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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





Acquiring Slaves

Slave Market

The easiest way to get a slave is to head to the Slave Market located in the Trade square of the White town. There you'll be able to bid for slaves.

Contract work

Head into the White town and enter The slavers guild. There you'll be offered a girl and an objective (e.g. rank D nurse). They'll give you a small advance to cover some of the costs of training, and pay based on quality and swiftness.


Pro:Free slave.
Con:Requires Combat
Not recommended, specially for new players. Head into the Border of the Fogs and then Patrol border of Fogs. You'll most likely encounter a battle and be offered a chance to join it. Should you succeed you'll capture a slave. There is a high chance the slave will be pregnant with a fiend
Warning: You die if you fail. For more information See Combat

Order a slave

Pro:Customizeable slave.
Con:Expensive, Takes a long time to deliver.
Head into the White town and enter The slavers guild then Talk to expert and Order slave selection. You get to choose how young you want her and many of her stats. Slaves with high stats take longer to be delivered and are more expensive. Prices vary between $400 and $1300.


Pro:somewhat Customizable. Immediate delivery.
Con:extremely expensive, decreases your brand

Head into the Border of the Fogs and then the Smuggler's rendezvous. There you'll able to purchase a slave for $2000, but you'll be able to choose between a mature, young or immature one. You'll always get a C rank slave.


The maid - Maid
Assistant - Secretary
Gladiator - Gladiatrix
Enchantress - Alchemy
Actress - Dance , Sing or Musican
Concubine - Total sex skills above 9 . To increase the rank of concubine at the same time need to keep sex skills at ordinary skills.


Before a slave can be sold anywhere other than the Slave Market it must be branded.

  • There are 3 options to brand a slave
    • Casting Adverto Servili, which requires a Magic Rank of A/Magister, costing $25.
    • Uncle Bo in the Quarter of the Outcasts will tattoo a brand for $10
    • If you have a dungeon rented you can use a branding iron at no cost, but will hurt the slave and decrease mood
      • To Hot-iron brand the slave, click on "No Brand" on the slave's anatomy page




  • maximum rank of the slave (superseded by Fame)

Increased by:

  • Neoplasty

Decreased by:



  • Amount of Energy gained overnight and the arousal.

Affected by:

  • Living conditions (sleeping in a bed vs. sleeping on the floor), amount of stars left before ending day (1 star is optimal)

Increased by:

  • Supplements
  • Martial arts
  • Fitness training
  • Dance lesson
  • Pet training
  • Pony training
  • Harness training
  • Enema training
  • Entertain me: Acrobatics
  • Clothes: Athletic Leotard and Sneakers

Decreased by:

  • Beatings
  • Torture
  • Behave:Deny Toileting
  • Behave:urinal
  • Behave:toilet
  • Scatology
  • Augmentation surgery
  • Pregnancy
  • Disease



  • How much the slave will be affected by physical and psychological influences

Increased by:

  • Force Silence
  • Deny orgasm
  • Successfully suppressing an orgasm
  • Vaginal vibe
  • Reward->Free time:Garden of gethsemane
  • Reward->Free time:Hot springs
  • Reward:Sensual message

Decreased by:

  • Arranged sparing for slave
  • Put gladiatrix
  • Horse mating
  • Beatings and torture



  • Arousal and likelyhood to obey orders

Increased by:

  • Jack-HF 1.6.1+: All the performances (Acrobat, Concert, Striptease, Erotic Show, Lesbian Show, etc.), Escort, Acting, Singing, Gladiatrix, Sparring practice, Going on dates (Beach, Theater, Restaurant), etc. Basically the activities that allow the slave to express herself.
  • Spiked Collar
  • Boots
  • Reward->Free time:"Golden cage"
  • Winning a fight
  • Winning a race
  • Orgasm during active sex

Decreased by:

  • Behave: Force silence
  • Behave: Pet
  • Rape
  • Blindfold during active sex



  • Speed of learning
  • Quality of accounting

Increased by:

  • Nurse training, Clerical work, Alchemy, Slave - Accountant

Decreased by:

  • Elysian Datura - very slowly, unless the random number generator hates you.



  • Value and obedience

Increased by:

  • Reward->Free time:"Golden cage"
  • Victory at sparring match for slave
  • Victory at put gladiatrix
  • Matrial Arts
  • Failure to Cast Domini Dictum
  • Not following imposed rules
  • Supervise Slave (Assistant)

Decreased by:

At the lowest rank the slave is broken and her rating is set to F-. it is very hard to raise Nature so be careful.



