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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





Energy in various states


Energy is ranked from -5 to 5 and is depicted by * symbols below the portrait.
Note that the main character will automatically end the day when his energy reaches -5.

Green symbolises positive energy while Red symbolises negative energy (character is tired, performs worse and has a worse mood).


The amount of energy restored by resting every night depends on Endurance

Only 1* daily can be recovered a day through any of these methods:

  • Sensual Massage, Make me massage [Only restores energy if slave's petting skill is blue or above], Salon "Elven Laid" Invigorating massage
  • Camrian Resin
  • Tonic Elixir

Bull Ring (reward for Arena Champion special mission) prevents slaver's energy from dropping below one green star.


Many actions consume energy, requiring proper planning for its efficient use.

Energy Consumed Action
1/2 * Explain Her Position, Encourage, Threaten
Less (1*) Any first movement from the city overview
Any training†
Erotic rewards
"Spend time together" rewards
Varies†† Colosseum fights
Border of Fogs fight
Ends day††† Learning special tech. at the colosseum Lanista.
† Tutors won't consume energy, but school will consume either your or your assistants energy depending if "Supervise Slave" is checked.
††  Combat causes more or less fatigue (anywhere from 5* to 1*) possibly determined by the amount of endurance consumed.
††† Learning a Spec. Tech. appears to use 5*. It may be advisable to get a massage before training, if you traveled to White Town.