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Say, Dark Helmet, please specify what version of the game your entries are for; some of them (like the prices of certain items) are not accurate for the base game.

If something does not specify what version of the game it's for, one would assume it is for the base, unmodded game.

~ Metaphallica

All are for the newest HongFire version, which I consider the most up-to-date version of the game. Do I need to split off a copy of this wiki? - Dark Helmet


If you're using the "Jack HF" mod, I think it's fine for you to simply specify that in your entries, along with the version-number, for clarity.

As a random user with no authority over others' edits, I don't have a problem with the same page containing information for the base game and for any number of mods, so I don't think you need to split off from the wiki, but I believe that specifying avoids confusion.

I do suggest that no mod can be a "more up-to-date version" of the original though; for that the original would have to be continued by the same author (or officially passed on to some other authors.)
~ Metaphallica

I'll undelete the information for the original and make clear which version my edits are for. I'm assuming anything overwrote was for the original. - Dark Helmet

Thank you sir, very much appreciated.