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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]




Technical Help


Thread on newest Information, Patches and Downloads

Downloads, Patches and Versions

Extract and execute Jack-o-nine-tails.exe. That's it.

NOTE: Old save games are incompatible with Newer versions.

Jack-HF Downloads

Mac version

  1. Download and unpack Jack HF 1.5
  2. Download and unpack the current Hotfixs
  3. Download Mac Package
  4. Copy the file "Jack-o-nine-tails.app" next to file "Jack-o-nine-tails.exe"
  5. Copy the file "game/jack.app" into the folder "game/"
  6. Start the game by double clicking Jack-o-nine-tails.app

Image Patches

Animation packs (replaces images)

By Oslow (Huge pack, 2.77 GB, big breasts, some pregnancy, pet-play, tentacles, lolis have breasts, mostly censored)

- Download

By MasterNoName (Split packages. Anal, blowjob, bukkake. dildo, deep throat, exhibition, foot job, hand job, kiss, paizuri (titfuck), partly censored)

- Download Packages

Change Log


New Features

130. Image of spoiled princess was improved and enhanced by daggothzasz and crushboss 131. Improved/Changed some of the picture choices for Isabella and the spoiled princess 132. Added a new button on the screen next to the game options that allows players to manually refresh the databases in the game. This should only be done if you are having an issue, upgrading a save game from an earlier version, or if I instruct you to do so

Bug Fixes

222. Removed references to the Nurse specialization and changed them to Witch doctor (reported by andrydim) 223. Wearing the bull ring will now keep energy at one instead of zero to prevent strength loss when it dips to negative and then is brought back up to zero (reported by oratorio111) 224. Engine fixes by beaver14 – the game will no longer auto save on exit – fixed quick load functionality 225. The price you get for selling your slaves in the auction is no longer based on your current slave’s value (affects slaves won in the Fogs when you already own a slave) (reported by RynerLutelu and oratorio111) 226. Previous text from other activities no longer spills into the first end of day event (reported by Tweaker69) 227. You must now cure a parasite infection before having Oviparity (egg laying) performed (reported by olo1990pl) 228. The auto Sentia Veritas spell no longer creates an endless loop when the slave resists the spell (reported by evergrey) 229. Putting a slave in any type of storage or changing their type (cryo, cell, slave to assistant) no longer causes them to lose their favorite weapon style for gladiatrix contests (reported by evergrey) 230. Fixed a bug where days weren’t passing for slaves in a prison cell (reported by oratorio111) 231. Optimized the end of day code and handling to be faster and more efficient




  • Newer better version number.

[Because JackHF 1.1 ran on Jack 1.2.1 and no one knew that it was more update]

  • Lot of bug fixes

Features Changes

  • Added over 100 lore friendly names to the slave name pool
  • Added slave age info to the Anatomy tab for slave and assistant
  • Changed the fat variables - "Healthy weight" is now level (3) (fat=3) instead of (5) - (4) Voluptuous (fat =2), (5) Model (fat = 1), (0) Underweight (fat=0), (4) Overweight (fat=4), and (5) Obese (fat=5)
  • Raised the Slaver's starting points from 600 to 800 on custom games (seemed too low and made it difficult to progress and train slaves)
  • Overhauled the slave rank system (was a mess). Currently, there are only six ranks (0) - F, (1) - D-, (2) D+, (3) C-, (4) C+, and (5) B-. Once you hit B- rank the "To Do" list said "Nothing to do" and you were left guessing on what the rank requirements were above rank B-. Now there are a total of 10 ranks with tooltips to help you all the way to get your slave to rank S+. New ranks: (6) B+, (7) A-, (8) A+, (9) S-, (10) S+.
  • Free normal baths - I thought it was silly to have to spend 1/5 of your day on a bath. In real life you have at least 12 productive hours (24 hours - sleep - meal prep/travel - eating - getting ready - hygiene (non-bath/shower), etc.). There is no way that a bath or shower takes up 1/5th of your day (2.4 hours). Franky, I got tired of having to reserve one energy at the end of each day for this purpose. It became tedious and unrealistic.
  • Combined ‘Sports’ & ‘Fitness’ training since there were increasing the same variable and it caused confusion
  • Make a lot of improvements to Isabella – better stats, skills, traits, dialog, etc.
  • Slaver now gets small bonuses when winning fights in the Fog as well as Slightly better slaves from winning a Fog fight in Patrol the Fog
  • If you forget to cook a meal at the end of the day the slaver will automatically do it so he doesn’t starve (must have positive energy)
  • If your house gets really dirty and no one is assigned to clean it the slaver will do it grudgingly (must have positive energy)
  • More money and hero points for Sandbox mode - $10,000 and 1600 hero points - for a jump start into the game
  • And many more!

Know Bugs

  • Barn - needs a lot of help to get working correctly.  I know this is important to many of you and will be a top priority for future releases
  • Active Sex - I did make small improvements to this but it needs a hefty overhaul to work correctly.  It kind of works if you are wearing "Chimera's gem" (added code to try and help the situation)

Hotfix 1

  • Fixed a bug that was causing master skills to permanently increase when equipping clothing that provided a stat boost
  • Fixed Arena Championship rewards and virtue gain
  • Fixed inability to sell slaves to district residents - for some reason the slave's rating was always zero but it didn't do this during my testing. I added code to check the slave's rating immediately before checking the demand rating and requirements. I also improved the logic of slave sales. Residents that have already denied your slave will work after you sell a few slaves to other residents in any district. I put this code in so you wouldn't be shut out completely if you've tried most of the residents and they said "No".
  • Fixed a possible bug with a blank screen showing up with no navigation options during slave training

Hotfix 2


  • New menu by powerairmax
  • Extra slaves by NewEra
  • Lot of bug fixes


  • Stuff... no one remembers this one.