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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

On this page you can find almost all the H-events. In case you know about a H-scene that isn’t on the list yet, feel free to add them by pressing edit.


The Overworld

  • Goblins, Merman, Slimes, Minotaurs, Zombies, Orcs1, Lizard-Men1, Kobolds2 and Dogs3 can tear off clothing. If Nanako has no bottom clothing, she can be raped (no Game Over).

1 Orc Kingdom

2 Eastern Forest

3 The Stray Dog

  • It is located 2 screens south of the witch's house that houses the underground town entrance (Only in the latest version 111211)

Too Tired

  • If the character's tiredness is 37 or above and they are defeated during the overworld, the character will get a scene with the enemy that defeated them.  This is if that enemy can interact with them.  Then the "Don't Give Up" or "Give Up" screen will appear.
  • The character MUST be able to survive atleast 1 attack.  If the first and only attack was to incapacitate the character it won't trigger the scene.
  • Doing this with the stray dog will glitch the game and not give you the +1 to mating.

Goblin's Bride

  • This ending is called Goblin's Bride (ゴブリンの花嫁). It requires that you have the Goblin's Pearl.
  • To get the pearl leave the Onsen Town by the western gate and follow the path south-west until you see a bridge that runs over a big river. Just before crossing the bridge, move directly east to get to a location with a cave entrance.
    • The cave has four short mazes like levels, with chests scattered throughout (though none of them contain anything unique). Find the stairs on each floor until you get to the bottom which leads to the Goblin King.
    • Defeat the Goblin King to get the pearl.
  • With the pearl in your inventory talk to the blue haired guy in Onsen Town near the north gate. He will tell you to drop the pearl or sell it to the witch in the vine-covered house immediately (if you have not completed the witch's monster semen collection quest, you will be asked if you wish to skip it; choose no if you intend to finish it first).
  • Talk to the witch and she will tell you that the pearl is made of pure female goblin pheromones. Whoever has that pearl will cause a male goblin to see her as his bride and fuck her endlessly.
    • The witch will offer to buy the pearl off you for 10000G. Choose not to accept (the second option) and she will tell you to come back if you change your mind. She also offers to allow you to keep the pearl in her house in the pot in front of the door, do this if you want to save the pearl and get the ending some other time.
  • So far this part is Nanako specific.
  • For the special ending, keep the pearl in your inventory and then go to the overworld and get defeated by any mob, the ending should then trigger.
  • The alternate way is that you get a choice to keep the pearl after being defeated, which leads to the below, or throwing it away, leading to a game over.  In order to do this you must have done Mel's collection quest.  Then when you talk to her with the pearl she'll give you information about it.
    • Nanako starts out in a cave getting raped by a goblin; she comes to realize that it's the pearl's fault and that it's too late to do anything about it. It continually rapes her before the scene fades and skips forward to a pregnant nanako still being fucked by the goblin as she's now its bride.
    • You can choose to continue the game from this point, and you are given the job of helping your new goblin tribe assert its dominance and get new women. If you talk to the goblin "seneschal" (the white goblin in the throne room) you can receive quests from him to capture some of the women you have/can encounter in the game. If you select one you bring them to the cave in a cutscene and will have to defeat them in combat, after which they are captured and will have to be convinced to become a goblin bride as well. Once this happens they get homejust like you and sometimes even have a goblin baby. Note this only works with Rin and the blue woman (Ashley). Unconfirmed:You cannot use the debug squid and the small witch will freeze your if you try.
  • Any women you've managed to convert into Goblin Brides will allow you to talk, party up and even switch control over characters. Switching Goblin Brides will allow you to have sex with their respective husbands (Though they're simply blackouts with audio). Changing controls will not allow you to party with Nanako.

First town/Onsen Town

Goblin Quest

  • Go to the Adventure Guild and accept the goblin Extermination quest.
  • Head through the north gate and you will find about ten goblins.
  • Kill the red ones and then lose to the green goblin.
  • The text will describe Nanako being gang raped by the goblins, and a picture of her being two holed by two goblins will be displayed. This will result in a game over.

Onsen Town Bathhouse/Hot Spring

  • You can pay 20G to the man behind the counter to enter the bathhouse. If you cannot enter, Nanako is probably having her period, you will have to wait for this to pass first.
  • A forced ovulation drug is crudely hidden in a bucket in the upper right corner, denoted by the obvious sparkle. You can sell this for 2500G, or use it to receive a 100% chance at becoming pregnant when any male ejaculates inside you on the same day it is used.
    • The owner will ask you what you want to wear inside the bath, giving you the option to:
    1. wear nothing.
    2. wear a towel.
    3. wear a bikini.
    • If you have a high Charm and low Purity and choose to not wear anything, the owner will suggest Nanako to show her goods before getting changed. You are given the option to:
    1. get angry.
    2. show him.
  • You can choose to change in front of the owner. While Nanako is getting ready to undress she will notice the owner staring at her. You will be give the option to
  1. find a different locker.
  2. change in front of the owner.
    • If Purity is high, Nanako will convince herself that the owner probably sees many women naked in order to get over her embarrassment.
    • If Purity is low, Nanako can choose to:
    1. perform a tease show for the owner.
    2. change lockers.
      • If Charm is low, the owner will find the show boring, leaving Nanako feeling angry and inadequate.
      • If Charm is high, the owner will be thoroughly aroused, leaving Nanako feeling satisfied with herself.
    • With a Charm of 70, three shows for the owner will want him to have sex with Nanako in which you can choose which hole for him to cum into:
      1. vaginal
      2. anal
      3. oral
    • In order to have the third option of the Bathhouse Owner to appear you need to go into the Mixed Bath full of Men. Then go into the water and pick the second choice to stay in the bath longer. Then say you wanted to get violated which is the first choice, but they won't violate you or have sex with you until you talk to them or touch them. Therefore get out of the bathhouse completely. When you speak to the owner, the third option, "Go In" Will appear. However, inorder to get this third option working you need to have 60 or more Dirtiness. Then you would be able to go in for free!

Mixed Bath Full of men

  • As you enter, you will notice that you are the only girl in the hot springs. You consider two options:
  1. Think nothing of it, and enjoy a relaxing soak with the men. I mean, what could possibly happen?
  2. Succumb to worry and escape what could become a dangerous situation for an attractive young girl such as you. This will cause you to exit the hot springs.
    • If you decide to ignore your better judgement and enter the springs willingly (option 1), then you must enter the water to continue, or leave to exit the springs. After entering the water, you will begin to bathe, and the men will quickly join you. You will overhear their lust filled voices, prompting a familiar worry:
    1. Once again, succumb to the fear of being raped, and exit the hot springs.
    2. Reassure yourself that these are decent men who are just here to bathe. It is a mixed bath after all, and you are the 'new girl' in this town. It would be rude to judge people so quickly.
  • As you precariously enjoy the soothing waters, all of the men in the springs are focused on you. Even upon noticing this, you still hold on to your previous mindset and attribute it to your imagination.
  • One man jumps the gun and begins groping your breasts, with which you swiftly knock him back. But to no avail.
  • With their intentions made clear, one of the men quickly blocks any chance of your escape. Like zombies drawn to flesh, they aggressively crave your body, and each man will take quite a punishment before he is taken down.

Choosing the second option will lead to the men groping Nanako. The man will ask her if she provoked this by entering the man's bath.

Nanako can say she:

  1. expected this to happen.
  2. or ask them to stop screwing around.

Choosing to have expected this to happen, Nanako will be offering her body to the crowd.

Go up to one of the men and talk to them and you'll be asked whether Nanako

  1. sex with him.
  2. decline to sex.
  • Choosing not have sex with him will have him rape Nanako. You can either
  1. resist.
  2. give up.
  • After telling them to stop screwing around and attempting to leave, the door will get blocked by one of the men, triggering the fight/gang rape scene.
    • When knocked down to doggy style, you can either
    1. resist.
    2. give up if, if your Sexual stat is high enough.
  • When losing all HP, Nanako faints and later wakes up in her room in the inn. Intercourse counter only increase by the amount you got raped while being consciousness.
  • If you have used the debug tool to increase your Attack and Defense, you can kill the men and escape the bath. If you do so, there will be a short dialogue and one of the men will give you 10,000G.
    • BUG: Serena does not receive the 10,000G after defeating the men.
    • Note: this fight is very easy to win without using the debugger. After triggering the fight, run to the western side of the screen, keeping the pool wall between you and the men. The AI won't figure out how too get to you. Stand one step back from the water and attack in the direction of the men. Nanako's attack has a range of 2, so you'll be able to hit your enemies. They, however, can only push you if they're standing right next to you, so they won't be able to get her. This can take a really long time since your opponents have very high stats, but I've done it at level 6 with no real problems.
    • If you aren't strong enough and it is the first time you've encountered them you can defeat the man blocking the door way and escape.  If it is the 2nd time however you must defeat all of them to get out, if you plan on going that route.
    • Once you've defeated all of them they will no longer bother you if you re-enter the all men bath.  So if you still want to interact with them you must not defeat all of them.
  • After having sex with them, be it by choice or force, reentering the man's bath will have the men asking Nanako whether she wants to have a good time again or not.
    • Nanako can either
    1. accept.
    2. decline.
    • Choosing the first option will show a similar scene to the first gang rape.
    • The second option will let you walk around normally if you did not get raped before, otherwise the men will attack you again if you decline.

