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all characters are at least 18

Box -Hako- [edit]



Technical Help


In Skinship mode, to advance to H-Play you need to use a combination of the interactions to make the girl happy. The event you get depends on what bars you fill to the active level (where it has the blinking icon above it).


  • Filling just the Blue Bar to full, you get a happy friendship ending and exit.
  • Filling the Blue Bar to full and having the pink bar at the active level (90% or more where you get the icon above the bar) results in the girl's special H-scene.
  • Filling just Pink Bar to full results with the girl starting in a standing position, but you have the additional options of cowgirl & missionary position.
  • Filling the Pink Bar to full and Blue Bar to the active level (90% or more) results in the same scene as just filling the Pink Bar but gives you an additional option up top.


When a girl has been neglected during feeding, or fed items she doesn't like several times, she will become ill and when you enter the box she will be sleeping. During these sleeping encounters, a different type of skinship mode occurs, with not all of the same options available during standard skinship mode. It is possible to rouse the ill girl to consciousness, where you can then have a normal skinship mode leading to an H-scene.

In the sleeping skinship, all standard skinship options are available except flicking of her head. The girl will roll over from time to time as you interact with her, offering two new skinship options, back rubbing and butt rubbing. In the sleeping skinship, there is only one meter bar rather than the two in standard. To rouse her to consciousness you must max out this bar two times. The first time, the girl will be angry you awakened her and she will go back to sleep. The second time, she will be happy and then standard encounters can occur again (see screen shots).

Maxing out the meter in sleeping skinship is very difficult, as if she gets annoyed (which happens constantly), the bar dips a dramatic amount; much more than you likely raised it. The easiest way to max out this bar is to lift her skirt and hold it up for 2-3 seconds (don't overdo it or she will slap you and the meter will drop to zero, causing you to have to start the scene over), then quickly press another button. Don't use the mousewheel; intead allow her to slap you off while you are only nudging/rubbing her the default amount without moving the mousewheel. This way, when she slaps you off, you will not lose any of the metered amount you've filled. Again, lift her skirt for 2-3 seconds, press another button before she slaps you, and just repeat this until you max out the meter. NOTE this only works after day 16.


You need to select the following icons in this order: Tickle, Breasts, Vagina and then knock her down. It doesn't matter how much time you spend with each command, just press them in that order and the icon to place your dick in the box shows up under the other icons after she gets back up and yells at you.

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