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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]






Corvus Residences

See: Minor Residences

Steel Rose

BDSM, animal and fetish paraphernalia are sold here. Body modification like piercings are done here as well.

Body Modification

  • Several piercing options that will allow you to increase Exoticism and Style with jewelry;
  • Option to intentionally scar your slave. It's depicted as a "scarification". Gameplay wise counts as getting another piercing and thus increases overrall exoticism;
  • Split tongue will add exoticism but lower some of the slave's oral skills (you will have to retrain her).

BDSM Paraphernalia

Various clothing items to develop slaves' obedience and other stats:

  • Leather Collar - 3$;
  • Steel Collar - 10$;
  • Spiked Collar - 10$;
  • Leather Shackles - 5$;
  • Nipple Chain - 10$;
  • Crown of Thorns - 5$.

Animal Paraphernalia

Various clothing items that enable the slave to dress like a pet or a horse, namely:

  • Collar and Leash - 5$;
  • Anal Tail - 10$;
  • Plumed Bridle - 10$;
  • Hooved Boots - 25$;
  • Pony Harness - 10$;
  • Petsuit - 25$.


Tools required to enforce several rules:

  • Vaginal Beads - 5$;
  • Anal Pear - 20$;
  • Reliable Gag - 20$;
  • Chastity Belt - 30$;
  • Deprivation Suit - 50$;
  • Urinal Rack - 100$;
  • Toilet Seat - 250$.

Poison will also buy slaves from you if they meet the following requirements:

Name Skill Skill Level Colour
Poison Rank C- Purple
Sensitivity B+ Blue
Intellect C- Purple
Secretary B+ Blue
Elocution B+ Blue
Nurse B+ Blue
Alchemy B+ Blue
Witchcraft B+ Blue
Maid C- Purple
Dance C- Purple
Pet C- Purple
Fetishism C- Purple
  Reward: 850$. Negotiable.

Anatomical Theatre

A dinner theater to entertain a predominantly undead audience with the artistic demise of a performing slave.

Malifiscent will buy slaves from you if they meet the following requirements:

Name Skill Skill Level Colour
Poison Rank D- Pink
  Reward: 500$. Non-Negotiable.

Raven Tower

The Raven Tower is the seat of government for the Necropolis.

To enter the tower and meet with the Ministers you must work your reputation within the Necropolis to a B+.

To gain an audience with the Ruler you must work your reputation within the Necropolis to an A+.

Minister Skill Skill Level Colour
Archbishop Nirelis Rank A+ Teal
Intellect B+ Blue
Nurse S+ Green
Alchemy S+ Green
Enchantress S+ Green
Maid S+ Green
Secretary B+ Blue
The Hand of the Prince Rank A+ Teal
Nature A+ Teal
Elocution S+ Green
Dancing A+ Teal
Group Sex B+ Blue
Praetor Kamael Rank A+ Teal
Intellect S+ Green
Nature B+ Teal
Elocution S+ Blue
Secretary B+ Blue
Demonstration A+ Teal
Reward: 5500$. Non-Negotiable.
Ruler Skill Skill Level Colour
The Prince Rank S+ Green
Sensitivity A+ Teal
Dance S+ Green
Art S+ Green
Music S+ Green
Elocution A+ Teal
 Reward: 8000$. Non-Negotiable. 
 Status as a Patrician of the Corvus House.