Guard Office

  • If Nanako had forced sex in the bathouse you can report the gang rape to the Guard Office located in town at the uppermost right door in town. You can also report the rape in the Restrooms here as well. (If you are pregnant, these scenes well change to suit them)
    • You need to have an adventurer's guild card before you can report the crime.
    • Speak to the guard and tell him about the bathhouse. He will lure you to the scene of the crime as a witness and there the guards will knock you out and put you in a cellar.
    • Talk to the man in the cell next to you. Eventually the guards will come and use Nanako as a sex slave for a week. (If your in the final term of pregnancy, it well result in you giving birth in the cell)
    • Eventually they will release you into the woods on the condition that Nanako forgets the past week ever happened. (If you gave birth in the cell, Nanako well be carrying a baby when she is release in the woods)
      • When released, you have the choice of either killing or sparing the guard that escorted you out of town.(But you can't kill him, really...)(If you have the baby with you, Nanako well not give the option to kill the guard and well just leave)

Mixed Bath

  • You can talk to the kid at the top of the bath. He will ask about Nanako's skin color and ask to touch it. You can choose to:
  1. Allow him to touch you.
    • By allowing him to touch you will trigger a scene where Nanako gets groped.
    • If your purity is below 20 and desire is at 40 or above, new options will appear:
      1. I don't mind.
        • If your charm is at 30 or above, The boy will continue to grope you, finger you, and come on you. [Desire -1; Purity -3; +5G ] (You will no longer be able to deny him)
        • You will need at least 60 desire to interact more, and gain more options:
        1. Touch me again. With high dirtyness you'll give him a blow job. [Desire +2; Dirty +3; +5G ] (Automatically goes to the extreme version)
        2. Let's do something better. (Dirtyness must be at 60 or higher)
        • Note: These scenes are bugged. You will not have any semen inside when you done, your virginity cannot be taken, but you can still get pregnant. Your sex skills and intercourse amount will still rise.
        • You will have sex with him. The option will change to "Let's do it"
          • "Let's do it" will have two options:
          1. Take it [Desire -5; Dirty +3]
            • Doggystyle
          2. Give it [Dirty +10]
            • Your on top and will continue into a shota threesome.
        1. Not today
        • If you have dirtyness and low desire a bonus text will appear about how cute Nanako thinks he is.
      2. Let's do something better. (Make another choice)
      • Same actions as above
3. Tell him it's bad to touch breasts. [Purity +5; Desire+10] (Automatically chosen if purity is above 20 or desire is below 40.)
  1. Deny him. [Purity +10]
  • Choosing option Allow then Deny will set the second flag for the shota reverse rape/orgy.
  • If both shota reverse rape flags are triggered you can talk with the kid in the middle of the pool you will have sex with him and another kid if your dirtyness is over 60.
  1. if you didn't save the bullied girl in the basement of the house NW of the vined house, you will asked by the redheaded kid to run because the bullies have arrived and they are afraid of them.
  2. If you save the girl, Nanako will instead tell the redheaded kid that she has got a plan. The bullys arrive and pick on the shota on the wall as the other adults ignore them. The bullys want to beat the crap outta him and bring him to an isolated area and only then will Nanako attack the kid and start to have sex with him. At this point the shota orgy goes on until nightfall and you get a nice picture of the act.
  • You can then trigger the shota scene anytime you want when you go back to the onsen because now one of the bullies will be there who will trigger the scene.
  • You can talk to the blue haired man to the left of the bath. He will ask you if you want to have sex. If you have low purity / high perverseness you can choose to:
  1. have sex with him.
  2. decline.
    • Once he is near climax you can choose to have him:
    1. cum inside.
    2. cum in her mouth.
    • You can talk to him after to repeat the scene.
    • He will also mention something about a lower level to the bathhouse, this should give you the option to visit there the next time you are in the bathhhouse.
    • When you visit again look for a sparkling area in the grass to the right of the hot spring bath. Select that spot and you can choose whether Nanako wants to jump down or not (the top option is yes).
    • In this area you'll see lots of NPCs having sex, and a lone man by himself to the bottom left. Speak to him and then you'll get the option to have sex with him or not. Choose the top option to trigger the H-scene.
  • Whenever you have sex with the blue-haired man in the bath you'll notice a bald man start watching the two of you. After the H-scene you can talk to the bald headed man and decide to:
  1. get angry at him.
  2. have sex with him.
  • You can choose which hole for him to cum in:
  1. vagina.
  2. anal.
  3. oral.

[Update] Interacting with the board outside of the onsen when under debugging mode will provide a few options.

  • Choose the second option to cancel.
  • Choose the first option to proceed onto the second set of options
    • Choose the first option to simply enter the changing room. However, note that if you now enter the bath area and try to leave, the character will spawn in the wall. There's no fix.
    • Choose the second option to trigger the onsen guard/imprisonment scene.

South Gate

Note: These characters no longer exist in newer versions.

  • Blue-haired man – Asks you if you want be teleported.
  1. Teleports you to the dungeon.
  2. Decline.
  • Here you can view animated scenes of Nanako on the main floor.
    • Talk to the pink haired girl at the bottom to go to the main floor
    • Press the use key (z) on any animation to get a more detailed one.
  • Bald NPC - Will teleport you to the slave market. Here you can:
    • Buy the slave girl in the most right room if you have enough gold.
    • Talk to the red man in the bathroom. This will give you two options:
    1. You can choose to attack him which will have you end up as a sex slave on auction, resulting in a Game Over.
    2. Do nothing.
  • Take the dirt path to the east of the south gate and continue down. Here you can take the train to the capitol, if you have a ticket (buy from the item shop, it's the 7000G item). You only need to buy the ticket once.

Adventurer's Guild

  • Top right two NPCs in room - Meeting the requirements gets different dialogue
    • Had relationship with blue haired NPC at night and accepted money
    • Had over 300 intercourse.
    • If you speak to these NPCs after Nanako's first pregnancy while she still has purity and low desire, they should take you to a place where you can abandon the child. It's an area of the forest that's located to the left of the witch hut.

Old buildings north of Adventurer’s Guild

Open room (most north)
  • You can borrow money from the demon here. Once you talk to him you are given the options to
  1. borrow money.
  2. pay back debt.
  3. end conversation.
  • If you don’t pay him back in 30 days he will send men in black to capture you and sell you on the slave market, resulting in a Game Over.
Hidden room (entrance on the side)
  • Here you can find a ghostly Nanako. She sells special items such as Viagra (バイアグラ), a Rope top (縄) a Orc Penis which greatly raises attack (オークのイチモツ) and a vibrator belt (バイブ付き貞操帯)


Innkeeper Scene

  • After staying at the inn once by paying, if Nanako has less than 100G and her Sexual is high and Purity is low, she can choose to pay for a room by selling her body.
    • From that point on you can stay for the night by selling your body to him.(gives you the mistress title )
    • If you allow the inn keeper to ejaculate inside you and end up being impregnated, you can trigger a new scene. If you have sex with him while heavily pregnant and would give birth to his child on the next day, he will ask you one of two things if your relationship with him is high enough:
    1. If she would marry him which will give a good ending (high relationship).
    2. To Let him keep the baby, then get his family to help deliver the baby.
    • After this scene occurs you can visit Nanako's daughter in the backroom where you had sex with the inn keeper, however he will no longer offer to let you stay in his room though he will let you stay at the inn for no charge.
    • As of update 130204 Ashley, Rin, and Erika can also attain the Innkeeper's Wife ending.

Dog Scene

  • Third floor - If purity is below 15 and money is low, the rich man will pay you 5000G to have sex with his dog.
    • This is now repeatable at the 50+ dirty level. (will be paid much less, 10G)
    • Be inseminated by Bellepher once you have the "Bitch" title to conceive Nana

Blonde guy Scene

  • If you use the arousal medicine before sleeping at the inn Nanako will wake in the middle of the night.
    • You can choose to
    1. masturbate.
    2. fall asleep.
    3. go look for someone to have sex with.
  • If you choose the last option you can go to the blonde haired NPC next door.
    • With a high Charm/Sexuality you can seduce him.
    • With low Purity you can choose to rape him.
      • After you raped or seduced him, you can go back and have sex with him again. However, you are stuck with the scene corresponding to your first choice (i.e. Nanako will always rape him if you raped him the first time, never giving you the choice to seduce him.)

Bath Rapist Scene

  • There is a new H-scene if you enter the bath room aroused at night when you have to pay 5g to enter. There is a higher chance you will get a in a fight with a rapist if you are aroused. When you win you get 3 options to what to do to him.
  1. leave him
  2. Turn him into the guards
  3. Give him to the elf/Yaranaika (option for this is “Rape”). Prerequisite: the first walk by scene with the elf should be already completed.
  • 1 gives you a VH heart, 2 give 500g and 3 give you two medicine
  • to lose let him rape you 5 or 6 times.
  • In addition it appears that the selection of rapists is random from a pool of four. A blonde haired man, a blue haired man, a peeping tom, a shota and an older man. You can rape the boy but there is some unknown prerequsite to do so. (When Nanako speaks with the shota she says the boy looks "Delicious." Nanako also holds back when raping him because it might kill him suggesting that the succubus title is needed)

Toilet Scene

  • Entering the toilet under certain conditions (for me it was high desire and quite low pervertedness, but also used the drug before) and using the toilet triggers a masturbation scene.

Ashley's Lesbian Scene

  • There's a lesbian scene with Nanako and Ashley that happens after 2 requirements are met:
  1. Nanako's bought the house in Onsen Town
  2. Vessel's been defeated
  • The first night you sleep at the Capital's inn after completing both requirements, the inn clerk will tell you that a messenger arrived from Onsen Town. He's waiting for Nanako in the dining room, at the bottomcenter table.
  • After learning from the messenger that Ashley's woken up again, the player gets two options:
  1. Get instantly teleported to the Onsen Town Guild Hall and continue the event.
  2. Go to the Onsen Town Guild Hall by yourself whenever you feel like continuing the event.
  • Once Nanako arrives at the Onsen Town Guild Hall, the game instantly turns to nighttime, and the Guild Master reluctantly allows Nanako to see Ashley. Ashley is still in her bed, and tells Nanako that she'll be ready to head out tomorrow.
  • The next time during Daylight that Nanako enters the Onsen Town Guild Hall, Ashley will be standing at the counter. Nanako tells Ashley that she has a house, but Ashley'd rather stay at the Onsen Town Inn. (At this point, Ashley joins your party, but you can't leave Onsen Town without completing the next step, or start any other events for that matter. Also, the game immediately turns back to Night upon leaving the hall).
  • After entering the Onsen Town Inn, the scene gets triggered.
  • (Note: Nanako's Purity must be above 0, else during the scene you'll hear a door close and the scene freezes. You can easily raise Nanako's Purity by going to the little witch Mel's house and reading the left bookshelf at the bottom room to raise Charm and Purity by 10 each read.)

Outside (daytime)

  • If you are wearing full clothing and rest on the bench at the pond, you get molested by a bunch of kids while you are sleeping.
  • If low on money and wearing little/no clothing, the man standing north of the fountain will give Nanako 500G in sympathy.
    • Otherwise he'll give you 250G until you have over 2500G. This is repetable.

Outside (Night)

To change from day to night, you can either use the clock near the restrooms, or sleep at the inn. Please note that some events require Nanako to be in Horny status in order to happen.

  • Henry (Blue Hair NPC next to the fountain)
    • Nanako can sleep with him for 200G or for free. Will not cause a time change. (Repeatable)
      1. Agree.
      2. Request Money. Requires dirtiness of 60.
      3. Refuse.
    • After have sex with him, he will ask you to be your boyfriend
      1. Well, I...like you though...
      2. I'm sorry, I can't
    • Once your his boyfriend you can do more aggresive things once you talk to him again at night, which is to be gangbanged by his friends and you can also give him a blowjob right after he cums inside you. He will have a different dialogue if you still have semen inside your vagina when having sex with him, which he will state you cheated on him. (However when it is his semen he still says it) BUG: when you have sex with him and it turn day the Guild Quest doesn't allow you to take another quest because he doesn't know you slept. Therefore when you go outside, it becomes night.
  • the far right item shop in the small plaza will sell sex-related items.

