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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]




Technical Help


White Town

White town is governed by the Vatican, a shining example of peace and order. It's also home to the trade square, the largest assortment of stores in Eternal Rome.

Trade Square

Slave Market

The most common and safe place to acquire slaves. The auctions start off rather cheap, but it's recommended to bring the slave for a medical checkup immediately.

  • If you recieve a completely useless slave, the Slave Market will take her off your hands for a pittance of sparks.


The only place to buy comestibles, and butcher slaves for meat.

  • Kagami-San buys slaves:
    • Etiquette - C
    • Housekeeping - C
    • Cook - D
    • Secretary - D
    • Intelligence - D
    • Wants them highly trained and respectful: probably low temperament. No hints as to what rating overall
      • D rank overall suffices. You can lie and sell her a slave that falls short of some requirements. (Lying may or may not have adverse consequences???)
  • Sometimes it may be more lucrative to butcher a completely useless slave rather than selling her at the market; She may be worth slightly more as meat.

Salon "Elven Laid"

Hairstyling, waxing, makeup & manicures are must have treatments here, boosting Style just before a slave is sold off. The same services are also available for slavers, mainly to increase Allure, restore energy and even libido.

If she is buying slaves at the point in time when you have one to sell, she buys as follows:

  • Sufficiently charming
  • D rank and up
  • She has a list of requirements that suggest B rank sensitivity, B rank beauty, C rank musical ability, C rank dancer(?) status, C rank petting sexual skills, and C rank oral sexual skills.
    • You can, however, lie and sell her a slave that falls short in some categories. (EG D rank sensitivity, S+ rank beauty, D rank singer, C rank dancer, and absolutely no sexual-skill overall categories out of the red.)

Boutique of Servilla Quint

Menswear and ladieswear can be purchased here, raising base Allure/Style as well other skills bonuses.

Ashura's Treasury

Women's jewellery and accessories can be acquired here.

Manhunter's Armory

Manhunter sells weapons and armor here for both slave & master.

If he is buying slaves at the time you have one to sell he buys as follows:

  • Sufficiently Charming
  • D rank and up
  • He has a list of requirements that suggest C rank Endurance, low sensitivity, B rank escort status, B rank secretary skill (or is it intelligence?), C rank gladiatrix skill, and C rank oral sexual skills.
    • But one can lie and sell him a slave that falls short. (eg A rank endurance, low sensitivity, C rank escort status, no secretary skill, no gladiatrix skill, and no overall sexual skill categories out of the red.)

Conveniently, Manhunter actually lists the number of days until he is interested in buying a slave from you, which is a helpful thing that the other occasional buyers fail to do.

Real Estate office

The player can pick up a contract with the real estate office to change their living quarters here.

  • Buys slaves
    • Sufficiently charming
    • Assistant rank D (Secretary skill B)
    • Fixed price 500

The Slavers Guild

The slavers guild not only handles the laws that govern all slavers operating in Eternal Rome, but also provides helpful services as well.

Contract work - Mistress Angelika assigns prepaid contracts usually requiring a slave of a predetermined skill and rank to be trained. It's worth noting that it doesn't have to be the same slave, just that the slave meets the requirements.
Can be an easy way to make money, assuming the contract isn't for something difficult to train like pet (high obedience) or concubine (time consuming). There is a prepayment for accepting contracts, which is money paid to you in advance. Payment for fulfilling the contract is based on speed and quality.

Base Price: The reward for a guild contract is equal to the subpurchaser's price.
Speed: If completed within a certain number of days, equal to base price. Drops by 10 for every day after the number of days are up. (These are D- 10, D+ 12, C 25, B- 40, B+ 50, A- 60, A+ 75, S- 80, S+ 100) [Is not this talk of D- and A- slaves etc exclusive to some mod or the other, and not the base game??]
Quality: Adds 200 gold for every level of brand status (Slaver stat) if turned in a slave of a higher rating than the contract. Minimum is 100 bonus. There is no further bonus for turning in a slave of higher than 1 extra rank.

Thanks to the quality bonus, training a D- slave and turning in a D+ slave can net up to 1500 gold per slave. This also means that training an S- slave and turning in an S+ slave nets the exact same amount, given it's completed within the speed bonus. Excluding the speed bonus, selecting S- and turning in S+ will net overall more money than selecting S+ from the start.

