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all characters are at least 18

Box -Hako- [edit]



Technical Help


This section is to list what files are used for what purpose in hako


Summary of Files inside of .pp files

  • base.pp: key.lst, a 2nd base.pp with some.xx files.
  • hk000.pp: .bmp/.tga files. (mouse pointers, control buttons, status images, shop item images.)
  • hk001.pp: .cdt/.sdt/.txt/.lst files. (Story and Email text.)
  • hk002.pp: .ogg/.wav files. (music and sound effects)
  • hk003.pp: .wav files. (speech)
  • hk100.pp: Guy/Girl meshes (clothing/hair/eyes/body)
  • hk101.pp: .xa/.xsa files. (cw_*)
  • hk102.pp: .xa files. (co_*)
  • hk103.pp: .kaf/.xa files. (hh_*/hn_*/hp_*/hs_*/hz_*)
  • hk104.pp: Trophy text images, apple meshes, girl drawings.

Expansion files

  • tma_001.pp: Vignette UI?

LST files

Templates/UV Maps

Editing Enviroment Textures

Use the SB3Utility to export and import the textures.

Background music

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