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Box -Hako- [edit]



Technical Help


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  • Q: I can't mount the HAKO image with Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120%, Nero or...?
    • A: Try renaming 箱-はこ-.iso to e.g. hako.iso and try again.
  • Q: I get a pitch black screen after starting the game?
    • A: You probably have an ATi graphics card and you need to download and install the latest Catalyst driver. If the latest don't work, read a translated page about what versions they tested at Illusion.

Installation instructions


The HAKO setup does not work with AppLocale. You have to use Japanese regional settings to be able to run the standard setup. If you don't want this, you can get through by following the steps below.

IMPORTANT: You should not install the game to the default location but change it during setup (see how, below). It is recommended to have only letters a-z, A-Z and 0-9 in the installed location (the whole path), because otherwise you can have problems with running and/or patching the game.

Starting the setup

When you have mounted the image you can run setup.exe on the virtual drive (with Japanese regional settings). If this doesn't work, then you should locate the setup directory on the virtual drive, in our example it is H:\setup.
In this directory click right-mouse and select Install on the file "ILLUSION 箱-はこ-.msi"

Walkthrough setup screens

Post install steps

After you have successfully installed the game you should make sure that it runs. Run hako.exe with Japanese regional settings and make sure it works.

After having verified that it runs you need a modified launcher.
You can get one in different languages here: Launchers
Rename the original Hako.exe to Hako-orig.exe (or just delete if you so insist) in the game directory, in our example it was C:\Games\Illusion\HAKO
Place the new Hako.exe, from the link above, in the game directory. (as told in the original post)
The icon on desktop will now use it to start the game.

English Translation

After you installed the game to e.g. c:\games\illusion\HAKO, you can also choose to install complete English translations and uncensor by running Box -Hako- HongFire English Setup.


Improving visuals

The game runs very smooth with most recent graphics cards, because it depends more on the cpu than on graphics. If you have no performance problems and want to improve the visual quality you can force Anisotropic filtering and Antialiasing in your graphic card options (in the Control Panel in Windows). Forcing Antialising to e.g. 8 has a profound effect on the smoothness and general look of the game. How to do this is different for each graphics board. Use Google to find out how to set yours.


The game runs fine using the widescreen hack that can be found in this thread@hf

There is a v2 of that utility at the original site: Resolution Changer@WSGF
This one works also, i just tested it. (not sure whats changed in it.
Just take note that most screens and menus will all be alligned as if the game was still running at the resolution you have selected in the game settings, they are just shifted to top-left corner.
IMHO it's not worth it as you wont get more or better graphics. (im using a DFP@1680x1050)
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