Outside Onsen Town

  • Located in the first screen outside the East Gate is the house of a mother(Sefiria) with her two boys. This is part of the babysitter quest. Before doing the babysitter quest be sure to have a low purity and buy an arousal medicine. You also need the rope which you can get from the basement of the witch's hut inside a box. Have Nanako drink the arousal medicine before entering the house.
    • You will get a cutscene where she studies with the kids and eventually they all fall asleep.
    • Nanako will wake up in the middle of the night and can either
    1. have sex with the kids.
    2. masturbate.
    • Choosing the first option will lead to Nanako having sex with the kids.
      • If you come back after you have finished the quest you can talk to the kids and have sex with them again.
      • While having sex with the kids Sefiria will walk in and catch them in the act.
        • This will lead her to attack Nanako. If you defeat her and have the rope with you, you will get a scene where the boys have sex with Sefiria and Nanako and eventually ending up in the basement where their mother becomes their sex slave.
    • Choosing the second option will lead to Nanako masturbating in the night.
      • If you come back after you have finished the quest, you can talk to Sefiria and help her again.
      • Nanako will study with the kids and she will fall asleep on the second floor.
        • Repeat this event about five times.
      • You will eventually get a cutscene where Sefiria goes to the basement and the kids follow her down, where they see her masturbating.
        • You will once again wake up in the middle of the night and be able to choose whether to
        1. have sex with the kids.
        2. masturbate.
      • If you chose to have sex with the kids you can return to the house and talk to the kids to have sex with them again.
      • Their mother will catch you in the act and attack Nanako. If you defeat her you will get a sex scene
      • Afterwards you can reenter the house and go up to the second floor for an event where Sefiria is having sex with both the kids and you can choose to
      1. join them
      2. leave.
      • Choosing the first option will get you a scene where Sefiria and Nanako have sex with the kids and race to see who can cum first.
      • Choosing the second option will make Nanako walk out of the room.
      • There is also a rare chance that Sefiria will appear pregnant the next time you reenter the house. You will get a reward of 10G after the scene if you choose the first option here.
  • On the side you did the quest Medicine Delivery in the witchs hut.
    • In the basement of the witch's hut there is a magic circle. If you step into the magic circle and press Z you will find yourself in a magma cave. At the bottom left part of the cave is a second magic circle that takes you to a some kind of animal village (or Underground Town as it is now known). There aren't any completed events here but the trip is worth it for the weapons you can buy from the dragonkin. They give Nanako a huge boost in attack and change the combat animation a bit. They cost 8000g a piece.


  • These events happen at random times.
  • Go into the middle stall of the female restroom and Nanako will relieve her bladder. Sometimes, a pervert will be peeking her from the stall to the right of it.
    • Confront him, and you will get raped by him (Stallion). Report it to the guards. (Warning: this guy has a special ability to impregnate you 100% of the time, even if you used a contraceptive pill or in period)
      • Then you can find it again in Adventurer's Guild - 2nd Floor Toilet in Underground Town. He will be in the next stall ready to rape you again.
      • If you're not pregnant you'll find it again in Onsen Town (female restroom). He will have new dialogues.
    • Leave, and the bench elf will rape the pervert instead.
    • If the elf is not sitting on the bench when you enter the bathroom, leaving the bathroom after triggering the pervert scene (without getting raped) will freeze the game.
  • Go inside the male restroom when you hear voices at the door to find the bench elf raping a guy.


  • You need to register at the guild first before the pervert will appear.
  • The pervert might not appear if you have a companion.
  • The conversation changes depending on your character's slutiness and whether she's pregnant.

Residential Area (Southwest part of Town)

Vine House
  • Read the sparkly book on the shelf. Talk to the NPC and if your HP is above 80 she will offer Nanako a quest to help het collect monster semen.
    • After saying yes go down into the dungeon and have sex with a monster. Go upstairs an talk to the NPC so she can take out the semen. Repeat this until you have done all the monsters. The NPC will give Nanako 20,000 gold for her efforts.
    • After the quest is over, talk to the NPC if you want to have more sex with the monsters (her desire stat must be above 50 for this to happen).
    • After giving birth from all the monsters from the basement (you have to give birth without using the doctor) talk to the witch again (sell ALL the monster babies to her) and she'll give you a mission to breed a new kind of monster.
    • After you gave birth to that new monster, go to the Capital, go to the Slums section, go down the stairs to the left of the church AT NIGHT TIME, talk to the succubus, change your title to 'succubus', THEN with atleast 100 Charm, return and talk to the witch again to start the succubus training quest. Nanako will gain a new stance called, "Seductive Dance". You can only use it if she's "Horny", if she's not she'll just say that she can't control it. After each successful encounter she'll lose "Horny", so stock up on "Female Viagra".
  • There are four books inside the house that can change your desire and purity. The top closed book will raise Desire by 10. The middle closed book will lower Desire by 10. The lower left bookshelf in the bottom room will raise Charm by 10. The lower right bookshelf in the bottom room lower Purity by 10.
Small house located NW of the Vine House
  • Go in the house and take the stairs in the upper right to the basement. From there, walk towards the room in the lower left to trigger a scene.
  • Nanako will find a group of boys "playing doctor" with a little girl. You can choose to:
  1. take her place.
  2. observe from where you are standing.
  • Choosing to take her place will lead to the children playing doctor with Nanako instead.
    • If your desire is high and purity is low Nanako will let the children fuck her instead of just examining her.
    • Fucking the children will set the first flag for the shota reverse rape/orgy.
Upper Left House (only at night)
  • When Nanako has high dirty stats and desire, strip her naked and enter the "upper left" house to the west, where the residents houses are (south of the guild).
  • There you will find a boy, talk to him and Nanako will begin to suck him and then mount him before he faints. This scene is repeateable.
Bottom Left House
  • On the second floor you can see 2 NPC’s have sex (might have to re-enter a few times).
    • If you choose to stay an watch Nanako will watch and masturbate as long as her sexual desire is high and her purity is low.

Bathhouse/Onsen Inn (all the way to the east from first town)

  • After completing the Bodyguard quest, go back to where you separated from your client and then go south to get to the bath house/Onsen Inn.
  • When inside with less than 250 gold, ask the purple haired owner Chitose to stay at the Inn. She will offer you a job to capture a pervert. (Note: in the newer versions, it is no longer necessary to have low gold to be offered this mini-quest)
  • After accepting it go up towards the bath and undress yourself by pressing the use key (z) at one of the lockers. Walk towards the bath and Chitose will come towards you asking you if she should clean it before you go in.
    • Accept and you will see Chotose get raped by the pervert. She will later get raped in one of the rooms while an assistant works at the front desk.
    • Refuse and Nanako (that's you) will be in the bath. When you try to leave the pervert will appear. You will have two choises:
      • Defeat him by rapidly hitting him with any attack (Get reward for defeating him)
      • Let him have his way with you (get raped).
        • If you let him rape you use the clock next the front desk to turn the day into night. Now the pervert will be in the bottom-left room. Talk to him and Nanako can offer herself to him. After the sex (with an internal shot) read the note he left on the desk. [For Sex Friend: The dresser to the left of this Note contains unlimited Ovulation medicine.] It will tell you to go to the men's rest room to have Nanako prostitute herself.
        • Go to the men’s bathroom and after Nanako ask whether or not she will prostitute say yes (top option). Nanako will be nude with her legs spread accepting anyone who enters the rest room. The inn will then become a brothel with Nanako and Chitosa as cum buckets. In older builds, this results in a Game Over. In the most recent one, Nanako can choose to continue her quest after this event, with greatly increased charm, desire, and dirty.

The Pub (North part of the town)

  • If you interact with the debug cactus you can get Nanako drunk when you go out of the Pub. There you'll have to choose to sleep or not.
    • If you choose not to sleep you will make a few steps before to faint, then you will be raped by 3 men, still unconcious.
    • If you choose to sleep, you will see the 3 guys comming and have the opporunity either to :
  • Run away : They knock you down and you get raped.
  • Fight back : If you get defeated you'll get raped.

Capital City

In order to get to New City you need to buy a train ticket (都への切符) at the middle shop in the First Town/Onsen City [better not... if you complete all quests in Onsen Town + "Thieves hide out" you get the free one! To activate it use first from left book in "train booth"]. After buying one, go towards the south gate and follow the dirt path into the city walls. Talk to the NPC at the counter and select the first option to travel to New City.

Inn (on the main street)

  • If you talk to the blond haired character near the entrance, you can kiss them with the respective animation:
    • 1. Tongue kiss
    • 2. Deep kiss
    • 3. Not yet implemented
    • 4. Not yet implemented
  • Once you have had sex with the the rich man's dog from First town/Onsen Town, you can also have sex with the dog outside the main street inn in the Capital - it's the one with brown fur and green eyes. Nanako will only have sex with the dog at night, so you either have to wake up in the night due to being horny, or you can talk to the dog during the day, and Nanako will wake herself up.
  • Same as the Onsen Town inn: if you wake up due to being horny, you can have sex with another guest at the inn. Go to the room left of the stairs and the guy inside will oblige your wishes.

BUG NOTE: In the pre-patched (translated) release of version 13.01.27, you cannot go into the man's room a second time.  Nanako will open the door, then close it in her own face while appearing in the same space as the door. Though she cannot go forward, this bug is not game-ending, as northward movement is available.


