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all characters are at least 18

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You gain trophies for various achievements during the game. Some of them (all?) affect the game when you have it on your desk. Below is the list of trophies, how to earn each of them, and their effects. Not all effects were known at the time of writing.

Top Hako Leader (トップハコリーダー)

Hako-Trophy1.png Email-1
Successfully raising 30 girls.

Food Trophy (飯奉行!)

Hako-Trophy2.png Email-2
Food Trophy (obtained by 30 successful feedings): Money obtained from feeding is multiplied by 1.5.

Millionaire (大富豪!)

Hako-Trophy3.png Email-3
A trophy achieved by having 300,000 yen.

Super Diver Trophy (スーパーダイバー!)

Hako-Trophy4.png Email-4
A trophy of your character diving into a box, which is obtained by "diving" into boxes 30 times. (dive count in blue notebook, last line on left page.)
When you finish on the girl (aka moneyshot) you get bonus points towards your daily rating.
The trophy is called "suupaa daivaa" = super diver.

Max Trophy (マックスメン!)

Hako-Trophy5.png Email-5
A trophy of a figure standing on the word 'MAX'.
Achieved by purchasing all non-food items in the store.
Gives one hyper mode with out having to do foreplay.

100 H celebration (祝エッチ100回!)

Hako-Trophy6.png Email-6
A trophy achieved by having H scene 100 times.

Tongue Big Bro (KUNnii(クン兄!))

Hako-Trophy7.png Email-7
A trophy achieved by letting the girl reach orgasm using tongue 30 times.

Finger-banging the hero (テマン・ザ・ヒーロー!)

Hako-Trophy8.png Email-8
A trophy achieved by letting the girl reach orgasm using hand 30 times.

Cum inside King (中出し王!) 

Hako-Trophy9.png Email-9
A trophy achieved by cumming inside a girl 30 times.

Climax King (絶頂王!)

Hako-Trophy10.png Email-10
A trophy achieved by letting the girl(s) reach orgasm 30 times.

Note: The japanese descriptions and english translations i used come from this post@hf
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