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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





Helpful post from user Drix at ULMF forums: [1]

" The great secret to combat is in alignment(or multipliers). Every attack can either cause a buff or debuff or deal double damage for attack of the same color. So what you want is to align an attack to cause the biggest damage of the same color. A simple example is while you have furry(2x red) while the enemy is unbalanced(2x red) and the enemy is blocking(2x red) if you strike it with a roundhouse special skill(lots of damage) he is toast. You can kill pretty high level monsters with this.

To defend yourself want to use halve damage buffs and debuffs. Slow and steady is also good for more manageable opponents. You generally only want to strike with same attack color as their defense only when you have so power backing you(multipliers). For defense I usually leave it green since you get a buff at the start of combat with this character(from fetish or vigor?) "

Combat Basics

Both the slaver and their enemy have 3 colored hearts that dictate their status. When any of them reach 0 or less the fight is over. Going into a fight with 1 energy

  • Red heart for health - person dies. Starting value based on Strength.
  • Green for stamina - person collapses and is unable to continue fighting. Starting value based on Energy. Damage may reduce Energy.
  • Purple for morale - person flees combat. Starting value based on Personality. Damage may reduce Mood.

Different weapons and attacks have different effects on the hearts, for example a whip doesn't do much physical damage (red heart), but causes a lot of pain so decreases morale (purple heart).

In general, unarmed attacks and blunt weapon attacks don't do HP damage and so cannot kill an opponent in this game, while slashing and piercing damage do hp damage and therefore can kill your opponents.
("Roundhouse Kick" is not necessarily an unarmed attack despite the name; it does whatever type of damage is dealt by the main-hand equipped weapon at the time it is used - so if main-hand weapons are removed to reveal the jab and uppercut attacks, "Roundhouse Kick" deals nonlethal damage like any other unarmed attack.)

In border of the fogs, enemies (especially minion-types) might die regardless of which heart is reduced to zero.

If a weapon-type damages certain heart-gauges at all, it affects all damaged heart-gauges to the same degree.

The fact that attacks and defences have colours which correspond EXACTLY to the colours of the heart-gauges is irrelevant and potentially misleading. Red attacks do not do damage to the hp gauge especially or necessarily, while blocking (a red defence) does not either protect or expose the hp gauge particularly.
For example, whips ONLY do Morale damage, and yet they ONLY have red and green attacks.

Armour works by applying a flat minus after all other modifiers have already been applied, though attacks always deal at least 1 damage.
So if for example the damage-type dealt is slashing, and the armour has 5 resistance against slashing, you will take 5 less damage than you would otherwise take. Attacks that would have dealt 6 damage deal 1, and attacks (eg doubled by defence-type or buffs) that would have dealt 12 damage deal 7, etc, but attacks that would have dealt 1 damage still deal 1.

One special trait of minion-types is that they are the only enemy-type that you can miss: you have to apply modifiers so that you would be doing at least double damage to the minion in order to hit.


There seems to be something extremely strange in the armour code or somesuch thing: if you wear, for example, Gothic Plate for a few fights, it seems that the armour bonus becomes innate to you, so even if you take the armour off you still take less damage. And if you keep the armour on, you continue to take less and less damage over time. Something about the Slaver's defence values is extremely unclear. (Tested in Sandbox mode.)

Offense and Defense

Underneath the portrait of both combatants is the type of defense and a list of any buffs/debuffs that character has. If you attack (or get attacked) by a type with the same color the attacker gets a 2x damage multiplier in addition to any multipliers gain from status effects. You can cycle your own defensive type by clicking the arrow next to it and take advantage of any defensive buffs you might currently have or to avoid offensive buffs on your enemy.

You also have the option to defend to remove all harmful status effects and restore some stamina.

When it comes to attacks and defence-styles, red stands for heavy attacks, green stands for swift attacks, and purple stands for precise attacks, while the colour of a defence-style shows the attack-type against which it is WEAKEST in terms of pure damage.

When a regular attack-type (as opposed to a special technique) encounters a defence-style, the wheel of effects is as follows:
Block (Red Defence): Purple attacks buff attackers, green attacks debuff defenders, and red attacks doubly damage defenders.
Evade (Green Defence): Red attacks buff attackers, purple attacks debuff defenders, and green attacks doubly damage defenders.
Counterattack (Purple Defence): Green attacks buff attackers, red attacks debuff defenders, and purple attacks doubly damage defenders.

As can be seen and used as a mnemonic by looking at the colours of your 3 always-available unarmed attacks: the attack which is one step above the defence colour will buff, the attack which is two steps above will debuff.

1) The in-game description of blocks is incorrect: speed attacks debuff the defender as noted above, as opposed to buffing the attacker as the in-game description suggests.

2) The Baseball bat's "knock out" red regular attack has no effect on purple defences: as an inexplicable anomaly, this must be an oversight.


The slaver's condition going into and coming out of a fight will carry over. If you go in with lots of energy, you'll have a higher green heart. If you're not trained for combat and have poor health, or have been previously injured, you'll have a low red heart. Coming out of a fight with low health (red heart) will leave you injured and hamper both your mood and energy recovery until it's healed.

