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all characters are at least 18

Box -Hako- [edit]



Technical Help


Unpredictable characteristics

It's easy to forecast a few: personality, breast size and hairstyle

Other characteristics are unpredictable:

  • Skin type: tanned or not.
  • Hair color
  • Eyes color
  • Ribbons color
  • Girl's ability to do special Hentai job

Breast size - shape

Small Breasts
Hako 1a SmallBreasts.jpg Hako 1b.jpg
Normal Breasts
Hako 2a Normal.jpg Hako 2b.jpg
Big Breasts
Hako 3a BigBreasts.jpg Hako 3b.jpg

Emotional type - color

Hako Color Childish.jpg Hako Color Childish.gif
Hako Color Meek.jpg Hako Color Meek.gif
Hako Color Neat.jpg Hako Color Neat.gif
Older Sister
Hako Color OlderSister.jpg Hako Color OlderSister.gif
Hako Color Energetic.jpg Hako Color Energetic.gif

Hairstyle - stem and leaf

Stem type Leaf type Hair type
"Danny DeVito" vulgaris Very Short
Pl 01 VeryShort.jpg
"Danny DeVito" half China+Sideburns
Pl 02 China Sideburns.jpg
"Danny DeVito" serrate China
Pl 03 China.jpg
Lambda half Curly Pony+Sideburns
Pl 04 CurlyPony Sideburns.jpg
Lambda vulgaris Curly Pony
Pl 05 CurlyPony.jpg
half Twinroll+Fringe
Pl 06 Twinroll Fringe.jpg
serrate Twinroll+Sideburns
Pl 07 Twinroll Sideburns.jpg
vulgaris Twinroll
Pl 08 Twinroll.jpg
Y half Twintail+Fringe
Pl 09 Twintail Fringe.jpg
Y serrate Twintail+Sideburns
Pl 10 Twintail Sideburns.jpg
Y vulgaris Twintail
Pl 11 Twintail.jpg
«bunny ears» half Pigtails+Sideburns
Pl 12 Pigtails Sideburns.jpg
«bunny ears» serrate Pigtails+Fringe
Pl 13 Pigtails Fringe.jpg
«bunny ears» vulgaris Pigtails
Pl 14 Pigtails.jpg
knot perforated Ponytail
Pl 15 Ponytail.jpg
knot serrate Bundle
Pl 16 Bundle.jpg
knot vulgaris Osage
Pl 17 Osage.jpg
J perforated Semi Long
Pl 18 SemiLong.jpg
J serrate Layered Long
Pl 19 LayeredLong.jpg
L serrate Long+Fringe, Long+Fringe+Ribbon or Long+Fringe+Headband
Pl 22 Long Fringe.jpg
Pl 20 Long Fringe Ribbon.jpg
Pl 21 Long Fringe Headband.jpg
L half Long+Sideburns, Long+Sideburns+Ribbon or  Long+Sideburns+Headband
Pl 25 Long Sideburns.jpg
Pl 23 Long Sideburns Ribbon.jpg
Pl 24 Long Sideburns Headband.jpg
L vulgaris Long, Long+Ribbon or Long+Headband
Pl 28 Long.jpg
Pl 26 Long Ribbon.jpg
Pl 27 Long Headband.jpg
SS-20 Saber half Pob, Pob+Ribbon or  Pob+Headband
Pl 31 Pob.jpg
Pl 29 Pob Ribbon.jpg
Pl 30 Pob Headband.jpg
SS-20 Saber serrate Bob, Bob+Ribbon or Bob+Headband
Pl 34 Bob.jpg
Pl 32 Bob Ribbon.jpg
Pl 33 Bob Headband.jpg

Black Sheep

If you familiar with hexeditors find a .cdt file in the hako\data\memory folder. Place value 0xff at offset 0x0024 and save the file. Start the game and look in the "Recall" category.