  • Obedience

Increased by:

  • Not following Rules, Sparring for Slave, Put Gladiatrix

Decreased by:

  • Behave: Force silence
  • Behave: Force humility
  • Behave: Deny toileting
  • Behave: Pet
  • Behave: Alarm
  • Behave: Vaginal vibe
  • Behave: Urinal
  • Behave: Toilet
  • Golden Shower
  • Scatology
  • Rape
  • Certain clothing: leather collar, steel collar, pony plume, anal tail, pony harness
  • Enema training
  • Humiliation training
  • Deep throat training
  • Rimming training
  • Anal sex training
  • Self harm training
  • Golden shower training
  • Scat training
  • Shaming punishment: Naked walk
  • Shaming punishment: Shameful podium
  • Punishment


Can see the formula on the Anatomy page of the slave:

  • Exoticism = natural exoticism + tattoos + piercings + clothes


  • Evaluation

Increased by:

  • Body modifications
  • BDSM paraphernalia
  • Animal paraphernalia
  • Fetish paraphernalia
  • Cat ears
  • Exotic clothes
  • Exotic wig
  • Jewelry - gem earrings
  • Ornamented Collar
  • Tattoos (at Uncle Bo's: Start Tattoo->Continue Tattoo->Finish Tattoo has largest bonuses)

Decreased by:

  • Absence of the aforementioned items



  • Evaluation

For information on how to change Physique see:Diet


Formula on anatomy page (anyone got the exact formula from the code?):

Style = clothes + makeup + hair + makeup(2) + hygiene + grace

Grace is a trait found on a few slaves. Makeup is listed twice and they have different values:

  • The first value seems to be facial makeup
    • Improved by the "Visage and manicure" option at "Elven Laid" Salon increases it to B/Blue once applied but only lasts a day. It also increases the second value slightly.
    • A more expensive, but permanent option is Uncle Bo's offer of permanent makeup tattoos that set it at S+/Green.
  • Second value seems to be overall body
    • Salon treatment: Visage and Manicure
    • Salon treatment: Waxing
    • (these two combined raise it to B/Blue, suggesting an incomplete list)


  • Evaluation

Affected by:

  • Hygiene

Increased by:

  • Apparel
  • Jewelry
  • Fashionable hairstyle
  • Waxing
  • Visage and manicure
  • Perfume

Decreased by:

  • Absence of the aforementioned items



  • Rank

Increased by:

  • Spread rumors (Gentleman's club and Central forum)
  • Winning fights
  • Winning races

Decreased by:

  • Nothing


Section is work in progress

In order to see a slave's aura you need to first cast Auspex (2 sparks) or be wearing the Raven Crown


Increased by:

  • Obeying Orders

Decreased by:

  • Denying Orders`

Note: Higher = Better.

Sexual arousal

Increased by:

  • Deny orgasm
  • Vaginal beads
  • Erotic rewards
  • Aphrodisiac potion
  • Certain clothing: lace underwear, exotic outfit, leather corset, anal tail, tongue barbell, nipple chain, belly ring, boots

Decreased by:

  • Allowing orgasm
  • Delikacia


Increased by:

  • Punishments that slave is afraid of. Trait dependent (eg. Shy, Pyromaniac)
  • Tremendio spell
  • Threaten

Decreased by:

  • Not punishing while guilty
  • Reward: Garden of Gethsmane
  • Reward: Spend time Together
  • Reward: Erotic Reward

Note: High Fear can Break the Slave. High fear will Depress the Slave.


Increased by:

  • Punishing slave more than guilt
  • Negative mood at the end of the day (slowly).

Decreased by:

  • Very positive mood at the end of day (slowly).
  • Reward: Garden of Gethsmane

Note: Better don't increase it - it make the Slave depressive and slowly lowers psychic stats.


Increased by:

  • Itself over time
  • Explain her Position
  • Punishment of all kind (as long the Punishment is equal to her guilt)
  • Nipple chain, spiked collar, and ornamental collar

Decreased by:

  • None

Note: Awareness is the ability to understand that she is a slave and has no right to Disobey. Increase Faster if the Slave has high intellect.


Increased by:

  • Physical Punishment
  • Rape
  • Sententia Veritas
  • Delikacia
  • Rules (Force Humility, Deny Orgasm)
  • Most BDSM/fetish gear
  • Itself

Decrease by:

  • None

Note: Increase Faster with Stronger Aura of the Slaver.