Injuries will heal naturally over time, but you can speed up the process by going to the Medical Center and paying sparks relative to the degree of injury, or consuming healing balms made through alchemy, which will heal the injury by one rank per application. The best option, however, is to use a healing balm in combat right before finishing off your opponent.

On a similar note, when the Slaver fights rebellious slaves, injuries can result depending on the kinds of weapons used.
Bruises and "traces of beatings" which severely decrease beauty can result to a slave, and stamina damage to a slave translates to much less energy being available post-beating to that slave.

Whips and other morale-damage-only weapons are therefore potentially the best types to use in slave-fights if one has skill with them, because
(1) they do not leave bruises or traces of beatings, unlike other types of weapons, and because
(2)they do not decrease the energy of the defeated slave, unlike weapons which do stamina damage.

Naturally, unless the slaver happens to be of a particularly sadistic bent, this is the quintessential time to avoid using slashing, piercing, or other fatal-damage type weapons, because a mis-step with any fatal-damage type weapon can easily result in the slaver killing his slave.

Buffs and Debuffs

Every regular attack has 3 possible outcomes depending on the defensive style of your opponent. Sometimes they'll add a buff to yourself helping to mitigate certain types of damage, other times it will debuff the enemy making certain actions less effective or opening up vulnerabilities.

The possible buffs with respect to specific attack types amount to:
(1) Double damage dealt, or
(2) Half damage received.

The possible debuffs with respect to specific attack types amount to:
(1) Half damage dealt, or
(2) Double damage received.


Name Color Effect
Adrenaline Red 1/2 red damage received
Fury Red 2x red damage dealt
Evasion Green 1/2 green damage received
Acceleration Green 2x green damage dealt
Attention Purple 1/2 purple damage received
Precision Purple 2x purple damage dealt


Name Color Effect
Unsteadiness Red 2x Red damage received
Weakness Red 1/2 Red Damage dealt
Stunned Green 2x Green Damage received
Stiffness Green 1/2 green damage dealt
Distraction Purple 2x purple damage received
Severe Pain Purple 1/2 purple damage dealt

Special Techniques

Special Techniques are taught by Lanista at the Coliseum, and you can learn up to 4, 1 per level of current Fighter skill. The cost to train increases with each skill learned: $10, $40, $90, $160 Some abilities are always available, while others require a specific weapon type. Learning an ability requires at least 3* of energy and will take all day.

  • Roundhouse Kick - Red ability that does base damage + 3 (before modifiers). Always available, but only 1 use per fight. Does the same type of damage as the equipped main-hand weapon.
  • Swift Blow - Green Multi-target ability that hits two targets for double damage. Requires a slashing weapon. One use per fight.
  • Battle Cry - Purple ability that deals 10 morale damage while giving yourself a 20 morale boost. Grants Fury[4]. Always available, but only 1 use per fight.
  • Heavy Blow - Red ability that causes Stun [4] and deals double damage. Requires a blunt weapon. One use per fight.
  • Dashing Blow - Green ability that causes Unsteadiness[2] and deals double damage. Requires a slashing weapon. One use per fight.
  • Precise hit - Purple ability that does double damage and causes Distraction[4]. Requires a piercing weapon. One use per fight.
  • Riposte - Purple ability that does double damage, grants Evasion[4] and restores 5 (red) health. Requires a piercing weapon. One use per fight.
  • Face Butt - Red ability that does double damage and causes Weakness[4]. Requires a blunt weapon. One use per fight.

[Glitch note in the standard build 1-2-1:

If you lose a colosseum battle with weapon-type specific special techniques available and unutilised, sometimes the special techniques glitch, and permit you thereafter to use them with inappropriate weapons. When this happens, you can also use them without limit, until you use them with an appropriate weapon.
Upon using them with an appropriate weapon, they are once again correctly unusable for the rest of the fight, and the glitch corrects itself for that special technique until the glitch is reactivated.

(When this glitch occurs, the ability - even if utilised with an inappropriate weapon - still does the kind of damage which would be done by the appropriate weapon.
So eg a glitched heavy blow used with a machete will not do HP damage.
And a glitched dashing blow with a baseball bat will.)

For purposes of special techniques, a dagger seems somehow not to be the "appropriate" type for either slashing or stabbing attacks.]

Weapon Types and abilities

Unarmed attacks

Unarmed attacks are always available regardless of which weapon you're currently using. Base damage is equal to slaver's strength.

Attack Red Green Purple
Kick 2x Attention Stunned
Push Distraction 2x Adrenaline
Sweep Evasion Unsteadiness 2x


Equippable in any slot except shoulder holster.

