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all characters are at least 18

Box -Hako- [edit]



Technical Help



The points system is described in general terms below. Please edit and add your findings to this wiki.

  • You are given a certain number of points based off of the quality of food given, what kind of interaction you give her, as well as any bonuses from trophies.
  • If a girl is given the lowest quality food, and a pat on the head, she will have a smiley face at the end of the day, but will not give many points in return.
  • To maximize the number of points available, give her the best food which applies, and achieve the special H scene through the skinship mode. (90% on red bar, full blue bar.). You do not need to interact with her in the H scene to increase the points, simply finishing off and leaving will give max interaction points.
  • Earned points are put towards your characters current rank. (The V medal on the rating screen and blue notebook state current rank, but in Japanese.)
  • Your points are reset after every rank increase, with only the excess of necessary points carried over.
  • Maximum rank will be achieved when the points total reaches 10,000, and will not change after this.
  • You also obtain points when you successfully finish caring for a girl based on the number of days. 10 for normal girls per day, 20 for stickered (catgirl, glasses, etc.) girls.
  • When you can purchase tier 4 rooms and furniture, the Sci-Fi set gives 50% extra points.


Below are listed the ranks in the game and the required points to achieve them.

Rank effects

  • Current rank will affect how high your bars are when starting skinship mode, the higher the rank the higher the initial level of the red and blue bar when you enter Skinship mode.
  • Rank determines what is available at the shop.


I guess this is the rank you start at...
(just a hunch LOL)
note: you keep this rank until the 16 day, then it will raise you level to you have achieve


Achieved at points: 500 (total = 500)


Achieved at points: 700 (total = 1,200)
Delicacies become available in the store.
The first 3 rare Hako girl(Elf, Doggirl, Catgirl)will start showing up in apple box


Achieved at points: 900 (total = 2,100)
High-Class room sets become available.


Achieved at points: 1,200 (total = 3,300)
High-Class clothing sets and hobbies are unlocked.


Achieved at points: 1,500 (total = 4,800)
add two more rare Hako girl (with glasses and eyepatch)

Correction: This is FALSE, at least for glasses girls. I got my first glass girl at level pro. Must be other thing or just eyepatch-ones.

Box King

Achieved at points: 2,000 (total = 6,800)
Highest Class room, clothing sets and hobbies become available.

Box Saint

Achieved at points: 3,000 (total = 9,800)

  • The "Box Change" option is made available, which allows you to alter the outer appearance of your Hako Girl boxes.
  • The Pirate seal becomes available at this rank, which allows you to get apples with pirate seals, i.e. girls with eye patches.

Box Emperor

Achieved at points: 5,000 (total = 14,800)
You receive additional "Box Change" options.

Box God

Achieved at points: 10,000 (total = 24,800)

  • The demon seal becomes available at this rank, which allows you to get apples with demon seals, i.e. girls with horns and special temperament.