Increased by:

  • Most BDSM/fetish gear

Decreased by:


Increased by:

  • Rewarding slave more than she deserves
  • Sleeping in boudoir when obedience is low

Decreased by:

  • Not rewarding slave when she deserves it
  • Put in Place talk option
  • Sleep in Cell or on the Floor

Note:This aural stat increases very fast so be careful.


Increased by:

  • Positive mood while keeping Awareness/Taming/Habit up increases it slowly. (Despair must be reduced first).
  • Philter potion (only one use per slave)
  • Wedding dress slightly speeds up devotion growth.

Decreased by:

  • None

Note: Fear and Despair reduce the amount of Devotion that you obtain


To set your Slave Rule can Help her to deplove Skills faster or slower and can have Various effects on Auras.

Force Silence

Positive Effect:

  • Bonus to Dance
  • Increase Habit
  • Increase Empathy

Negative Effect:

  • Lower Temperament
  • Lower Pride

Force Humility

Positive Effect:

  • Increase Habit
  • Increase Awareness
  • Increase Tame

(Depending on Slavers Aura)

Negative Effect:

  • Lower Pride
  • Increase Despair

Deny Orgasm

Positive Effect:

  • Increase Arousal on Successes
  • Increase Empathy
  • Increase Tame

Negative Effect:

  • Lower Mood

Deny Toileting

Positive Effect:

  • Increase Habit

Negative Effect:

  • Lower Pride (depending on Slavers Aura)
  • Lower Health

Behave: Pet

Positive Effect:

  • Increase Habit
  • Bonus to Dance
  • Bonus to Pet
  • Bonus to Domestication

Negative Effect:

  • Lower Nature
  • Lower Pride (depending on the Slavers Aura)
  • Lower Hygiene

Behave: Alarm

Positive Effect:

  • Increase Slaver Mood (if Oral Sex is High enough)
  • Bonus to Oral Sex
  • Increase Habit

Negative Effect:

  • Lower Pride
  • Lower Hygiene

Behave: Urinal

Positive Effect:

  • Increase Slavers Mood (slave need Golden Shower on B)
  • Bonus to Golden Shower
  • Increase Habit
  • Make the Slave Perverted

Negative Effect:

  • Lower Mood (if Slave is not Perverted and has Golden Shower on B)
  • Lower Pride
  • Lower Hygiene
  • Lower Health

Behave: Toilet

Positive Effect:

  • Increase Slavers Mood (slave need Scatology on B)
  • Bonus to Golden Shower
  • Increase Habit
  • Make the Slave Perverted

Negative Effect:

  • Lower Mood (if Slave is not Perverted and has Scatology on B)
  • Lower Pride
  • Lower Hygiene
  • Lower Health

Vaginal Vibe

Positive Effect:

  • Increase Empathy
  • Increase Arousal
  • Bonus to Sex
  • Lower Pride

Negative Effect:

  • Lower Pride
  • Lower Hygiene
  • Increase Despair


A slave with lots of traits

Slaves can have various traits, some visible from the start, some you'll only find out after certain actions or training sessions.


  • Arena Champion - Received in the Arena "Put Gladiatrix" after several wins. Opens new options (fight Champion, Group fight and Fiend fight) during Colosseum fights.
  • Bruise - Decreases Beauty of a Slave. Rating from "D" to "S+" Decrease over time depending on the Slaver/ Assistants Medical Talent.
  • Charming Voice - Slave start with Singing rating "S+"
  • Clumsy - Make it harder to train Physical common skill's (Housekeeping , Martial Arts, ect.)
  • Hoarse Voice - The Slave be cannot trained as a Singer.
  • Immature - Always(?) on lolis. Cannot get Pregnant. Some Clients will not buy her. Slower during races in Colosseum but cannot be beheaded by String Trap.
  • Scars - Decrease the Beauty of an Slave. Small Scars increase Exoticism. Can be Removed in the Medical Center. Range "Small Scars" to "Ugly Scars"
  • Trace of beatings(+ ,++) - Greatly Reduce the Beauty of an Slave. Decrease over time.
  • Virgin - Nothing Special if Broken can be Restored in Medical Center.


