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all characters are at least 18

Box -Hako- [edit]



Technical Help


Quick FAQ

Q: How do I save?
A: The game automatically saves when you a) Start a new girl, b) Return to the menu screen (either Main Menu or the Desk Menu).

Q: How do I get the girl to sleep?
A: The girl only sleeps if sick. She becomes sick if not fed or if she is fed the wrong food. You can only interact with her after day 16.

Q: When do get new things to buy?
A: You have to let the days pass and raise some girls. Major things happen on day 16.

Q: What is Hako Vignette?
A: A character poser where you can pose the girls you have successfully raised.

Title Screen

When you begin the game there are two options. From top to bottom: Start and Quit. After successfully raising your first girl a third option appears titled 'memories'. Start begins the game at the point you left off last. The game auto saves every time the game clock advances. The memory option will allow you to engage in h-scenes with girls that you have successfully raised.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts(c)Illusion
Translated Keyboard shortcuts by LordICE

1 - Toggle Walls (On/Off)
2 - Toggle Furniture (On/Off)
3 - Toggle Bed (On/Off)
4 - Toggle Background (On/Off)
5 - Toggle Male (On/Off)
6 - Toggle Penis (On/Off)
7 - Toggle Focus point (On/Off)
8 - Toggle Effects (On/Off)
Space - Skip
W - Toggle pants of player.

84265 (Numpad) - Rotate Camera
- Move Camera-position
PgUpPgDwn - Change Camera height
HomeEnd - Zoom Camera
;]: - Parse Camera (Left|Right|Reset)
.\/ - Bank Camera (Left|Right|Reset)
R - Reset Camera Position

Alt+F4 - Exit Game (nosave)
Esc - Escape
F1 - Config Screen
F2 - Status Screen
PrtScr or F11 - Screenshot

Note: Info taken from "key.ini" file from game. To change the default shortcuts see the Modding: Keyboard entry.

Game modes


Memories Screen (c) Illusion

When you select this from the start screen you will be able to see all of the girls you saved as memories. On this screen you can delete saved girls (lefthand button), select one to play with (right-hand top button), and exit (right-hand bottom button).
After choosing one you have three options (from left to right)

  • Sitting H-Scene
  • Standing H-Scene
  • Special H-Scene

"Story Mode"

At the beginning of the game you will only have one box with Fujiko inside.
If you keep the girl in this box happy for five days, on the sixth day you will have a scene where she is glowing that asks whether or not you want to store her as a memory (left = yes, right = no).

Following that you will have two boxes, one with Mu (pink-haired girl) inside and the other with Biino (white-haired catgirl).
You will not be able to feed Biino, thus there is no way of saving her. (False - You can feed and save her with cheats explained below)
You need to attend to both girls before day nine or one apple (i.e. girls) will no longer be available.
Biino will fall sick and you will not be able to save her as a memory, but you can save Mu. (False - You can save her memory with cheat explained below)

The next five days you will have three boxes, with Beniwo, Kogane, and Rin.
After another five days you will be asked to save those girls as memories or not.
On the 16th day there will be a special scene, which concludes the "story mode".

"Free Mode"

On day 16 you will be left with 3 empty room boxes.
Apples in the apple box will be randomly generated to produce girls with random characteristics.
(see free mode for more info.)


If you let three girls "die" without succeeding in keeping them happy the game will return you to the main screen.
When you restart the game you will be reset to your last save.
The last save is the last time you succeeded with a girl.
I think this only goes for the first six girls (i.e. until day 16).

Main Menu

Player's Room (c)Illusion

The "main menu" in the game comes in the form of the player's room.
You have the option of viewing either the desk, or the table where the girls' boxes are.
There will be 1 - 3 boxes on the table depending on what point in the game you are.
(The image to the left is not of the main menu).

  1. (Top) The Desk (laptop)
  2. (Bottom left) The boxes which the girls live in (only one in the begining)
  3. (Bottom right) The 'Apple' box which the girls arive in.

The Desk

You've got mail (c)Illusion

The Desk allows you access to an in-game computer, trophies, and two notebooks.