Porn Shop (Nanako)
  • Speak with the Old Man in the south of the Capitol entrance.
  • He will ask you to help find his Granddaughter, and offer 4 clues to help you.
  • The last clue will direct you to the Bakery, go there and question everyone.
  • The little girl tells you to go ask around the slums for more info.
  • Make 4 purchases in the Porn Shop to get a Membership Card.
  • Speak with each Bandit outside of the Porn Shop.
  • Then speak with the Bandit in the mask outside of the Slum Church.
  • He gives you a Forged VIP Pass.
  • Return at night with Membership Card to get in back room.
  • Use forged pass to get in to VIP area.
  • You will see the girl in the pit, walk in front of queen and be kicked in to pit.
  • [Seems unfinished: Once in the pit a tentacle gangbang starts, but you will be kicked out to other room after it.]
[NOTE: There seem to be three ways to get to VIP area. ]
2. There is a way to impress Burigussha to get near the VIP area, but it is unpredictable and buggy. You have to sample the main room until he starts grinning. Then use the Pit scene until Rimun shows up and is scolded. If you miss the chance for Rimun to appear, you will see either Nemes or the Masked Man approach, but it will get stuck if this happens. Once Rimun shows up you can get past the twin guards that kick you back. If you look around you will see there is no actual way to the VIP yet, so this route seems unfinished.
3. Serena Route: If playing as Serena you will be unable to start the old man quest. If you go the Porn Shop and sell your panties, you will be approached when leaving the store. The men take you to the cell near the Orphanage, inside the church and to the right. Once in the cell a man buys some time to eat Serena out, Burigussha approaches and it ends with you outside the church again. The cell they take Serena to is connected to the room behind Burigussha.
[If you use FatalMix you can turn clipping off and explore the pit. If you interact with the Pigman, a scene of extreme anal penetration starts. The door in pit leads to a room that looks like a prison. If you are Nanako you will see Serena passed out in one of the cells, if playing as Serena you will see Nanako in another cell. Backtracking from here leads you to a door that does not let you pass thru it, something is said about turning back will cause you to lose all your gear.]
  • Talking the hairy man beside the sign while naked will result in him groping Nanako.
    • If Nanako is in the "Aroused" State he will rape her.
    • If Nanako is not in the "Aroused" state she will kick his ass.
  • Talking to the hairy man while wearing only the apron (and in the aroused state) will make him think that Nanako is a prostitute, you will be given two options. Select the first one and they will have a conversation, at some point you will be given another set of two options. Select the second one.
  • Nanako and the hairy man agree on a price and they go inside the nearby brothel. Speak to the hairy man and a scene will start where he pays for the room and then leaves, follow him. Talk to him again and he'll go inside the room and get on the bed.
  • You can walk up to the bed and talk to him to get an H-scene but it has not been implemented yet and it will skip forward to where Nanako is standing outside.
    • You might need to use the debug chest next to the hairy man first before this chain will trigger.

This event seemingly is not repeatable.

  • Read the sign on the leftside of the door to learn about a waitress job (requires waitress/bar quest completion in Onsen Town). Go talk to the owner, and she'll ask if you can work day or night (only night is available). Sleep at the inn, and Nanako will automatically wake up in the middle of the night. Enter the bar from behind, change into waitress uniform (if Sexual is high and Purity is low, can choose not to put on panties).
    • Similiar concept as the first bar mission in Onsen Town, except EVERYONE can feel Nanako up. After a certain amount of gropes without resisting, you'll lose all your clothing, until only the half-apron is left. Then you can get groped at the chest or hips. Finish the quest as normal by delivering food (if you've been to the Bathhouse Inn where Chitose works, you may lose the waitress outfit if you picked it up there already once the quest if finished because it uses the same outfit).
Center-East House (Incomplete)
  • Here you will find a strange man who will request Nanako to insert a egg into her womb (not sure what it does, scenario seems to be unfinished.)
Lower-East House (incomplete)
  • Talk to the suspicious merchant behind the counter
  • After gaining his attention he will ask what is it you want
  • you'll be given the the choice to say:
  1. I'd like to work here...
  2. Nothing
  • Choosing the second option will get you kicked out
  • Choose the first option and he will take you to the back of the room where you will get paid for giving a blowjob to the people in stalls
  • When wondering how you will finish him off you will then be given the following actions:
  1. Lick the tip
  2. Suck it
  3. Stick your tongue into the urethra
  4. Deepthroat
  • After ejaculating in your mouth you'll be given the option to:
  1. Swallow
  2. Hold it in your mouth
  • If you choose the second option you can go to the bucket to the west to spit it out instead of swallowing it
  • Swallowing it will give you 1 health point or more depending on how many time you chose to hold it in your mouth (can hold it in up to three times before having to swallow)
  • Note: The door to this house is highlighted during the semen collection quest in the capital, when doing that quest(and after) you will get a third option to spit the semen into the bag you're carrying. This place is a slow but steady way to earn a tiny bit of money and to fill up your bag without doing any intercourse.
East House
  • There is a blonde man man who will request Nanako to have anal sex with him if she talks to him naked, if she says yes you follow him inside and do so until night, you recieve 10g for this.
Bottom-West Shop (Incomplete)

-You mustn't have any party member to do this. I have only tested this with Serena, but it's probably not much different for Nanako anyway.

  • Enter to shop and the Owner will have a conversation with you. He will try to persuade you to stay in one of his rooms. Before leaving the shop you have to visit the empty room to the left.
  • Going back in and asking if he has a free room (2nd choice) will trigger him in using the pot beside him and put you in the "Aroused" state.
  • You must have more than 50 Charm and 60 Lust to continue. Also you can not enter the shop if you have less than two pieces of clothing.
  • Return to this place at night while you are still in "Aroused" state, the Owner will use pot to raise Serena's sexual desire once again. Then he will grope her and strip her off all her clothes. Normally, Serena will snap off and storm out of the shop, unless her Corruption is greater than 10.
  • In 2nd case, Serena will collapse. the Owner will close the shop and proceed to carry(?) Serena to his room. There he rapes her on his double bed, drugs and mindbreaks her, until she passed out. The owner will then have a visitor and have a long conversation with him. He goes back to Serena as she wakes up. She and the Owner will talk for a bit before she goes back to sleep.
  • Serena will wake up tomorrow morning, talk with him some more and leave. Final stats : intercourse+21, internal cumshot+16, external cumshot+5, tired+40 and a massive boost on corruption.
  • You can only enter at night with an "Aroused" state now.
  • You will be given a new, 3rd option when talking to the Owner, that is to prostitute yourself. But it's unimplemented...
  • Nothing really implemented yet; however, should you go inside, and head to the right exit inside the church, follow the path and you'll see what seems to be a orphanage.
    • If you go inside while it's night time and head down the stairs, there'll be various men having sex with some of the girls. Some allow you to view them doing it.
Underground Cult (Incomplete)

-Accessed by the stairs to the left of the church.

  • The priest on white will ask Nanako if she wants to participate in their cult, Nanako can now accept, and she will be given a fertility drug. She will then have sex with the man on the altar, and become impregnated. This event is repeatable when Nanako is not pregnant, but does not seem to lead to anything special. Note: Nanko will not be able to ask The Doctor for help in giving birth when pregnant this way, the dialogue chain abruptly stops when she asks who the father is.
  • The priest in black near the left organ will ask if Nanako wants to change her title
    • The order from top to bottom: Maid, Maiden/Virgin, Lewd/Pervert ; ; Whore/Prostitute, Bitch, Slut ; ; Sex Slave, Female Slave, 便女(便,Service)(女,Woman), Martial Artist.
    • Some titles have certain effects on Nanako.
  • At night there will be a demoness beside the priest near the organ
    • Will ask if Nanako wants to change her title to 淫魔 (淫, Indecent) (魔, Addict/Demon/Devil); Succubus(?)
  • The nuns on the organs can change the BGM.

West Capitol

Doctor’s Office

(Now relocated near the city's inn)

