch a bit, but just head north then go east when you can't go north anymore.
      • Just before heading east there's a very short dead end leading west. There's a VH Heart at the end of the path.
    • The next area is a big S shape, follow the path until reaching the rope.
    • Once entering the prison, follow the path until getting to Rin's cell.
  • After Nanako and the man leave, go back to the inn and get a room.
  • While in the room Nanako will have the opportunity to ask the man four questions. Each time Nanako ask something she must remove a piece of clothing.
  • Nanako wont have enough clothes to ask each question. When asked the final question Nanako can either choose to lay there and go with it or get sick of his games and attack him.
    • If Nanako lays there and goes with it the the man will overpower her and rape her all night. Nanako wakes up the next day with her wallet missing and all her money gone.
    • If Nanako attacks the man she gets her wallet back.
  • Return to Hinano and speak with her.
  • Go back to the Pub and speak with the owner behind the counter.
  • Return to Hinano and speak with her.
  • Exit the office, it will change to night and Nanako will sneak into a hidden brothel.
  • A man will approach Nanako then run off. Exit the room going down the stairs.
  • Just to the east is a small set of stairs going into the basement, go down them.
    • There will be several more sets of stairs to go down, it's all part of a linear path.
  • Nanako will find Rin being abused by the man from before. Once he summons a golem, defeat it.
    • The golem has strong physical defense but is weak against magic.
    • Warning: Killing the golem will sometimes make the game lock up when the screen fades to black.
  • Return to the surface with Rin.
    • There will now be hostile guards in the area.
    • Note: The non-armored guards will rape Nanako even if she's not fully undressed.
  • Once back in the main room with the red carpet, go south out of the front door.
  • Defeat all the guards waiting outside.
  • After escaping from the brothel, Rin and Nanako head to a hideout Hinano has prepared for Rin.
    • If Rin lost her penis during Murder Investigation, she will remain in the hideout while another man takes over as the guard captain.
    • If Rin kept her penis, she will return to active duty as the guard captain and can be found in her office.
    • Either way, Rin becomes a recruitable companion from then on.