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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





Whether you want to mod the game or just read the code, you'll need QGen (available in the game files since v2.0).

Modding ressources

Modding thread:

QSP documentation — Tip: There's a keyword section on the bottom of the menu if you're looking for a specific function.

Python — There are a few little Python scripts that might help you such as "txtsplit.py" or "MakeQSP.bat" (which uses "txtmerge.py"). It's generally a good thing to have if you're modding.

Syntax Highligher for QSP usable in Sublime Text 3. To install it, open sublime, go to preferences -> browse packages -> user and extract the archive there.

Working with Git: If you plan to use platforms like Git to host your project (or you just don't like the QSP editor), there are separate files for each location inside "game/locations". Edit them individually, make your changes and after you're done, inside the "Qgen" folder you'll find "MakeQSP.bat". Run it and execute the instructions you want.

The names of some variables are different in the code. It was originally coded in Russian, after all. Here's a partial translation table:

In Game In Code
Despair Angst
Dancer Callisthenics
Habit Custom
Horse Dressage
Nature Ego
Elocution Expression
Taming/Submission Instinct
Devotion Moral
Awareness Rational
Assistant (specialization) Refferent
Demonstration Roleplay
Empathy Sensitivity
Maid Service
Endurance Stamina
Temperament Temper

There are also some magic numbers:

Variable Magic Number
Loli Age 1
Mature Age 2
Young Age 0

They can be found in #var_base.


What files to translate by Porculus (2016-04-04)