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all characters are at least 18

Box -Hako- [edit]



Technical Help


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General h-scene game play is very simple. Basically you select options at the top right of the screen for the actions that you want to perform. To control the speed of the action, mouse over the square in the bottom right of the screen and use the scroll wheel on your mouse.

As the girl becomes excited a small red heart will appear in the heart shaped icon in the upper left of the screen. As she comes closer to orgasm, the red heart will expand to fill the icon. When the heart icon is about 90% filled the girl will change poses and become more passionate.

There are two icons below the heart meter. The dress is stages of the girl's undress (the girl will flash whenever the dress meter is reduced). At halfway her skirt will lift up and her breasts are exposed, and she will be completely naked when it is empty. If you start in certain H-scenes, parts of her may already be exposed but the dress meter will still be at full. The other icon is a milk jug that shows how much the guy will ejaculate. Special-H scenes fill up the jug fast, while all other actions fill up the heart, jug, and reduce the dress meter at different rates.

  • If you come inside her when she is at the last ring of the heart you will come together.
  • Depending on the position you are in when you choose to come outside you will be given an option of where on her to come.
  • Special-H positions have the option to come outside like all other positions (switch to a scene of the guy jerking in front of the girl), but each position has its own come animation as well (inside the mouth for blowjobs, into the air for paizuri and others)
  • Press W or Z to remove the guys pants, see other Keyboard shortcuts


You need to select the following icons in this order in skinship mode: Tickle, Breasts, Vagina and then Knock Her Down. It doesn't matter how much time you spend with each command, just press them in that order and the icon to place your dick in the box shows up under the other icons after she gets back up and yells at you.

Special H-Scene

To obtain a girl's special scene (there is one specific to each girl, blowjob, handjob, paizuri etc.) you need to get the Red Bar to flash the heart (at 90% or more), then get the Blue Bar to 100% in skinship mode.

Known scenes

The first 5 girls are all presets, so they each have 1 of the 5 skills(handjob, blowjob, footjob & boobjob x 2 positions) available, and the rest you create will be randomly generated. These scenes have been found:

  • Blowjob with girl kneeling (Fujiko-chan)
  • Blowjob with you lying down
  • Thigh job/dry fuck (It's when you have your bonk between the girl's thighs and over her vagina)
  • Handjob with girl kneeling (Mu-chan)
  • Handjob while you're lying down (catgirl available on day 6)
  • Handjob while you're lying down, but hunched over
  • Paizuri with girl kneeling (Kogane-san)
  • Paizuri with you on top of girl (Beniwo-san)
  • Foot job with girl standing (Rin)
  • Foot job while girl is on her back
  • 69

Standing position

From the Blowjob position and Handjob position, the player can switch to Standing position, where the following are possible:

  • Standing blowjob
  • Standing cunnilingus
  • Standing intercourse(*From this Position you can enter anal sex by looking at her back)

Kneeling position

Get the red bar to flash the heart, then get blue bar to flash the face then get red to max.
You can also get this position by switching positions from the paizuri, footjob, and 69 modes.
When in front of her it's possible to switch to missionary.
When behind her it's possible to switch to doggy style.

Switch Behind Her

Rotate the camera on her back and the player teleports behind her.
(You need to be in "idle-mode". eg not doing anything to the girl)

Behind position:

  • Standing behind
  • Doggy style

Hyper Mode

Obtained in H-mode only, simply make her orgasm in the fondling phase.
You can use the Hyper Mode in the last section of her Heart Meter for a different pose in the insertion phase.
Hyper Mode can also be used while a girl is using her special service

At this point, click the Hyper Mode button (uses a point) and the guy takes over and pumps her hard.
When in Hyper Mode, you can choose to cum inside her or outside by using the little dick-in-the-pants icon.