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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





Serpentine Quarter


See: Minor Residences

Virgins Hip

The most popular pub in Eternal Rome offers a variety of human dishes as well as undiluted alcholol.

The menu includes:

  • Drink - 1$;
  • Food:
    • Shawarma - C- - 1$;
    • Mother's Milk Roast - B+ - 3$;
    • Vulva au Jus - C- - 2$;
    • Catch of the Day - B+ - 3$.
 Note: You can only eat here once and drink thrice in a day.

Both Jock and Chef will buy slaves from you if they meet the following requirements:

Name Skill Skill Level Colour
Jock Rank D+ Pink
Music B+ Blue
Maid C- Purple
Cook C- Purple
Secretary C- Purple
Elocution C- Purple
Dancing C- Purple
Group Sex C- Purple
Petting D- Pink
Oral Pleasure D- Pink
  Reward: 750$. Non-negotiable.
  Note: Sex technique requirements are intentionally lower because the text only mentions specific skills instead of categories.
Name Skill Skill Level Colour
Chef Rank D- Pink
Endurance B+ Blue
Physique B+ Blue
Animal B+ Blue
Cook C- Purple
Elocution C- Purple
Group Sex C- Purple
Penetration C- Purple
Virgin (optional)
  Reward: 500$. Negotiable.
  Note: Both Physique and Endurance requirements are minimums.
  Note: Animal isn't a skill, it's a check for whether pet OR pony OR cow meet the requirement. One of these being B+ is sufficient to meet this requirement.
  Note: He will pay extra for virgins, 50$ every (+) rank. (E.g.: 500$ - D-; 550$ - D+; 600$ - C+; etc.)


Inside, players can find the Medical Center, Cryostatic Store and Library Terminal.

Medical Center

The services rendered by the center are as follows:

  • Health Checkup - master - 5$:
    • Cure wounds - 5-100$ depending on severity;
    • Cure illness - 25$;
  • Examine Slave/Assistant - 5$:
    • Abortions:
      • Human - 10$;
      • Fiend - 25$;
    • Scars - 5-100$ depending on severity;
    • Wounds - 5-100$ depending on severity;
    • Cure illness - 25$;
    • Reveal if slave is infertile - free;
  • Augmentation surgery
    • Sterilization - $5. Rehabilitation - 2 days. Makes your slave infertile;
    • Restore Fertility - $50. Rehabilitation - 7 days. Makes your slave fertile;
    • Breast Augmentation - $25. Rehabilitation - 5 days. Increases breast size by one;
    • Breast Reduction - $25. Rehabilitation - 5 days. Reduces breast size by one;
    • Virginity Restoration - $25. Rehabilitation - 1 day. Restores the Virgin trait;
    • Neoplasty - $250. Rehabilitation: 20 days - Increases a slave's Beauty by one rank and gives you the option to change her appearance. Not available for Exquisite slaves;
    • Permanent Lactation - $50. Rehabilitation - 15 days. Enables your slave to produce milk;
    • Oviparity - $50. Rehabilitation - 20 days. Enables your slave to lay eggs.
  Note: During rehabilitation your slave cannot get further augmentations and the overwhelming majority of buyers will not accept her.

The Doctor will also buy slaves from you if they meet the following requirements:

Name Skill Skill Level Colour
Doctor Rank C- Purple
Witch Doctor
  Reward: 850$. Negotiable.

Cryostatic Store

A Serpis House military cryostorage that they rent out to paying customers:

  • You can store up to 3 slaves for 1$/day each;
  • You can buy access to another 3 cryo cells for a flat payment of 300$;
  • Additionally, Kerulis Vale will rent you home capsules for 20$/decade regardless of whether they're being used or not.

Library Terminal

Soulnet is a bio-mechanical network of terminals made from the minds of several slaves.

You can read more about auras here.

Administrative Spires

The Administrative Spires is the seat of government for the Serpentine Quarter.

To enter the spires and meet with the Ministers you must work your reputation within the Serpentine Quarter to a B+.

To gain an audience with the Ruler you must work your reputation within the Serpentine Quarter to an A+.

