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all characters are at least 18

Box -Hako- [edit]



Technical Help


Free mode refers to the part of the game after all the pre-defined apples have been played (after day 16).

During free mode, whenever you select an empty box you will be given the option of picking an apple from a larger box of random apples. The apple you pick will become the new girl for that box, and her characteristics will be defined based on the random attributes of the apple.

Stems = Hair Type

(Note: this is still very tentative but should serve as a rough guide.)

Stem Types:

  • Short/straight/fat stems = short, choppy hair, possibly double buns
  • Short/knotted stems = two low pigtails
  • Short/narrowly split stems = long, straight pigtails
  • Medium/widely split stems = drill pigtails
  • Tall/straight/fat stems = chin-length angled hair
  • Tall/knotted stems = two long braids
  • Tall/curled at the top stems = curly pigtails
  • Skinny/straight stems = long straight hair
  • Skinny/curved stems = long, straight hair with sideswept bangs

Leaves = Hair Modifier

Leaves are hair modifiers that change the girl's base hair style (the stem).

Leaf shapes determines mainly the front portion of the girl's hair - bangs, sideburns and ends of her hair.

Leaf types include normal leaf, half leaf, jagged edged leaf, leaf with a hole in it.

  • Normal Leaf = Bangs are split into multiple sections similar to the leaf's shape. (No sideburns? Normal?)
  • Jagged Edged Leaf = Jagged layered ends / sideburns.
  • Leaf with a hole a hole in it = Gives the girl two large bangs that split to the side above her normal bangs. (Sorry, I can't describe this better.) (?)
  • Half Leaf = Straight bangs in a similar shape to the leaf.

Note: The modifiers only guarantee that you will get the feature, not having a modifier does not mean the girl will not have the feature. The exact appearance of these modifiers may be slightly different depending on the base hair style (the stem).

There are no apparent differences in pattern on a leaf.

Shape = Breast size

  • Bottom-heavy apples = small-breasted
  • Hourglass-shaped apples = Medium-breasted
  • Normal/Round-shaped apples = Large-breasted

Color = Personality

  • Pink = Mu-type (childish)
  • Green = Rin-type (tomboyish/energetic)
  • Deep red = Benio-type (mature)
  • Golden = Kogane-type (polite)
  • Orange/multicolored = Fujiko-type (sweet/meek)
    • May also tell by clothing worn on the box sticker?

Seals / Stickers -> Special Attributes

There are 6 seals that can appear on apples in the random box. They may or may not be visible from the overhead view, and an apple may contain more than one seal, rotating the apples to find out seal placement is advised. Seals also cause the girl to require tier 4 food, and will not give any money for other kinds of foods. Apples without seals may not use tier 4 food.

Seal Types:

Mt seal 02 00 128.jpg Flower = Elf ears

Mt seal 01 00.jpg Pawprint = Doggirl

Mt seal 00 00.jpg Pawprint = Catgirl

Rsmega 128.jpg Connected Circles = Glasses

Mt seal 04 00 128.jpg Pirate Skull = Eyepatch

Mt seal 05 00 128.jpg Bull = Demon (horn, Elf ears, Cat Eyes)