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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





Border of the Fogs

Patrol Border of Fogs

The outskirts of the city are shrouded in a never ending fog, connecting Eternal Rome to other worlds dimensionally and/or possibly even temporally. It appears the fog serves as the only way for goods to come and go, transported by "clippers". Only intelligent beings may travel the fog; Apparently this includes the assorted creatures make appearances near the border to accost any woman unfortunate enough to catch their attention.

Fighting here will raise your combat rank (which goes from "non-combatant" to "master swordsman").
Losing, however, results in a game over, (even if you escape and don't die), so it would be wise to obtain armour, weapons, and a special technique before trying.
The number of special techniques you can learn from Lanista is limited by your combat rank, so wearing the Aketon will let you learn at least one.
("Roundhouse Kick" or "Battle Cry" may be particularly helpful, but victory is quite possible without any special techniques, if one avoids the hardest encounters and has a high strength. Good Hygiene and good food, among other things, are completely capable of maxing out strength to "Herculean" given enough time.)

Choosing to patrol the border, the player may encounter any of these accosting a slave:

  • A Werewolf
  • A Fog Fiend (Three levels: immature, adult and huge/hardened)
  • A Lich Necromancer
  • A Black Medic & 3 Minions
  • 2 beggars, a suprisingly strong cripple and 2 skinny old men
  • A Paladin of Taurus House & 2 footmen
  • 4 Beastmen
  • A Vampire
  • An Ogre (Jack HF)
  • An Orc (Jack HF)
  • 2 Goblins (Jack HF)
  • A Warg (Jack HF)

Jack HF: Young fiends are the easiest opponents. They are comparable to (maybe slightly weaker than) the hardest sparring partners.
All other single opponents are significantly harder, orcs and mature fiends being the next easiest among them.
Armour is especially helpful for the group encounters. The scum and goblins are probably the easiest and the beastmen the hardest. None should be approached lightly. Note that you can switch between opponents by clicking the arrows above their portraits. This lets you pick off the weaklings.

Jack Original: In general, immature fiends and vampires are the easiest opponents, followed by liches and adult fiends. Huge fiends and werewolves can be challenging, as can any of the multiple opponent encounters. Armour is recommended before engaging the group encounters. The scum are probably the easiest and the beastmen the hardest. None should be approached lightly.

Upon defeating the enemy, the player gains the slave they just rescued. In the event the player already has one, she will be immediately sold off at the auction, the profit collectable at the White Town Trade Square auction the next day.
It is recommended to get your new slave checked at the medical complex immediately, or [if playing the Jack HF mod] cast Adverto Servili (magical brand) to magically cure the slave.
See also: Combat.

XP for various opponents:

  • Young fiend 5
  • Mature fiend 10
  • Huge fiend 15
  • Black medic 15/5 (HF/Original)
  • Taurus paladin 10
  • Beastmen 10
  • Werewolf 15
  • Vampire 10
  • Lich 10
  • Scum 10/5 (HF/Original)
  • Ogre 15 (HF)
  • Goblins 5 (HF)
  • Warg 15 (HF)
  • Orc 10 (HF)

Smugglers Rendezvous

Run by Balalaika, an ex-paratrooper from another world, this group of smugglers specialises in importing custom cloned slaves from an advanced planet for $2000. Expensive, but useful for a head-start for a Rank B or higher slave/assistant.

  • The available age options are Mature, Young & Immature

Overall rank: C Slave starts off completely obedient, with high physical stats:

  • A rank:
    • Beauty
    • Endurance
    • Empathy
  • B rank:
    • Temperment
    • Intellect
    • Nature

Arrogant pride, ordinary, Healthy weight, unfashionable and unknown

All common and sex skills start off at B/Blue rank.

Also sells fog fiends for $500 each. (Jack HF)

This is where you buy Felicity ($10000) for Post-Patrician quest. (Jack HF)

Moneylender's home

As the name implies, one can approach the loanshark Moneylender for for sparks. With interest to be paid, of course. Useful to make ends meet if you run out of cash before finishing off a slave, or getting some funding for an ambitious high risk/high reward project. To unlock larger loans you must first build up a credit rating by borrowing smaller amounts.

  • Available Loans
    • $500/$600 20 days
    • 1000/1250 30 days
    • 2000/2500 75 days
    • 5000/7000 100 days
  • He buys slaves:
    • Any useful skills
    • No Alchemy skill
    • Blowjobs - A
    • Wants high quality slaves (A?)

No information on how much he pays.

Base Camp

Taurus house's appointed Sergeant oversees the hastily built base camp, only offering the player $750 for a D+ Witch Doctor slave (Jack HF) or 500 sparks in exchange for an obedient Alchemist slave (Jack Original).


Aside from the players starting house, none of the slum houses are accessible.