  • The computer allows you to buy new clothing and food for girls. Emails on information about the 5 main girls and freemode girls also appear.
  • Trophies are received after various in-game accomplishments. Displaying the trophy might give additional in-game benefits.
  • The blue notebook is the "Player Notebook". Here you can view achievements, items in your possession, etc.
  • The pink notebook is the "Girl Notebook". Here you can view detailed information on each girl you are currently raising or who have been saved into your Memories.

The Computer

Purchase mode. (c)Illusion

You can buy food, clothes, furniture and hobbies at the computer.


The fork trophy (c)Illusion

Select a trophy from the trophy menu. Right-click to exit the trophy selection.

For details of how to obtain various trophies and their effects, see the trophy guide.


Player Notebook:

Original Player Notebook (© Illusion)
Translated Notebook
Left Page: Right Page:
  • Your current rank
  • Obtained points
  • Number of girls raised up until now
  • Number of girls current raising
  • Number of girls successfully raised
  • Number of feedings
  • Number of successful feedings
  • Number of times H-ed
  • Number of times reached orgasm
  • Number of times reached orgasm by hand
  • Number of times reached orgasm by tongue
  • Number of ejaculations
  • Number of ejaculations outside
  • Number of ejaculations inside
  • Number of times entered the box
  • Current money (in Yen)
  • Tabs to switch between different types of possessions:
    • Food
    • Clothes
    • Furniture
    • Hobby items
within each possession type, there may be categories

The bottom lists trophies.

Girl Notebook:

Girl notebook (c) Illusion
Name Days
Apple spawned from Girl Image.
  • Personality
  • Body (breast) type
  • Skin color
  • Hairstyle
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Number of times in an H scene.
  • Times climaxed.
  • Times ejactulated inside.
  • Special ability.
  • Currently raising.
  • In Memory.

The Apple Box

During the "story mode" the apples have pre-determined attributes. During free mode the apple box is always full, and girls' attributes are based on characteristics of the apple you choose, such as color, shape, stem width, stem shape, leaf style, and stickers present on the apple. The full apple box randomizes on a daily basis or anytime you select an apple to place in a room box. (see Apples for more info).

The "Room" Box

The room boxes are the boxes of the game. Placing an apple in these boxes will cause a girl to start living in it, and you can observe her from outside the box, or interact with her.

The room boxes can be customized. Any changes made to the room boxes stay after the box girl has died/left.

Wardrobe Edit

Wardrobe Edit Mode. (c)Illusion

You may change the girl's clothes to anything you've already purchased through the computer.
You can select three outfits from your purchased clothes to be placed in the wardrobe.
The girl will frequently go to the wardrobe and choose at random between the three outfits you've selected.
If you don't select any she will still go to the wardrobe, but will not change clothes.

Special interaction

Dresses have special interactions like lifting skirt and lifting the girl by the skirt. Shirts and trousers do not have any special interactions.

Room Edit

Room edit mode. (c)Illusion

You may change the room's appearance with any items you've already purchased through the computer. There are six general types of items:

  • Wall
  • Floor
  • Bed
  • Desk
  • Wardrobe
  • Hobby

Room Sets

Some room sets have extra functions. For example, the Chinese set will give you 50 % extra money after feeding. The Executive set also generates 30% more money. The Sci-Fi set will give 50% extra points towards your ranking.
You have to have all pieces of the room the same for a set. That means Wall, Floor, Bed, Desk and Wardrobe. Hobby items do not count towards room sets and can be chosen freely.
Read more in the room guide.


Depending on the type of "Hobby" item in the room, the girl may have different playing activities.
On Tier 1 Mu types will adore the stuffed animal, while Rin types will try to beat the stuffing out of it.
Rin types make enthusiastic use of most athletic equipment. Mu types will also enjoy the trampoline.
Tier 3 Hobbies offer a "Stripper Pole" that Beniwo types seem to make the most enthusiastic use of.
Tier 4 Hobbies will offer a wooden sybian that all the girls adore.