Weapon Attack Red Green Purple
Dagger $10 base damage = str+2
- Precise Thrust Acceleration Severe Pain 2x
- Slash Stiffness 2x Precision
Stiletto $10 base damage = str+1
- Precise Stab Stiffness Acceleration 2x
- Rapid Stab Severe Pain 2x Precision
Brass Knuckles $10 base damage = str+1
- Powerful punch 2x Acceleration Stunned
- Rapid Hit Unsteadiness 2x Adrenaline
Lash $10 base damage = whip+1 morale
- Flog Severe Pain 2x Acceleration
- Smack Precision Stiffness 2x
Stunner $10 base damage = str+1
- Blow to the head 2x Adrenaline Stunned
- Poke Unsteadiness 2x Precision
Butcher's Cleaver $20 base damage = str+2
- Butcher's Blow 2x Adrenaline Distraction
- SlaughterHouse Severe Pain 2x Fury


Weapon Attack Red Green Purple
Whip $50 base damage = whip+3 morale
- Biting Impact Pain 2x Acceleration
- Sweeping Strike 2x Adrenaline Stunned
Epee $50 base damage = str+2
- Deep Thrust Acceleration Pain 2x
- Triple Thrust Distraction 2x Evasion
Rapier $50 base damage = 6
- Accurate Thrust Acceleration Stunned 2x
- Fulminant Distraction 2x Precision
Koncerz $50 base damage = str+2
- Precise Thrust Fury Weakness 2x
- Pierce 2x Precision Stiffness
Gladius $50 base damage = str+2
- Poke Attention Weakness 2x
- Swing Distraction 2x Evasion
Bastard Sword $100 base damage = str+3
- Slash 2x Acceleration Stiffness
- Arc hit Unsteadiness 2x Adrenaline
Machete $50 base damage = str+2
- Snag cut 2x Adrenaline Stunned
- Chop Fury 2x Unsteadiness
Katana $100 base damage = str+3
- Uchiotoshi Acceleration Stunned 2x
- Renzoku Distraction 2x Precision
Baton $25 base damage = str+1
- Wicked Poke Attention Pain 2x
- Smash 2x Adrenaline Stiffness
Trident $100 base damage = str+2
- Precise Thrust Fury Weakness 2x
- Harpoon 2x Precision Stiffness
Mace $100 base damage = str+4
- Crush/Break Bone 2x Adrenaline Pain
- Knockdown Stiffness 2x Evasion

Two Handed

Weapon Attack Red Green Purple
Flamberge $200 base damage = str+1
- Short Blow Stunned 2x Fury
- Powerful Blow 2x Acceleration Unsteadiness
Naginata $200 base damage = str+3
- Direct Hit Acceleration Stunned 2x
- Scythe of Death Weakness 2x Evasion
Morning Star $200 base damage = str+3
- Twisted Fury Stunned 2x
- Sweeping 2x Acceleration Unsteadiness
Greataxe $150 base damage = str+4
- Woodcutter 2x Adrenaline Pain
- Crescent Unsteadiness 2x Fury
Baseball Bat $100 base damage = str+2
- Knock out 2x Adrenaline nothing (not Pain)
- Sweeping Stiffness 2x Evasion
Cattle prod $150 base damage = str+2 morale
- Goad Attention Pain 2x
- Cattle prod 2x Adrenaline Stiffness
Dragon Fire Staff Relic base damage = 6+RAND(2,8)
- Fireball Fury Unsteadiness 2x
- Flamethrower 2x Evasion Pain


Armor Price Cutting Piercing Crushing Frost Fire Lightning Notes
No Armor $0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Evasion 5
Aramid Suit $100 1 1 1 1 1 1 Evasion 3
Leather Armor $400 2 3 2 3 5 4
Elven Chainmail $250 4 2 0 -2 -2 -2 Evasion 3
Yatserin Mail $300 5 4 1 -1 -2 -1
Combined Armor $800 4 4 3 -1 -1 -1 Stiffness 2
Gothic Plate $1000 5 5 5 -5 -5 -5 Stiffness 5
Mithril Mail - 10 10 10 10 10 10 Special reward for post-patrician mission

Only the Vatican Champion uses magical attacks (and only fire), therefore only the first three defense modifiers matter.


If your Strength is very low, consider which weapon you choose

  • If you can afford them, the Mace and Greataxe will do high base damage even with low strength, and the Rapier will do 6 damage regardless of stats.
  • If your Flagellation skill is much higher than Strength, consider the Whip and/or Lash which do damage based on that skill instead.
  • If every spark counts, go for the Dagger or Butcher's Cleaver, which do respectable damage even though they're cheap.
  • You can raise Strength through Sparring in the Colosseum or through other daily activities
    • It took about 3 sparrings vs Unarmed slave to raise Strength from Weak to Unfit, 10 sparrings vs Wardress to go from Unfit to Strong
  • Buy an Aketon ASAP and make sure to equip it before combat, it's only $10.
  • If you start without armor, you can have Isabella unequip her Leather Armor and wear it for at least a little protection at start.

Devastating Combo (single target)

  • Equip a Flamberge.
  • Hit the enemy with a Dashing strike for Unsteadiness[99] (2x red damage)
  • Use Battle Cry to gain Fury (also 2x red damage)
  • Attack with Short Blow until they defend by Blocking (Red defence, thus 2x red damage)
  • Hit them with Roundhouse Kick for 200 damage.
  • Wipe the blood off your clothes.