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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Nemes
  • Other Rewards: Various rewards throughout the quest.
  • Available for Nanako after completing Semen Collection.


  • Nanako needs to get down the door in the Nemes's room during the night.
  • She will be caught by Nemes, but then she forgives Nanako and brings her to Nemes' Realm.
    • Nemes will reveal her true identity as a lust demon/succubus.
    • She will then give you a tour of her pleasure dungeon, and comments on how she feeds off it.
    • Nanako will question the whole operation, but Nemes points out the people there all gave up their bodies willingly, via contracts with Nemes.
    • Nemes will then go off a rant about human nautre, lust, order, religion, the standard stuff.
    • Nanako can then choose a response, agressively or reluctantly. This choice doesn't seem to matter in the long run, though picking the agressive option will make Nemes force Nanako into heat magically. Nemes will then pit Nanako into her dungeon, fighting for Nemes's amusement.
    • Nanako will proceed through the teleports in the dungeon to find the room with 3 teleports arranged in a fork like fashion.
    • She starts with going through the leftmost one.
    • While in there the Nemes will pit her against the various enemies - these fights are not implemented so Nanako can only chose in dialogue to win or get defeted.
    • Getting defeated will result in rape while Nemes gleefully watches.
    • Chosing to win will result in proceeding through the dungeon. In the chests scattered about Nanako can find succubi related items that affect her Sex Skills.
    • After getting through it Nanako can proceed through the middle path in the fork, then through the right part. Same rules as in the first part apply.
  • After Nanako gets through it she will be teleported into pseudo-womb dimension.
    • After some fridge horror ensues the quest looks like it's completed.
  • Then Nanako can speak with Nemes for some rape scenes which are not yet fully implemented.
    • Some of them result in getting pregnant with Demon King Baby.