Minister Skill Skill Level Colour
Reverend Porter Rank A+ Teal
Intellect B+ Blue
Nature B+ Blue
Elocution S+ Green
Petting A+ Teal
Oral Pleasure A+ Teal
Not a Loli
General Drago Rank A+ Teal
Temperament A+ Teal
Gladiatrix S+ Green
Group Sex S+ Green
Fetishism B+ Blue
Xenophilia B+ Blue
Praetor Biabaz Rank A+ Teal
Endurance A+ Teal
Exoticism A+ Teal
Gladiatrix S+ Green
Nurse B+ Blue
Witchcraft B+ Blue
Elocution B+ Blue
  Reward: 5500$. Non-negotiable.
Ruler Skill Skill Level Colour
President Altair Rank S+ Green
Empathy B+ Blue
Elocution B+ Blue
Penetration S+ Green
Petting A+ Teal
Oral Pleasure A+ Teal
  Reward: 8000$. Non-negotiable.
  Status as a Patrician of the Serpis House.

Jack Original

Serpentine Quarter


See:Minor Residences

Virgins Hip

Drinks for 1 spark each, and a place to sell waitresses.


Inside, players find the Medical Center, Cryostatic Core and Library Terminal. The Medical Center will be one of the most well visited places for established slavers but the Cryostatic Core will have limited usefulness as well.

Medical center

Allows to examine and treat conditions to both slaver and slave.

  • Health Checkup - $5
    • Checks for injuries and disease
    • $25 to cure rotphilis
    • $5-$50 to treat injuries based on severity
  • Examine Slave
    • Checks for pregnancy, disease and scars
    • $25 to Abort Fiend pregnancy
    • $10 to abort human pregnancy
    • $5-$100 to remove scars based on severity
  • Augmentation surgery
    • Allows you to surgically alter your slave. Adds a Rehabilitation period
    • Sterilization $5 / 2 days - no fear of pregnancy from slaver or milkmaid action
    • Restore Fertility $50 / 7 days - undoes sterilization, if you want to add an Oviparity enhancement or impregnate with a fiend through milkmaid action
    • Breast Augmentation $25 (varies?) / 5 days - Increases breast size by one
    • virginity restoration $25 / 1 day - restores Trait - Virgin
    • Neoplasty $250 / 20 days - reconstructive surgery that increases natural beauty by 1 and gives an option to change the appearance of the slave. Only way to change a slaves appearance and not available to slaves that are naturally exquisite
    • Permanent Lactation - $25 / 10 days - slave produces milk based on health, nutritional status, mood and breast size. (adds milk to stores/saves money on food?)
    • Oviparity $50 / 20 days - transplants the womb with that of a "hisorian harpy" to allow the slave to lay eggs. Not compatible with Sterilization (adds eggs to store/saves on money?)
  • Buys slaves
    • Nurse rank D
    • Fixed price 500

Cryostatic Store

This facility allows you to house slaves in cryogenic storage at a cost of 1 spark/day. You can freeze a slave that has potential you're interested in visiting later, for example a Gladiatrix can be stored between Colosseum fights or if you get a slave with a rare or desirable trait that you can't exploit at the moment. You can store slaves in up to 3 capsules with an option for a fourth in a home rental unit at 20 sparks every decade (2 sparks/day)

Administrative Spires

The Administrative Spires is the ruling citadel of the Serpentine Quarter.

The Palace residents' slaves must be at least A rank, and the Ruler's slave must be S+.

As usual, unlike the town residents, Palace residents have a style requirement of at least "stylish", like businesses, and if they would otherwise take your slave and the slave fails the style requirement, they will never take that slave.

Minister Skill Skill Level Colour
Reverend Porter* Etiquette S+ Green
Petting A Teal
Oral A Teal
Intelligence: Bright B Blue
Nature: Independent B Blue
Similar physique - Not a loli
General Drago Group Sex S+ Green
Temperament: Lively A Teal
Gladiatrix A Teal
Xenophilia B Blue
Fetishism B Blue
Praetor Biabaz Gladiatrix S+ Green
Endurance A Teal
Exotic A Teal
Nurse B Blue
Etiquette?** B Blue
President Altair Sex S+ Green
Oral A Teal
Petting A Teal
Etiquette B Blue
Empathy: Sensitive B Blue

* Wants a "master of transformation", no rank specified. May not mean anything important. May just mean an actress - a reference to the Etiquette skill. Also the boobs size requirement is only fluff.
** "Stage Presence" is Etiquette not Dance