  • You can buy various items here.
  • You can check if Nanako is pregnant or not. Is she is pregnant then the doctor can:
    • Help Nanako deliver the baby when it’s time.
      • After sleeping at an inn pregnant and waking up the next day, if Nanako says the "baby is ready to be born," or something along those lines, go to the doctor, choose this first choice, then the first choice again to have the baby.
    • Abort the baby
    • Do nothing (Nanako isn’t sure yet)
Guard’s Office (on the left from the Doctor)
  • Guard Captain Rin (a futanari) can be found here (left office).
    • After completing the Murder quest you can recruit Rin into your party. You can have sex with Rin as long as you have chosen the second option of the last cutscene from the Murder quest (if you use Viagra while having chosen the first option the game will crash). (Update: It seems possible to do so also in recent versions, if you talk to the doctor in her clinic with Rin in your party and make Rin undergo the hermaphrodite-on-demand operation; tested with Nanako at high Purity at the end of the "Finding the Murderer Quest". However, you can only have sex with Rin in her room.)
      • In order to have sex Rin and Nanako must take their arousal drug (マカビ○ビ○Z for Nanako, バイアグラ for Rin). Then during daytime, talk to Rin in her office. During nighttime go upstairs and wake her in the left room.
      • You can also have sex in the alleyway where the murder occurred if you check the box when both Rin and Nanako are excited.
    • In order to get the Rin Good End you need to:
      • Get all four scenes with the maid by having sex with Rin in her office during the day and visiting the office at night.
        • Maid masturbating on Rin's desk.
        • Maid masturbating in the second floor bathroom.
        • Maid masturbating on Rin's bed.
        • Maid spying on Rin and Nanako while they're having sex in the bedroom.
      • Raise relationship with Rin high by activating her helmet on the desk multiple times.
      • When you've fulfilled the requirements you will trigger a cutscene when you talk to Rin.
      • When the Maid is blocking the door in to Rin, leave the guard headquarters to trigger the next cutscene (I can't believe you people on hongfire are getting stuck on this part).
  • Hinano and the new Guard Captain (This only works after you've done the murder quest and if you got rid of Rin's appendage.)
    • Enter the Guards' Office and talk with Hinano.
    • After the quest a new guard captain will replace Rin and stand where she would be, talk to him and answer "Yes".
    • Next you will need to go to the Inn and sleep.  You'll wake up in the middle of the night.  Head back to the Guards' Office and go upstairs.
    • Listen in on what's happening.  You will find out that the new guard captain is Hinano's father.
    • After that event head back to the Inn to return it to day.
    • Return to talk with Hinano and the captain again.
    • Upon leaving the building one of the guards will give you a letter to deliver to Rin
    • Head back to the magic cirlce outside of the capital city and Rin will be standing there talk to her.
    • Return to the Guards' Office again and listen in on the next event.
    • Once you have control of your character again go talk to the captain.  He will ask for 6000g.  Talk to him again to give him the money.
    • Return at night time to see another scene of Hinano and the Captain.  You will be then given 2 options to interrupt or leave them be.
      • Choosing the first you will have to fight the captain and some of the others guards.  After that the captain will no longer be there and Hinano gives you her gratitude.
      • Choosing the second, you will have to return the next day.
        • Talk with Hinano and you will see that she's pregnant. 
        • Keep sleeping and talking with her until she is no longer pregnant.
        • Once that happens as she goes up the stairs she will drop a key, the key is to unlock the her room.
          • In her room you can interact with the bookshelf to see a few extra scenes.  Like Hinano giving birth.
Southwest Capitol
  • The sewer entrance for the Slime King quest can be found here.
  • Left blue-haired NPC will ask for sex. Say yes and you will strip.
    • Let him touch
      • Put it in
        • Wait
          • Put it in (Choice to release in or out, they'll come inside anyway, but if you choose "outside" you'll pass out, otherwise you'll continue as normal)
          • Wait(Runs away from H Event)
          • Say Nothing(Sex until pass out)
        • Say nothing(Sex until pass out)
    • Refuse
    • If you choose to away after you have stripped the game will crash.
Northwest Capitol
Pierre/Sex Friend Story
  • At the very beginning of the map go North then left you'll see two houses. Enter the left house.
  • Start the quest by talking to the blonde-haired man on the right side of the house (his name is Pierre).
  • Pierre will find Nanako attractive and offer to take her on a date, choose the top option.
  • After the simple date scene (no H involved), you'll be outside his house at night. Go to the Inn and sleep until morning then return to the house.
  • Inside the house you'll find a mustached-man just in front of the door, this is Pierre's father. Talk to him.
  • Afterwards, talk to Pierre again and he'll offer to take you to a hot springs, pick the top option.
  • You'll be taken to the hot springs that's located to the South of Onsen town (where Nanako was raped once, if you did that quest, this will be mentioned if you have completed the full event). This scene will have Nanako taking a bath in the hot spring, while Pierre's uncle (who provided the tickets) is outside masturbating to her.
  • After this you'll spend time with Pierre in his room at night. He tells Nanako that he has begun to fall for her and you will have the option to accept or reject his feelings.
    • Accept his feelings (the top option) and if your purity is below 0 you will get an H-scene where they have sex. If your purity is above 0 you will get another option, pick the bottom choice and the same H-scene will trigger.
  • After this event you'll be returned to the city. Go to the slums (north part of the city) and you'll find Pierre's uncle, a bald guy. Talk to him and he'll mention something about Pierre's pet monster, a minotaur (which you may have seen inside his house).
  • Go back to Pierre's house and talk to the Minotaur.
  • Talk to Pierre again and he'll offer to take you to the petshop where he works, select the top option.
  • After talking to Pierre you'll have the chance to look around, look at each of the pets from their cages and then speak to the man at a nearby desk.
  • Go back to Pierre and speak to him, you'll return to his house. Pierre is tired and he falls asleep, go over and talk to him on the bed.
    • Choose the top option to start an H-scene where Nanako fucks him while he's asleep (or unconcious).
  • After that scene Nanako will be interrupted by a voice from nearby. "Talk" to the sleeping Pierre, then find his father who is nearby.
    • Another H-scene will start where Nanako is fucked by Pierre's father.
  • The next morning, go talk to Pierre again.
  • Afterwards go to the slums and talk to Pierre's uncle.
  • Return to Pierre's house and talk to him, he'll offer to take you to the pet shop again. Apparently something is needed to help feed his pet minotaur. Choose the top option.
  • Talk to the manager (bald guy behind a desk) and you'll go to the basement where Nanako is supposed to retreive some food/whatever for Pierre's minotaur.
  • Walk into the cage down here and select the pot inside, then try to get out and you'll find the door locked.
    • It turns to night and Nanako has gotten horny from being exposed to pheremones from the "pets," the manager will come down and H-scene starts where Nanko gets fucked yet again.
  • After the night is over you'll find yourself outside of Pierre's house. Go inside and speak to the minotaur. If you have high dirty/desire stats at this point you can talk to it a second time for an H-scene (you have the option of Fellatio or Sex as the first or second options, the third is to walk away).
    • If you choose to have sex with the minotaur, it causes the storyline to end. You talk to Pierre's Uncle who is inside the house. He threatens to rape Nanako and she will be given the option to either call for help from Pierre (who is at work) or his pet minotaur. Choose the second option.
    • The minotaur comes and saves Nanako, then (off-screen) rapes Pierre's uncle much like the blue haired Elf in Onsen town.
  • Talk with Pierre inside his house. He will tell Nanako to stay at the inn and then meet him in the alley at night. Stay at the inn and Nanako will wake up and then leave to find Pierre. He is located in the back alley which is just behind his house and to the right, past the magic academy.
  • Talk to Pierre and he will confess his love for Nanako, offering her a ring. There are three options but it doesn't matter which you pick the first time because Pierre will continue his dialog and offer you the choice again.
    • Accept the ring and you will be engaged
    • Refuse the ring to stop the storyline
    • "Accept" the Ring will knock Pierre out and steal the ring. (worth 2500g)
  • Accepting the ring continues the storyline.
    • If you did not sleep with the Minotaur, Pierre will be knocked out. Nanako is taken back to the house. Run to the house and find Nanako being tagteamed. (You are actually Pierre during this time)
    • During this scene you are given the choice to stay or walk away.
    • Choose the top choice to stay, leaving will end the story.
  • Sex Friend Route
    • The next 2 times you visit the house get impregnated by Pierre's Father and Uncle. [See NOTE below]
    • Give birth to each baby, if you come back while pregnant there is some additional dialog. It is easier to just show up fertile to progress the story.
    • Once you have both babies they will make comments about it before the encounters, turning the initial blowjob to a kiss.
    • Return for a third time while fertile, to find Pierre who invites you to East Spa again, Accept. (If instead of finding Pierre you blow the Uncle for the invite, see Housewife Route below*)
    • During the scene with Pierre, the Father and Uncle are in the next room hatching a plan. This will lead to a gangbang,
    • Pierre wakes up, watches it, then stands over Nanko once everyone leaves.
    • The next day he leaves a Note which mentions you taking the genes of his Father and Uncle.
    • You will now be pregnant from someone at the Sex Friend Gang bang. (Possible Sex Friend Papas are mentioned by name)
    • If you return to Pierre's house at night a repeatable WIP Gang bang takes place.
    • Depending on which Sex Friend gets you pregnant there is a bit of 'Hide n' Seek' involved.
      • Possible Sex Friend Papas:
        • Slum Church Priest
          • Recognizes you, and has a WIP Gang bang option.
        • Drunk outside Rimun's Shop.
          • Recognizes you, has a ton of dialog, and new H scenes with many options during them.
            • 'Rimjob'
            • 'Mouth'
            • 'In Pussy' (If pregnant causes Nanako to reveal the name of the father to herself)
        • Owner of Sewerside Bar
          • Just a Sex Friend Papa so far.
      • [NOTE: There is unlimited Ovulation medicine in the East Spa house, in the room with the Spa Rapist's note. It is in the dresser to the left of the note. Use this drug before each encounter with Father and Uncle]
  • Pierre's Housewife Route (Ending)*
    • If you do not carry the genes of both Father and Uncle you will get this Ending.
Southeast Capitol
  • You can work in a brothel here.
    • Walk up to the man behind the counter and he will ask you if you want to work for him. You can choose to
    1. accept.
    2. decline.
    • He will tell you how you will compete with other girls for the mens attention and you should change your outfit to be more sexy.
    • You will get sent to the dressing room where you can
    1. change into a maid uniform.
    2. remove your bra and panties.
      • If you purity is too high you will not be able to remove your bra and panties.
      • Conversely, if your pervertedness is high enough you can choose to remove your panties when wearing the maid uniform.
    • The owner will explain how the brothel event works. You will compete with other girls for the customers attention
    • The first time you compete the purple haired girl next to you will try to attract the customer off of you.
      • You are given a choice to
        1. show everything to the customer.
        2. throw him a smile.
        3. do nothing.
      • For the first customer you should choose either option one or two.
        • You will enter the brothel and have sex with the man, after which you will receive 1000G for your efforts.
    • You have to sleep at the inn after your first time in order to be able to work there again. You have to rest one day after each event.
    • Afterwards you can choose to work again, except this time you will choose one of three customers outside.
      1. Older man.
      2. Bald man.
      3. Blond man.
    • If you chose the first man you should pick the first option when trying to get his attention.
      • He will take you to a backroom where he will put Nanako in bondage gear and use anal beads on her.
      • After he pulls out the anal beads he will have anal sex with Nanako and cum inside her.
    • If you chose the second man you should pick the third option when trying to get his attention. You must have 35 or more charm. He has a thing for shy girls apparently.
      • He will take you the grassy area inside the brothel where everyone is having sex.
      • It will start with him having sex with Nanako and after he cums inside her two more men will join, turning it into a gangbang.
      • After they are all done it will end in a bukkake, where all of them cum on Nanako.
    • If you chose the third man you should pick the first or second option.
      • This starts a scene where Nanako begins by giving the customer a blowjob.
      • They then have sex which will result in an internal cumshot.
  • After you complete all of the above scenes and select succesfully at least one time each of the options to call the men's attention (smile, show everything or do nothing) you will be given new options when you visit the brothel. The manager tells you that you have become popular enough to do work inside the brothel instead of outside.
    • First he tells you to get dressed as normal, you have the same options as before.
    • When you return he asks if you want to:
      • work inside
      • do a strip show
      • work outside
      • haven't decided yet
    • If you choose to work inside you will start inside of the brothel. There is a blue-haired man towards the upper left of the room, watching one of the dancers. Talk to him and you will get to option to invite him to a room, pick the top option. Nanako will begin to talk with him and try to convince him, you will get another set of two options but regardless of which you choose he will come with you.
      • The H-Scene involves Nanako taking the lead with the embarassed blue-haired man, she will start with a blowjob before mounting him and getting an internal cumshot.
    • If you choose to do a strip show the manager will tell you to make sure you have your panties and bra on before you begin. When you start Nanako will continually give you options to decide which pieces of clothing to take off (I think the order goes something like: gloves, dress, shirt, pants, bra, panties).
      • When Nanako's tits are exposed a man will step up and grope them. After that you can choose to continue the show or to stop.
      • When Nanako's pussy is exposed a man will step up and finger her. After that you can choose to continue the show or stop.
      • After you've complete stripped you will be given the option to either stop the show or find someone to invite to your room, however the second option has not been implemented yet.

New city strip club

  • At the adventure's guild, accept the "Dancer at a Bar" quest (800 gold)
  • Go west and south, there should be a pub there to the left of the sewer entrance area.
  • Talk to the lady bartender, and she'll explain how dancing works. Basically you need to move to the corner where there's a person with a ! over their head.
  • You'll strip down and put on a dangerous swimsuit, and go onto the stage, where you'll dance.
    • In order for the H-scene to trigger you'll need to get a certain score, try to dance for as many men as you can within the time limit without making any mistakes. This quest is repeatable if you fail.
  • After you're done dancing talk to the lady bartender. She'll tell you to go to the guild.
  • When you have control of Nanako you can go around and talk to the people who were watching your show, who will grope you. Option one is less groping, option two is more groping.
  • When you try to leave the bar a man by the door should approach you and offer to have fun with you in the back room, the top option is yes and the bottom is no. To get the H-scene say yes.
  • You'll get a scene where the six guys at the bar (it turns out they're all brothers) have sex with Nanako.

North-East Capitol

  • There's an arena in the north east part of capitol. You can participate in fights there. The arena is located east from the blonde woman in the level north from the east pub.