Subpurchaser - Master Wong purchases slaves at set prices. If for some reason you can't sell a slave elsewhere, this is a decent third last resort.

  • His prices are: F $5, D- $250, D+ $400, C- $500, C+ $750, B- $1000, B+ $1250, A- $1500, A+ $1750, S- $2000, S+ $2500 (Note that the messages for F and D- are the same, but the payout is not, even though that no price is specified.)
  • A common tactic to make quick sparks is to continuously raise D rank slaves and sell them here for $250 each.
  • There's a few places you can get a fixed $500 price for a D rank slave with a bit of Charm(Haircut and makeup treatment should be enough for blue Stylish style, which will be acceptable most of the time. The cheapest earrings, 2 rings, heels, lace gloves should be enough for Refined Style for $19 more):
    • Base Camp is looking for alchemists if you can get them to B/Blue Enchantress easily (Requires renting a Lab)
    • Medical Center will buy trained Nurses.
    • Real Estate Office will buy trained Assistants.
    • Anatomical Theatre will buy trained Artists.
    • Several residences need D rank slaves of various talents, but they have limited demand take a while to ask for another slave.

The Expert - Master Skups can find slaves with customised base stats for the player to purchase, if they're willing to wait.

  • The prices appear to vary from $100 to $1300
  • A slave with S+ in all stats seems to take longer than 6 decades to find.
    • stuntcock42: "It's essentially random. The expert doesn't actually perform a deterministic search. Instead, the game simply generates 3-5 random slavegirls at the start of each day and then asks "do any of these girls satisfy all of the search conditions?" If not, then you'll need to continue waiting - and hope for better results tomorrow. You'll get a quicker result if your demands are lax. It's possible to wish for a great girl and find her immediately, but it's very bloody improbable. If you ask for a statistically perfect girl then you could click "End of Day" until 1000 in-game years have elapsed, but your cumulative probability of success would be only 57.2%."
    • Given the random nature of the expert, it's best to reduce the requirements of easily improved stats such as
      • Beautiful instead of exquisite, which also lets you customize her appearance through Neoplasty
      • Doesn't matter for Endurance as it's easily raised through fitness training
      • Empathy is slow to train, but easier than Nature. Caring could be a good compromise, but Sensitive/doesn't matter should work if you're planning on spending a lot of time with the girl
      • Intelligence can be raised to a point through training certain actions. It's definitely possible to move a clever girl to Intelligent, might be possible with Bright (Especially since it is definitely possible to move a stupid girl to bright; the same two steps in the stat.).
      • Temperance/Temperament is easily raised at a medium speed by having the slave wear a spiked collar and boots all the time, if you start early you can raise it to passionate.
      • Nature is *very* difficult to raise. It can be done, but selecting Willful is recommended.
    • Doing this will not only make it possible for him to actually find a slave matching your requirements, but also reduces the cost significantly.

Auction - Every 10 days players can auction off trained slaves here.


Colosseum section incomplete.

Lanista oversees the gladiatrix fights. She will arrange practice fights against various opponents to help you learn the basics of combat or improve your stats without risking injury or death. She will also teach the slaver special techniques to be used in combat.

  • Buys Slaves
    • B/Healthy endurance
    • D/Purple "Brisk with a twinkle. Fierce and bold" (Temperance?)
    • D/Purple Exoticism
    • B/Blue Dancing
    • D/purple "Sex" "Well rounded without any perversions" (Guessing Penetration/Petting/Oral/Group/Demonstration?)
    • No price listed.
      • Above requirements mainly fluff: Once the slave is at least D level, sufficiently charming, and at blue gladiatrix skill, Lanista seems to buy them without any fuss, even if they are "weakened".
      • Fixed price: 500 sparks.

Gives information about horse races.


Every 10 days you can race a horse-slave on a randomly generated track.

