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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Ziggy
  • Repeatable: Yes
  • Gold Reward: 6000G
  • EXP Reward: 500EXP
  • Available for Nanako after completing Rescue Ashley.


  • Go to the Public Office.
    • When leaving the Guild Hall, head west.
    • When reaching the main road, go north a little and take the path leading west.
    • Enter the building with flags on it.
  • Enter the office on the west side of the building, there are two guards posted by the door.
  • Speak with Rin, the guard captain. She's standing behind the desk.
  • Leave the office and head towards the crime scene.
    • It's just to the east of the Public Office. When exiting the office, head towards the water fountain.
    • Just east of the fountain is a small alley between two buildings.
    • It's not the one going south, it's the one going east. There should be a man with blue hair standing in front of the alley.
  • Inspect both halves of the body and leave the area.
  • Go to the doctor's office, it's right next to the Guild Hall and has a sign with a cross on it next to the door.
  • Speak with the doctor then head back to the crime scene.
  • The doctor will investigate the body and notice certain organs are missing.
  • Report the doctor's findings to Rin.
  • Go to the inn and speak with the chef. He's the fat one in red by the stove.
  • He'll go crazy and try to attack Nanako, but she knocks him out. Nanako then notices a suspicious person leaving the inn.
    • Nanako may choose to stay with the chef or follow the masked man, but the choice doesn't matter and she will chase after the man anyway.
  • Follow the man outside and into the building he enters.
  • Once Nanako enters the building she confronts the man who reveals he brainwashed Rin and even attached a penis to her body. Rin was the killer all along.
  • Nanako is then has the option of saying his actions are unforgivable or that he has bad taste.
    • If Nanako says he has bad taste the man will hypnotize Nanako which causes her to become extremely horny.
    • Nanako and Rin begin having passionate sex until the man comments it's time to stop.
    • Rin then decapitates Nanako, making her the next victim.
  • After Nanako says his actions are unforgivable, Rin attacks Nanako and they enter combat.
    • Losing the fight will trigger a game over scene in which the masked man hypnotizes Nanako, rips her womb out, and then eats it while she continues to cum.
    • Rin does not need to be defeated, only the masked man does.
  • Once the man is defeated, Rin is let free from the hypnosis and collapses.
  • Nanako rushes to Rin, but the man makes one final move to hypnotize them.
  • Nanako can either attack the man or protect Rin. Attacking the man will cause Rin to get hit, protecting Rin will cause Nanako to get hit. Either way he dies right after.
    • This choice effects the outcome of Rescue Rin.
    • If either of them are hit while Nanako's Purity is high:
      • Whoever gets hit gets dragged back to the doctor's office so the hypnosis can wear off.
      • Nanako and Rin go back in Rin's office, Rin reveals the doctor managed to remove the penis that was attached to her by the masked man.
    • If either of them are hit while Nanako's Dirty is high:
      • The one who was hit will beg the other for sex, then they will start fucking.
      • They return to Rin's office and discuss what happened.
      • Nanako can either volunteer to become Rin's lover or say the doctor can cure Rin.
        • Having the doctor cure Rin will remove the penis the masked man attached to her.
        • Having Nanako accept Rin as she is will leave the penis attached to Rin.
  • Return to Ziggy and turn in the quest.