Checkpoint Troubles

  • Upon entering the Eisen checkpoint Nanako will find she cannot automatically proceed into the inner city.
  • Inquiring as to entry Nanako is told she needs to purchase a 'carnet' to enter Eisen proper. This carnet costs an outlandish 50,000 gold.
  • If Nanako pays the 50,000 the guard gives her the carnet but is suspicious as to how a young girl acquired so much money.
  • Nanako is taken to an inspection room and forced to strip.
  • The guard pretends to be checking Nanako's vagina for contraband but then makes his intentions clear. Nanako can resist and be raped by two guards or acquiesce and have sex with the inspecting guard.
  • After sex Nanako is told she cannot pass the checkpoint and that her 50,000g has been kept as a donation.
  • When leaving the checkpoint Nanako will be approached by Akemi who offers Nanako work for Akemi Health Delivery

Akemi Health Delivery

  • Enter the north building in Eisen Mine.
  • Go out the building, before you go, a mysterious woman in a Chinese dress will interrupt you and have a small talk offering a job.
  • Go to the west and search for a building with a heart and a panty.
  • Talk to the woman again. She said something about due stress in the mine, people get sick often, so to keep them healthy she send prostitutes to stress relief the clients.
  • Accept the job.
  • If you said No, you can still get the job at any time.
    • She will ask you for your name, age and with how many mans have you slept, you can decide to respond the last question or not, doesn't seem to have any effect on future events. Then she will ask you if you want a new *prostitute name, you can choose the default(Akemi) or make a new one.
  • At the end, she will give you 10 Female Viagras and 5 Contraceptives.
  • After that, you can use the back room where you can practice, the book to select clients, and the Witch to buy medicine/recover stats.
    • Practice Room: You can enter the back room, were you can practice wit a man in a cage who is masturbating
      • Talk to him to start, then, 3 bars and a menu will apperar to choose an action.
      • To finish succesfuly, you have to make cum your partner several times.
        • Blue Bar means your partner exstacy, once the bar gets full, he will cum.
        • Red bar means your exstacy, once the bar gets full, you will cum.
        • Yellow bar is your fatige, when the bar gets full, you get too tired to continue having sex, if you have Female Viagra in your inventory, an option will apear to use it, restoring all fatigue and let you continue.
      • You can perform those actions:
        • Oral sex (all those actions are affected by Oral LvL):
          • Kiss: low exstacy, low stamina consumption.
          • Blowjob: low-high exstacy, low-medium stamina consumption.
          • Cunnilingus: low exstacy, low stamina consumption.
          • Rimjob: low-high exstacy, medium stamina consumption.
          • Sixty-nine: low-medium exstacy, low-medium stamina consumption.
        • Vaginal sex (all those actions are affected by Vaginal LvL):
          • Missionary: medium-high exstacy, low stamina consumption.
          • Doggy style: medium-high exstacy, low-medium stamina consumption.
          • On top: High exstacy, medium-high stamina consumption.
        • Anal sex (all those actions are affected by Anal LvL).
          • Missionary: low-high exstacy, medium stamina consumption.
          • Doggy style: low-high exstacy, medium stamina consumption.
        • Maniac play:
          • Sandwich(you need 2 partners, affected by Vag and Anal lvl): high exstacy, high stamina consumption.
          • 3 holes filled(you need 3 partners, affected by Vag, Oral and Anal lvl): high exstacy, very high stamina consumption.
          • Breastfeeding: small-medium exstacy, minimal stamina consumption.
          • Enema: low exstacy, low-medium stamina consumption.
          • Anal Dilatation: very low exstacy, high stamina consumption.
      • Once you choose an action, several option will display, you can use the arrows to select diferent options, pres Z to perform them, X to cancel and SHIFT to select diferent options.
      • Depending on the actions performed, your sex lvls, purity, desire, charm, and hole levels will get affected.
    • In the book you can choose your clients from 4 different areas, there's information and prefferences of each client(stills moonspeak), you can choose as many clients as you want.
    • NOTE: some clients only accepts certain conditions, like being pregnant, if you find a client that said CHANGE! they will not accept you, causing mental damage and canceling all other deliveries.
      • You will get a temporary title(Health Delivery) and now you can enter Eisen main town, the guards will only let you pass if yo have a deliver to do. You have to find the clients in the area, just search for a heart dialogue next a door
        • NOTE: you can't use the normal menu at work.
      • Sometimes there's more than one man in the room, you have to make ejaculate all of them several times like in the practice room.
        • NOTE: If you use actions that make ejaculate several partners at once, and you finish them with that, it may bug the event and you'll have to leave without getting money.
      • After you finish all of them, they'll give you at least 1000G in credit, you can get more gold performing acts that the client likes more.
      • Go back to the asian woman and she will give you half of the money you got.
      • The Witch will sell you Female Viagra, Contraceptive, Ovulation Drug and Tissue.
        • The second option is for recover stats for 1000G, she will give 2 options:
          • Recover Mental Damage. (Even if you're at broken stat, it will reset to none)
          • Tight your holes:
            • Vaginal. (It will take around 6 times to get from cavern to virginal)
            • Anal.

Rowdy Miners

  • First Night
    • Entering the bar in the Miner's Residential District (either take a job with Akami health service or debug walk past the checkpoint) at night (you can force nighttime with the debug pumpkin on the bar) shows a bar full of rowdy drunken miners.
    • If Nanako speaks to the miners at the upper right table it will trigger a scene wherein she is groped, abducted, stripped, and then gangraped back at the Miners Dwelling.
    • Nanako wakes up the next morning and is given the option to go back to the tavern for revenge or to let the matter go.
    • If Nanako chooses to seek revenge OR returns to the bar of her own volition and talks to the same table full of miners it will trigger the next sequence.
  • Second Night
    • Returning to the bar the Miners express regret at their actions the night before and give Nanako 150g as penance. Nanako remarks that with this money she can now spend the night in the inn, but it's only enough for the work gang room. She is given the option to go straight to the inn or not.
    • At the inn Nanako can choose to sleep in a private room or the work gang room.
    • If the work gang room is chosen Nanako strips and goes to bed as usual but is then woken up in the middle of the night by the same miners from the bar who once again gang rape her.
    • When they are done they steal Nanako's clothes and lock her in a vibrating chastity belt. The belt leaves Nanako aroused and only her asshole exposed.
    • Nanako must make her way back to the Miner's Dwelling in the residential district in order to get unlocked from the belt and retrieve her clothes. Talking or bumping into several NPCs along the way leads to scenes where Nanako is groped, anally fingered, and fucked.
    • At the checkpoint Nanako is stared at by all the people in the waiting area. The checkpoint guards approach and Nanako is given the option to burst through the door or try and explain herself. If she explains herself the guards grope and 'search' her anus before letting her through.
    • Upon entering the Miner's Residential District (screen left after exiting the checkpoint) Nanako is taken to the Miner's Dwelling.
    • In the dwelling Miner #1 tries to make Nanako his girl. She can either accept or deny and is then gangbanged.
      • This is the end of the scenario for now.


  • Somewhere near the Hangman in the middle of the town, there will be a person wearing a robe walking. Talk to that person and he/she will sell a medicine for you. If you have more than 3000G(*please check) you will automatically buy the drug. Then you will be in an aroused state.
  • With an aroused state, walk to the cemetary and you can masturbate there.(Event No.6[seems like it is still a Work in Progress]) A pirate will then block your way. Talk to him.(Event No.7[another Work in progress])

Beach Town Barukasa

OK fun stuff in the beach town. I do not know how much of this is new but these are some of the events I found in the newest version of the beach town (you can only get there by going south of Onsen, there is a stall on the right side of the map with three books on it. Read the middle book and when it asks you where to go just choose the first option).

1. There is a guy north of the food stall (the one with the big cauldron thing) who when you get close to him he will grope Nanako. In a sequence similar to the guy at table 17 in the Onsen bar, you will be given two options repeatedly as he gropes you (always choose the second option which is not to resist). Eventually Nanako seems to give in to him and he starts to rape her but someone sees them (I guess) and a guard runs over scaring the guy off. The guard apologizes for not being able to catch the guy. After this if you go to the far left edge of the map (just above the beach) you will find the same guy hiding behind some bushes, talk to him and choose the second option once more for a long rape scene (though I suppose its voluntary here so not really rape). There is something he says about "transformation" and "hentai girl" but nothing seems to happen that is unique to this scene and you end up on your back covered in semen.

2. Inside the poor casino (I cannot find a way to get into the royal casino at the top right-hand corner of the map) you will find three guys sitting at a table gawking over a dancer. Talk to the middle guy (I think he has blond hair) and a conversation will ensue, the short of it is Nanako is offered money if she can find out what the dancer's preference in men is. Talk to the Dancer after this and then talk to the blond guy again to get 500g. I didn't catch the entire translation but it looks like the Dancer is partial to men with blue hair (go figure). BTW no H stuff in this event.

3. Also in the poor casino, if you go up to the bar you have 4 options:

A. Order a drink for 100g (I assume its alcohol of some kind)
B. Order juice for 50g (I think the translation says its orange juice)
C. Chat
D. Wait till night.

Option A leads to a rather long scene relative to the others so I will save that for last.

Option B causes the guy to make a snarky comment (I think) about how Nanako is still a little girl (she is 15 after all) and gives her some orange juice.

Option C brings up three topics. The first two seem to deal with how the peasants are forbidden to get into the Noble Casino near the top. The third topic says something about women and children being kidnapped at night somewhere to the west? In any case I haven't found a way to get kidnapped even after choosing option A.

Option D supposedly changes the time to night but outside its daylight though some of the characters have their night time script activated (basically I think this one is glitched right now)

OK now if you choose Option A there will be a short conversation where the barkeep asks if Nanako is legal age (again she is 15), I didn't catch the whole thing but she ends up getting some drink (which based on what happens next I assume is alcoholic). She gets into a chug contest with the guy sitting next to her. Time passes and its night, Nanako tries to leave but she seems a bit drunk. The barkeep offers some help or something but Nanako says she will be fine and heads outside. From here there are a few comments made if you talk to a few guards about how Nanako is drunk and should head home. If you talk to a guard who is standing on his own on the left upper hand part of the map near the moat you get an H-scene. It's kinda funny because Nanako makes a comment about how it's hot and starts taking off her top. The guy is shocked at first but then recommends that Nanako take off her pants and such and one thing leads to another...by now you know the drill. After the scene if you talk to the guy again he seems to remember Nanako but nothing else happens.