  • Race Horse stats
    • Endurance - translates directly to pony's health therefore being the most important factor in determining pony's speed
    • Temperament - increases speed, though by a lesser degree than Endurance
    • Taming (aura stat) - increases maneuverability, just as important as Horse Training
    • Horse Training - increases maneuverability
    • Brony trait gives a further boost to maneuverability but isn't neccessary to win

Lolis have a bonus to maneuverability, but are 30% slower. They also are completely immune to blade traps. Milfs should be avoided at all costs as they have a penalty to maneuverability with no bonuses elsewhere.

Your slave receives a penalty to maneuverability and carriage weight if she is not wearing at least 3 pieces of pony gear (pony plume, anal tail, hooved boots, pony harness). There is no bonus for wearing all 4.

Brave/moronic and disciplined trait increase maneuverability. Wayward, coward, less than 3 energy, less than max temperament, and more than 2 pride decrease it.

You can also armor your chariot - upgrades work as an additional hitpoint in the protected area at the expense of increased weight, thus lowering maximum speed, acceleration and maneuverability.

  • During the race you will usually have three options:
    • Whiplash - safe only on straight sections because of drastic drop in maneuverability
    • Managing the reins - very slow speed loss but doubled maneuverability - the safe option
    • Drawing the reins - braking will lower your maneuverability so use with care, not as high a loss as during acceleration
  • Section from which routes are constructed. Each difficulty threshold is rolled at the time of testing so savescumming is a (shunned upon) possibility
    • Start, Finish and Straight - nothing to see here, move along
    • Curve - you need to pass a maneuver test of difficulty 1-5 or suffer frame damage and lose 3 speed
    • Russian Road - two tests here: a maneuver check in 2-6 range, failing which incurs a wound on the pony (speed is calculated from health so this will slow you down); and a speed check - if your speed is higher than a random 10-15 number you will suffer a hit to the wheels
    • Dragon Teeth - manage the reins to get safely through regardless of speed and maneuverability. Otherwise your pony gets 2 wounds.
    • Concrete Jungle - check maneuverability in 1-7 range with a crash on fail
    • Bladestrings - test maneuverability 3-5 with a pony decapitation on fail. Lolis run below the line making them immune to this trap.

Put Gladiatrix to Fight

- if your slave gets declared arena champion (she has to win ~6 or 7 prior fights first), you have to free her, you'll lose her forever unless her devotion > fear, in which case she'll return to you.

Central Forum

Within the walls of the Vatican, important house representatives gather in this spacious garden to discuss various matters.
Find Potential Customers - Using this option costs 1 point of energy. After returning home your diary will have a list of potential Minor Residents buyers for your slave.
Spread Rumors - You can spread rumors to increase brand status slightly, as long as your status does not exceed your allure.
Special Missions - 4 house representatives can be found here, each with a different request and a magical piece of equipment as reward.
Each of the artifacts also increases the wearers aura. Garsid's by +2 and the rest by +1 each for a total of +5.

Slaves do not need any particular rank to be turned in.

Client Requirements Artifact & Effect
Quartermaster Aramus Arena Champion Slave Bull Ring - Double Vitality
Vujin the Wise Race Champion Slave Snake Talisman - Double Spirit + Pain Resistance(?)*
Garsid the Inseminator Slave with Max Sexual Stats Chimaera's Gem - Infinite Lust + 10 more Health + Regeneration(?)*
Master Valios Raise a Leviathan Class Fiend Raven Crown - Permanent Auspex (Enables debug info as well)
* This additional effect is just a fluff explanation of the combat stats bonus.

The Vatican

To gain access to the Vatican, you must have a brand status of Legendary. You do not need to increase town reputation at all.

Note that neither the Pope nor his Cardinal give you any payment for your work.

Minister Skill Skill Level Colour
Cardinal Mujlon Cerical S+ Green
Intelligence A Teal
Sex* A Teal
No perversions
Pope Ioann I Nature** S+ Green
Beauty*** S+ Green
Martial Arts S+ Green
Devotion*** Maximum "Myriad of Stars"
* "Ability to love. Without any perversions". Probably means allsex skills at A except Fetish and Xenophilia
** "Iron will"/"strong willed". Mentioned twice, so may refer to two different quantities
*** Maximum fame (and rank 3 devotion) works too. No mention of Devotion nor Beauty requirement in the code, only in the fluff.