  • Accustomed to pain - Able to endure pain. More resistant to pain based threats. Can be obtained by repeated punishing, Horse Mating, Fisting, Anal Fisting, Masochism and Self-Torture training.
  • Ascetic - Indifferent to luxury. Dresses or Ornaments as rewards have no effect.
  • Bisexual - Willing to have sex with Male and Female. Threesome will be easy to learn. (More ?)
  • Bloodthirsty - Loves to see blood, makes some tortures less effective.
  • Brony - Loves horse related skills
  • Coward - Punishments are much more effective.
  • Darkness Child - Reduces effectiveness of deprivation punishments. (increases effectiveness of blindfold during active sex?)
  • Exhibitionist - Makes some lessons go easier (Exhibitionism, Seduction, Gang bang, Enema ?any others?)
  • Frigid - Indifferent to sex.
  • Good Metabolism - Easier to lose weight/Harder to gain weight
  • Guilt Complex - Slave can be punished with more severe punishments for an offense.
  • Homophobic - Slave is incapable to be aroused by a sex with another woman (Discovered on Threesome training).
  • Hyperactive - Does not like to sit still. Free time rewards will not have a positive effect on mood.
  • Hysteric - Enjoys praise. Verbal encouragement is more effective.
  • Lesbian - Rewarding with Erotic or date will have no affect and Sex skills with Male counterpart will be harder.
  • Masochist - Enjoys pain.
  • Megalomania - Can't spoil.
  • Nymphomaniac - Enjoys sex.
  • Psi-masochist - Enjoys psychological pressure. Verbal rewards less effective.
  • Pervert - Makes some lessons go easier (Rimming, Enema, Scatology, Golden Shower, all Xenophilia). Eating Fiend Cum will give positive mood.
  • Purist - Makes perverted skills harder.
  • Pyromaniac - Reduces the effectiveness of certain kinds of torture.
  • Sportive - Physical exercises are more fun and associated skills increase faster.
  • Talent - A talent for a certain skill. This skill will increase considerably faster. Examples are "Talent: Cook" or "Talent: Musician".
  • Wayward - Undisciplined?
  • Weakened Metabolism - Easier to gain weight/Harder to lose weight
  • Torpid - Hard to get in physical shape

This list is incomplete.


Mood decide how well the Slave will learn skills. Bad Mood such as "Depressive" let the Slave learn slowly. Good Mood like "Happy" make it faster. To find out what's affecting her mood ask "How are you feeling?" and she'll list off the positive and negative effects she's under. The effects of rewards will last for a while so to maximize happiness it's important to use a variety of rewards and combine their affects.

Mood levels from highest to lowest:

  • Estatic
  • Happy
  • Pleased
  • Optimistic
  • Cheerful

  • Calm (neutral)

  • Unhappy
  • Pessimistic
  • Melancholic
  • Depressed
  • Severely Depressed

Improved by:

  • Encourage
  • Rewards
  • Enough to Eat
  • Your Leftovers
  • Clean House
  • Good Hygiene
  • Comfortable clothes (like the sundress)
  • Sleep in the Slavers bed (note: Slave need high Obedience)
  • Sleep in boudoir
  • Letting her orgasm
  • Use her Talent (Trait Talent: ???)
  • Take Drug - Chug (strong alcohol, drink two and she passes out)
  • Drink potion - Bacchic nectar (doesn't stack with alcohol and can only be used once, but won't pass out with repeated attempts, cheaper and easier to just drink the alcohol, though)
  • Not punishing her when she's guilty

Decreased by:

  • Explain her position (Note: as long as she have not accept to be a slave)
  • Threaten
  • Starving
  • Overworking her (red energy levels)
  • Dehydrated food
  • Fiend's cum (Unless the slave has the perverted trait, in which case it raises mood)
  • Dirty House
  • Bad Hygiene
  • Sleep in the cell
  • Sleep on the floor
  • Sleep on a Bedroll
  • Walk around Naked
  • Built up sexual desire
  • any Rules (on low Obedience)
  • Raping
  • Pregnacy with a fog fiend
  • Having Rotphilis (treatable STD)

Being on her period will have a slight negative effect on her mood that you can't control. "I have these days...stomach ache. So the mood is not very much."


To see what the requirements are for the next rank, click on your slave's portrait, then the rank letter in the left panel. For example in rank B you may see:

  • Further improve this slave's sexual skills
  • Further improve this slave's common skills
  • This slave should master a common skill
  • Encourage this slave's sense of loyalty

Basic Attributes Add up the total of these stats (red = 0, green =5, i.e. an apathetic slave has 0 temperament, while reactive has 3, and passionate has 5) and subtract off pride to get your total.