To get in the noble casino to the north, talk to the female guard (the one on the right) at the Eastern entrance. Your Charm must be above 50 and your PURITY above 0 for the scene to trigger. She'll deny you, but then a noble or lord will tell her to let you in. Once in, he lets you go around by yourself. If you talk to the guard directly north from him, he seems to questions you about how you got in. You go to find the guy who let you in but he isn't there. The guard places you under arrest, though Nanako goes on about a misunderstanding. You're then in the cells beneath the casino, and the noble guy comes back and he claims he doesn't recognize you. Nanako is unsurprisingly shocked by his betrayal, and gets gang raped by the guards. Afterwards the guards leave her tied up and inject her with an aphrodisiac. Eventually the noble man reappears and asks Nanako if she is willing to become his pet. Nanako refuses despite feeling constant urges from the aphrodisiac, so the noble man decides he will come back in the morning to see if she has changed her mind. Nanako spends the night being mentally broken as she wished she had been fucked. The next morning a desperate Nanako pledges to become the noble man's pet, he requires her to speak like a cat and gives her an enema before the "game over" screen.


At the left-most edge of the city you can descend onto a small section of beach behind the port building where there are three boys abusing an octopus. You can choose to tell them to stop what they're doing which will lead to a choice after some dialogue to "prove that you are human" by showing them your tits. If you take the second option and agree to comply the scenario will progress further and they will ask to see your vagina to completely prove your humanity. Once again if you choose the second option and show them, it will lead to a short H-scene where the octopus will sneak up behind you and rape you. Serena also makes a cameo appearance in this scene.

Enter the building at the bottom left and walk through the interior to the exit at the bottom. From here talk to the man with the purple hat at the top left and when he gives you options (he is not translated) choose the top option. You will be transported to Kojima Mines. There is an entrance into the mountain. Inside there are people and monsters that will attack you. If you climb to the top of the mountain and exit at the top you will find a man named Neet at the top of the mountain. After some dialogue about him attempting to commit suicide because he is a 30 year old virgin he will ask to have sex with you. I don't think you can turn him down even though it is given as a dialogue option as it just loops around again. When you agree there is an H-scene after which he will join your party as he is afraid to climb down the mountain alone. Once you return to the man with the purple hat and are transported to Kojima Main you can find Neet standing with two others at the bottom. Speak with him (he is not translated here) and you can have a H-scene involving him and his two friends. I think he can become your boyfriend afterwards but it is not translated so I am unsure. Speak with Neet again and you get another H-scene involving him and his two friends. There seems to be something about money and you getting ripped off but again it is not translated so I am unsure what is going on.

Underground Town

Adventurer's Guild - 2nd Floor Toilet. If you have been raped by Stallion and had reported him to the guards then he will be in the next stall ready to rape you again.

After the dog scene from the Inn in First Town/Onsen Town talk to the dog outside the Adventurer's Guild.

  • You well be given two options .
  1. Bear with the lust
  2. Don't bear with the lust

If you choose 1 you well just end it right there.

If you choose 2 you end up in a H-scene were you fuck the dog. (This is repeatable)

Nanako's House

Rin Scene

When Rin is in 怒張 (erect) condition (use viagra), talk to the red baby (Nanako and Rin's Baby) you will see an event where Nanako breast feeds the baby, Rin will be jealous and Nanako will tease her if she wants to drink some milk too. After seeing the scene, talk to Rin and they will have sex in the bedroom. (To trigger this, you must put Nanarin in the house by using the 2nd barrel at the near the basement.)

Going to the basement and interacting with the pot in the right will get you a rope. Talking to the suit of armor will Remove/Add Rin to your party (this will remove your previous partner if there was any)

Johnny Scene

An event occurs during the first night that Nanako sleeps at her house.

  • Nanako gets woken up in the middle of the night as she hears knocking on the front door. You can:
  1. Go and open the front door
  2. Ignore it
  • Ignoring it will end the event, while opening the door will allow Johnny, the man you escorted during the Onsen Town escort quest, to enter and confess his love for you. You can:
    1. Accept his love
    2. Refuse it
    • If you accept it, Johnny starts to fondle Nanako. You can:
      1. Let him do as he wants
      2. Stop him
      • Stopping him will make Nanako scold Johnny for only thinking about sex and make a small kissing scene happen, after which the event (presumably) ends. Johnny states that he'll come around to visit if he gets the chance. (Johnny is now your boyfriend though.)
      • If you allow him to continue, a really short sex scene happens, after which the event (presumably) ends. (Johnny is now your boyfriend.)
    • If you refuse it, a heartbroken Johnny will start to leave the house, but Nanako feels pity on the man for sending him away so cruelly. You can:
      1. Let him have a good memory
      2. Do nothing
      • If you have pity on the man, Nanako will stop Johnny and trigger a small scene, after which the event ends.
      • If you don't, Johnny leaves the house, also ending the event.

Serena H-Scenes

The second character Serena has some of her own events. Most are just dialogue variations of Nanako's however some differ greatly, these are listed below.

Minotaurs cave

If you lose to the Minotaurs as Serena there will be an additional minor scene before she's raped depending on whether she is still a virgin or not:

  • If Serena is still a virgin the first Minotaur will move to lick Serena; afterwards the rape scene proceeds as normal.
  • If Serena is not a virgin she will comment on being raped before and the rape scene will continue, skipping the licking scene.

After this you are presented with 2 options:

  • Help came.
  • Nobody came.

Choosing the first option gives you the usual Nanako's end for this where you return to the Onsen Town hospital.

Choosing the second option shows Serena captured and brought to a side room. There, you are given 5 seconds to escape down a hole in front of the treasure chest (it's hard to see but it's there) or there will be two more options:

  • A minotaur enters the room and you can still try to run away from him and escape.
  • If you want to submit to him, use the book on the stool/table next to you. If you do so Serena will be pinned against the wall willingly and the h-scene will continue as normal albeit with a little more encouragement from Serena.
  • After giving birth to a baby minotaur, you can interact with it to get a breast feeding scene.

Hot Spring Town

Fully Compatible Scenes:

  • Babysitting Followup
  • Bathhouse Scenes
  • She can also initiate sex with the two men in mixed bath if she is Dirty enough.
  • No shota content in mixed bath.
  • Bodyguard Request
  • Henry
  • Washroom Perverts
  • Serena is compatible with the scenes and has shota-rape scene with the red-haired kid if she is a succubus (her dialogue depends on how high her Dirty stat is).

Unique Scenes:

  • Bar Waitress

Serena can be groped by the bar patron and can be raped in the toilet. Her dialogue and willingness depends on how high her Dirty stat is.

She can also be raped when leaving the Pub intoxicated by drinking too much.

  • Bellepher's Bitch

Serena has unique dialogue when getting handled by Bellepher. Other Dog events are not yet done. (Not quite. The Underground City dog event is working (somewhat - the scene uses Nanako's sprites and dialogue). Overland map stray dog doesn't count toward the Bitch title (also with Nanako's sprites), the Capital dog is missing.)

  • Goblin Extermination

Rather than getting a game over, Serena may continue the game after being raped. There's also an extended scene involving pregnancy if Serena isn't rescued soon enough. Serena's dialog may change depending on her Dirty and whether or not it's her first time being raped by the Goblins. She is completely unable to get any sort of game over from this quest. Instead she can get Seriously mentaly scarred - based on her reaction upon waking up in the infirmary.

  • Innkeeper's Mistress
  • Minotaur Extermination

Serena has an extended scene if help doesn't come to her aid after being raped by the minotaurs. This can be repeated multiple times.

  • Town Guard's Meat Toilet

Buggy Scenes:

  • Succubus Training (a minor problem with some switched animations to Nanako's, nothing serious or sequence breaking)
  • Shota Bullies
  • Studhorse Stallion (the Underground City part)


Unique Scenes:

  • Bar Dance Gangbang
  • Fox eyed youth/Wolpe

You need to speak to Runal in the Slum to trigger the Noble's Treasure Talk quest first.

Speak to the fox eyed youth on the top of the stairs to the left at Residential Map 3 at night several times.

Fox eyed youth will offer to tell Serena information about the stolen heirloom.

There are 2 ways to do this.

If Serena offers to pay him with money he'll get depressed and then rapes her. Speaking to him again the next day will trigger an automatic game over.

If you choose "let's be friends" and defeat the horde of enemies after the scene, there'll be a followup H-scene with Wolpe in his home on Residential Map 3. He'll be in the house on the top left.

Dirty Serena will automatically trigger the event when you speak to Wolpe in his house, leading to a game over. Purity Serena will not have the H scene, Wolpe will just drop you off at Sugarlane Village.

  • Glory Hole
  • Little Elephant

This is a Serena exclusive event that takes place in the toilets of the train station. Have Dirty Serena interact with the kid in the toilets, to get her brains fucked out, when the tables turn (repeatable after exiting and entering the game area again).

  • Pierre's Proposal (the repeatable gangbang route does not exist. Only three possible endings.)
  • Porn Shop - Unfinished, but Serena can sell her panties at the store and run into the start of an event upon leaving.
  • Suspicious Shopkeeper
  • Slime King

Serena can be defeated and raped again and again without the game over.

  • Suspicious Brothel

Part of Serena's unique series of quests.

Involves masturbation and anal in a loli brothel.

The stat changes related to sex are not fully implemented.

Final Stats:

Intercourse + 2

Cum Outside + 2

  • Theo (repeatable)

As a part of Serena only questline, Serena can offer to be guide for the blond-haired boy next to a bank in the Nobles district.

After guiding him a bit, he will offer his "thanks" to her. If Serena have any Purity at all she'll automatically turn him down. If she accepts, he'll fuck her brains out in the inn. He'll be gone when the morning comes, but Serena can interact with him again in the same place as before.

Her dialogue is influenced by her Dirty stat and pregnancy.


  • Young Soldier Peeping

Go to Selena's Villa, at north of Kojima Then go to the bath, in the front right of the mansion Enter the bath, the young soldier will come and peep on Selena You have the choice to get up or to stay immersed

If you choose to stay immersed, the choice will boucle, if you do it 2 time more, Selena will lose consciousness. The young soldier will get her out, and then use this opportunity for masturbate and cum on her. He will then run away and Selena will awake and say that she have to bath again.

If you choose to get up, the young soldier will run away.

If you go bath at night, you will have the choice to masturbate.

If you do so, Selena will get out of bath and will start doing it. The young soldier will come and cum on Selena before push her down and rubbing his things on her pussy and then cum again. After that they will talk and Selena decide to not punish him because she is also at fault. He will not appear again.

If you choose to not do it, the event will proceed normally.

  • Young Soldier's Cumshot
  • Neet

On the docks, there is a man wearing a purple bandana on his head, it's the captain, speak with him.

Choose the top option to be transported to [Kojima Mine].

Enter the cave and fight your way up to the top of the mountain.

Speak with the lone man at the top of the mountain. It's NEET, he'll turn out to be a 30-year-old virgin ready to commit suicide. After talking for a bit Nanako will (have to) agree to fuck him.

After agreeing to fuck NEET, he'll gladly do so in a number of positions. When he's done, Nanako will have to guide him back down the mountain and then back to town.