Feeding & Earning Money

Counting gems (c)Illusion

A number of different types of food may be purchased from the shop.
Different girls have different food preferences.
After eating food, depending on how much the girl liked the food, 0, 2, or 4 gems will drop, which gets converted to in-game currency for the player to buy more items and food.
Girls can only be fed once per day, and if a girl isn't fed for several days, she will become unresponsive (no skinship, sleeping on bed) then die.
(These images will appear over the food when eaten: ×=dislikes-, =likes-, =loves-to eat.)

Fujiko/Blue Mu/Pink Beniwo/Brown Kogane/Green Rin/Orange

Loves - Strawberry, Cherry, Chocolate
Hates - Mushroom, Carrot, Egg

Loves - Orange, Banana, Cheese
Hates - Tomato, Lima Bean, Shaomai (Dumpling)

Loves - Tomato, Carrot, Bamkuchen (Cake)
Hates - Banana, Lettuce, Chocolate

Loves - Lettuce, Lima bean, Egg
Hates - Orange, Grape, Bamkuchen (Cake)

Loves - Mushrooms, Grapes, Shaomai (Dumpling)
Hates - Strawberry, Cherry, Cheese

Biino (white-haired catgirl)

You will receive this girl (apple) within the first six days. She will not like ANY food you give her (so just let her starve). The purpose with her is to demonstrate what will happen if you don't feed a girl. However, there IS a way to save her with just a bit of cheating ^_^

In order to feed Biino, you will need "HakoSaveEditor"

With this you can obtain any kind of food, so you can feed her with her favorite food, the 1st in list of rare food (octopus-like thing), or you can also give her the food after the "squid-thing," (naruto?) - which she likes (I suggest giving her the squid-thing, as you'll get better gems).

In order to actually prevent her from dying you will have to use the Illusion Wizard on day 9, like so:

Exit game on day 9, and open Illusion Wizard. On "save patcher" tab, do "Select Save File" -> choose data00.sav. Now. under "Choose/Change Girl", select middle bubble -> press "Change Selected Girl" and change "Days lived" to 4. Press the "Save Changes" button, and relaunch Hako. Upon the morning of day 10, you will see the CatGirl wave goodbye, and you can then save her memory.

Also, if you don't want to use the HakoSaveEditor to get her food, you can also use the Illusion Wizard to simply change her "Health" to 00 every day which removes sickness. However, you'll still need to change her "Days lived" to 4 on day 9, or you cannot save "her memory".

Food Types

There are four tiers of food available throughout the game, and each produces a different type of gem.
These gems give different values whether you have the fork trophy equipped on your table or not. (50% bonus with trophy.)
Only apples with stickers (catgirl, eyepatch, glasses, elves.) may use tier 4 food, and stickered apples cannot eat the first three tiers of food.

Tier 1 - green gem - 100 or 150 per gem
Tier 2 - yellow gem - 200 or 300 per gem
Tier 3 - red gem - 400 or 600 per gem
Tier 4 (Sticker only) - rainbow gem - 1000 or 1500 per gem

Cheating to find out what food they like:
The game automatically saves after you put a girl in a box, and whenever you return to your room.
So if you want to find out a girl's favorite food, feed them different things, then when you find out, press alt+F4 to shut down the game, then load with the new knowledge in mind.


In Skinship mode, you can interact with the girl by reaching your hand (or other stuff like mushroom and turtles) into the box, to pat her on the head, poke her, and other stuff.

For details of the Skinship mode, see the skinship guide.

H Mode

From the the Skinship mode you can transition to the H mode. The mode depends on how you fill the red and/or the blue bar. Read the the skinship guide.

For details of the H mode, see the H guide.

Daily Rating

At the end of each day, you will be given a rating based upon your performance. There is a happy/sad face for each girl, and a points system.

Smiley Face

Each girl has two needs which must be met for a full happy face.
The left side of the face is based on feeding, and the right side is based on interaction.
Simply feeding the girl one type of food she doesn't dislike is enough for a smile.
The interaction side varies for the girls.
Some girls will be kept happy with nothing more than a happiness interaction. (Patting her head till the blue bar is full.)
Others require an H-scene to become happy, and are usually sated for more than one day.
This is a good judge as to the health and happiness of the girls, and if ignored, may cause her to die.


Read more about scoring, your rank and the meaning in the rank section.