  • Endurance
  • Empathy
  • Temperament
  • Intellect
  • Nature
  • -Pride (lowering pride increases the attributes)

Sexual skills refers to Categories, not individual skills.


Lowest Rank. only the Slave market will buy the slaves for low price.


Recommend Sell Price:500$


  • Stats (ie Basic Attributes) >= 8 point
  • General Skills (ie Common Skills) >= 5
  • Well-known fame or Plain beauty


Recommend Sell Price:1000$


  • Stats (ie Basic Attributes) >= 12 point
  • General Skills (ie Common Skills) >= 10
  • Sexual Stats >= 5
  • Celebrity fame or Cute beauty


Recommend Sell Price:2500$

Requires :

  • Stats (ie Basic Attributes) >= 14 point
  • General Skills (ie Common Skills) >= 15
  • Sexual Stats >= 12
  • One green skill (whether common or sexual).
  • Illustrious fame or Pretty beauty


Recommend Sell Price:5000$


  • Stats (ie Basic Attributes) >= 16 point
  • General Skills (ie Common Skills) >= 20
  • Sexual Stats >= 15
  • One green Sexual skill, and one green Common skill.
  • Superstar fame or Beautiful beauty
  • Devotion at least 1 (Aura)


Recommend Sell Price:10000$


  • Stats (ie Basic Attributes) >= 18 point
  • General Skills (ie Common Skills) >= 30
  • Sexual Stats >= 25
  • Three green skills.
  • Legend of Rome fame or Exquisite beauty
  • Devotion at least 4 (Aura)


A Slave might get pregnant. There are two possible pregnancies.

  • Regular Pregnancy

Regular pregnancy will cause your slave to be taken away by the autorities until after childbirth once pregnancy becomes apparent. You will be warned beforehand that the slave might be pregnant.

  • Fiend Pregnancy

This pregnancy occurs rapidly and will create an event in the morning where the fiend bursts out of the slaves stomach, killing the slave in the process. if you have a fiend pen you can capture it. See fiend for details.

Both types can be aborted at the Medical Center. There is also the option of making your slave sterile to prevent the risk of pregnancy from ever occurring in the first place. Sterilization is reversible.


to be added


to be added


A derived stat that will affect who's willing to buy your slave (if you meet the list listed requirements but the buyer turns her down for a vague reason, odds are she didn't meet the charm test) The formula for Charm is as follows:

charm = style*3 + exotic + morale + brand_reputation + fame*2 - relative_fat - angst - spoil - scares - (bruises+1)/2


"The most straightforward approach is to simply raise Style (since it has an x3 modifier). Buy her some nice clothes and jewely, remember to EQUIP the new items on her, take her to the Salon and get a full makeover, and then immediately try to visit the target NPC (e.g. Pope) again. Most of the Salon boosts will disappear at end-of-day, so it's important to visit the NPC promptly."

  • And remember style includes hygiene, so have slave bathe/wash you/hot springs *before* visiting the Salon, as those activities wash off perfume and possibly hairstyle/makeup. Oddly, none of the Salon treatments improve hygiene.

Sanity and Broken Spirit

Another hidden derived stat which is:

Temperament + Nature + Pride

As pride goes from Arrogant to Unashamed, sanity goes down. This is an important stat to know, because if it drops below 3 the slave's spirit will be broken and she'll be Rank F- forever and difficult to sell. To avoid this situation you need to keep Temperament and Nature high and avoid decreasing her pride too far. See sections on Nature, Temperament and Pride for help increasing/decreasing them.

More info and discussion here.

Rewards - What the Heck is "Promise a Promotion/Reward"?

The puzzlingly named "Promise her a promotion/reward" is satisfied by the following:

  • Spend Time Together: Stroll on roof (if successful enough)
  • Spend Time Together: Walk in city (if successful enough)
  • Spend Time Together: Go to beach (if successful enough)
  • Spend Time Together: Go to theater (if successful enough)
  • Spend Time Together: Go to a restaurant (always)
  • Give Free Time: Rest til evening
  • Give Free Time: Fun til evening
  • Give Free Time: Garden of Gethsemene
  • Give Free Time: Hot Springs
  • Give Free Time: Golden cage
  • Erotic Reward: Vibes
  • Erotic Reward: Cunnilingus