Once Nanako goes back to Kojima, NEET will be standing on the docks, speaking with him unlocks an additional scene.

Final Stats:

Intercourse + 1

Cum Inside + 3

Ryokan Bathhouse

Unique Scenes:

  • Meat Toilet


  • Paying For A Room In The Inn

When you go in the Inn in the daytime and speak to the guy behind the desk you will be asked for 500G for a room.

If you don't have that much he will expose himself to you and if you choose the first option there is a H-Scene.

When you go into the Inn at night there is a different guy behind the desk and he will ask for 250G for a room.

If you don't have enough you get the same options as during the day.

  • Waking Up In The Inn

If you go to sleep while horny in the Inn and choose to get up when you walk downstairs you will meet the guy from behind the desk at night.

If you choose the first option you will get a H-scene with the night time desk guy and then the daytime desk guy.

Unique Scenes:

  • Nightly Eavesdropping

If you wake up horny during the night, you can eavesdrop on Nanako and Ashley fingering and eating each other out in the adjacent room. Guessing from the sprite, tribbing is also involved.

Ashley H-Scenes

Take note that Ashley can initiate only a handful of quest in Hot Spring Town and some may make other quest inaccessible upon completion. Some may be accessible only when you use debug room's feature to change characters.

Hot Spring Town

  • Babysitting Followup

Ashley can initiate the quest and has some compatible scenes. Be warned that the progress is buggy.

Unique Scenes:

  • Bathhouse Scenes

Ashley can get gangbanged in the men's bath. Being Dirty affects the dialogue further.

She has unique dialog when having sex with the two men in mixed bath.

Ashley has some unique dialog involving the shota scenes in the mixed bath.

The scene involving the shota bullies cannot be initiated.

  • Bodyguard Request

Ashley has unique bodyguard request scene. After arriving at the cabin with the client (who is not Johnny), she is ambushed by the bandits who were in the band that imprisoned her earlier.

Losing the fight leads to a rape scene. Afterwards Ashley can continue the quest, without any ill consequences.

  • Goblin Extermination

Ashley has compatible scenes and a choice of watching or not watching the aftermath of the rape. She always wakes up in the infirmary and getting the game over is impossible.

  • Innkeeper's Mistress

She has some unique dialog with him and the event proceeds normally.

  • Minotaur Extermination

Ashley is fully compatible with this scene and she may chose to escape or don't escape the minotaurs after the rape. Not escaping leads to game over.

  • Studhorse Stallion

She has some unique dialog with him.

  • Washroom Perverts
  • Capital
  • Glory Hole

She has some unique dialogue here. Because of her abnormally high Oral level she is immediately very successful.

  • Ryokan Bathhouse
  • Meat Toilet

She has unique dialog with the rapist and unique Meat Toilet rape scene involving Chitose.

Nana H-Scenes

Nana is secondary playable character obtained by quest Bellepher's Bitch. Only events listed here are confirmed to be compatible with her. Other events are bugged up, incomplete, or are simply unavailable.

Hot Spring Town

  • Bar Waitress

Nana can be groped by the patron and even can have sex in the toilet (she always consents to having sex, no hardcore rape is involved).

She can get drunk but the following h-event does not trigger.

Talk to the "Valgar Aristocrat"(Table 8) with high Dirty and you will get a H-Scene.

  • Bathhouse Scenes

Nana is able to get gangbanged in the men's bath. Being Dirty affects the dialogue further. It should also be noted that even if she has high Purity, she will come to love it at the end of each session.

She has unique dialog when having sex with the two men in mixed bath.

  • Studhorse Stallion

She has some unique dialog with him and possibly longest rape scene.

  • Succubus Training

There is additional requirement of positive Dirty stat level to start.

  • Washroom Perverts

Erika H-Scenes

Most accessible only when you use debug room's feature to change characters, or hold the right-Shift when selecting New Game. All listed have completed text, but none have the zoomed-in animations. Other events are unknown. (What happens after switching heroines through the debug feature shouldn't be included here in the wiki. Reason: it allows for events that are never supposed to happen in the first place, like Nana mating with Bellepher, and if with the title Bitch already, her raising his puppies born from incest.)

Hot Spring Town

  • Studhorse Stallion

Uses Nanako's default dialogue.

Unique Scenes:

  • Innkeeper's Mistress

She has some unique dialog with him (calls him 'Uncle') and the rest of the event proceeds normally.

  • Bathhouse Scenes

She has unique dialogue with the two men in mixed bath and the attendant.

She can also initiate sex with the two men in mixed bath if she is Dirty enough.

Rin H-Scenes

Hot Spring Town

  • Bathhouse Scenes

Has unique dialogue upon defeating all perverts.

Lime H-Scenes

She is accessible only when you use debug room's feature to change characters, or hold the right-Shift when selecting New Game. The scenes listed below have complete text. Other events are bugged up, incomplete, or are simply unavailable.

Unique Stat:

Lime has a unique, hidden stat called 'Human Affinity' which apparently affects the availability if non-rape scenes, and possibly some dialogue. It can be modified/viewed in Debug mode by interacting with the naked Lime NPC on the first floor of the Hot Spring Town's Inn, but also appears to be increased by positive interactions with some NPC's (like sleeping at the Inn, or sex with the inkeeper).

Hot Spring Town

  • Studhorse Stallion

Uses Nanako's default dialogue.

Unique Scenes:

  • Innkeeper's Mistress

She has some unique dialog with him and the rest of the event proceeds normally.

Dialogue and options of where to cum are both affected by the Dirty stat, but it does not affect the availability of the scene (it can be started with 100 purity). The 'Lime Human Affinity' variable must be at a high value (200 or higher) to begin the event, but it only changes the dialogue after sex for each time afterward. This can be adjusted in debug mode by the naked Lime NPC nearby.


  • Bandit Gangrape

Get defeated by the bandits Ashley tries to distract during the Bandit's Hideout quest.

Nanako is locked in a room and gangraped by bandits until her womb is bursting with semen.

After some time Nanako is left alone and has an opportunity to look around, but after realizing the door is locked and there's nothing in the room she gives up.

  • Bandit Sex Slaves

Get captured when trying to escape with Ashley during the Bandit's Hideout quest.

Nanako and Ashley are captured and kept as sex slaves for the bandits.

  • Bathhouse Brothel

Get raped at the bathhouse east of Hot Spring Town then accept the rapist's proposal.

If Nanako chooses not to continue her journey she will live out her life as a meat toilet in the men's restroom (ending number X).

  • Bloody Lilly's Meat Toilet

Lose the fight with Bloody Lilly when breaking Sara out of the basement dungeon during Saving Sara.

Nanako is given an enema, is forced to ride a wooden horse, and is continually tortured by Bloody Lilly while Sara is fucked in the ass by countless men.

She'll be kept at the brothel to be used at a meat toilet for the rest of her life.

  • Death

Standard game over for being defeated in combat and choosing not to continue.

  • Goblin Gangrape

Get defeated by goblins during the Goblin Extermination quest.

Nanako is raped by the goblins and gives up on living.

  • Goblin's Wife

After acquiring the Goblin Pearl, get defeated by goblins.

Nanako is dragged to the goblin's den and raped by the goblin horde.

If Nanako chooses not to remain an adventurer she will live on as a goblin's wife, happily bearing many goblin children.

  • Guard Captain's Sex Slave

Lose the fight against the Guard Captain.

Nanako and Hinano are both fucked side by side.

After the Guard Captain cums in Hinano he begins fucking Nanako while Hinano licks her.

Nanako then gets triple-teamed by two guards and the Guard Captain.

If Rin was involved with the fight the scene changes slightly with her getting raped too.

  • Hinano's Jealousy

Completing Rin's Mistress will ultimately lead to an ending where Rin, Nanako, and Hinano all end up having sex.

The game ends with the sound of a crying baby, implying Rin knocks up either Nanako or Hinano and it probably won't be the last time.

  • Innkeeper's Wife

Sleep with the Innkeeper of Hot Spring Town at least five times.

When giving birth to his child the morning after sleeping with him he will ask Nanako to marry him.

If Nanako accepts she will write home telling about her new life and newborn child.

  • Masked Dismemberment

When confronting the masked figure during Murder Investigation, fight him and lose.

Nanako is knocked out and wakes up naked.

She's apparently hypnotized by the masked man, offering her body to him while having no control over what she's saying.

The man rips out Nanako's womb and ovaries and begins eating them in front of her.

Because Nanako is hypnotized, she gets off on the pain and cums several times.

  • Mindbroken slave

I believe this ending is related to the mental damage stat reaching Broken (100+).

Some play-testing suggests that it could also be related to pregnancy. To have around 11 appearing children in Nanako's home and a further pregnancy, seems to trigger the same ending - regardless of mental state.

  • Orc Prisoner

Lose the fight with the orcs during Enter Underground City.

Nanako is locked in a dungeon, strapped into a pillory.

She's fucked repeatedly and has no chance of escape.

  • Pet Peasant

To unlock this end go in Barqahasa town and find the casino blocked by two woman guards, just at the entrance of the town.

Talk to the guard on the right and if Nanako is not dirty and her charm is at 50 or higher, a noble will come outside of the casino and invite her to come with him inside, if she accepts that it will lead to a game over.

In the casino, talk to the guard just in the entry, he will doubt about Nanako's story and she will have to find a man, just walk to the exit and you will have a dialogue before the H-scene.

Completing the H-Scene leaves Nanako as a mind-broken sex toy.

  • Rin's Next Victim

When confronting the masked figure during Murder Investigation, surrender to him.

Nanako is hypnotized and begins having passionate sex with Rin.

After cumming several times, Rin decapitates Nanako.

  • Slave

Pick a fight with the owner of the slave licking toilets at the Slave Market or fail to repay loans after 30 days. After being captured Nanako will be sold into slavery.

Another way to get enslavement bad end is by debt, also known as the pregnancy slave end.

If you fail to repay the Loan Shark within 30 days the Bad End triggers after sleeping. This can often happen to players with many children, as having kids deducts money per day without any message informing about the fact. To prevent the bad end the player must go to the Loan Shark, located in the building just above Nanako's house, and repay the debt.

Serena has a different ending involving pregnancy and a public birthing show. CG and writing of the scene can be found if you search for Danlick.

  • Slime King's Breeder

Get defeated by the Slime King a second time or while under the influence of an aphrodisiac the first time.

Nanako is mind broken and forced to become a breeding machine for the Slime King.

  • Train Stowaway

While riding on the horse-train to the Capital, go up the ladder then head south down the roof.

When at the rear of the train, hide in a box in one of the cars.

When in prison cell, choose No.

Nanako is captured and sold for experimentation, she is never seen or heard from again.

  • Fatality at Foothill Town (a joke ending)

Happens if you knock-out the girl running to and from across the town.