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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





Thread on newest Information, Patches and Downloads

Downloads, Patches and Versions

Extract and execute Jack-o-nine-tails.exe. That's it.

NOTE: Old save games are incompatible with Newer versions.

Jack-HF Downloads

Mac version

  1. Download and unpack Jack HF 1.5
  2. Download and unpack the current Hotfixs
  3. Download Mac Package
  4. Copy the file "Jack-o-nine-tails.app" next to file "Jack-o-nine-tails.exe"
  5. Copy the file "game/jack.app" into the folder "game/"
  6. Start the game by double clicking Jack-o-nine-tails.app

Image Patches

Animation packs (replaces images)

By Oslow (Huge pack, 2.77 GB, big breasts, some pregnancy, pet-play, tentacles, lolis have breasts, mostly censored)

- Download

By MasterNoName (Split packages. Anal, blowjob, bukkake. dildo, deep throat, exhibition, foot job, hand job, kiss, paizuri (titfuck), partly censored)

- Download Packages

Change Log




[Because JackHF 1.1 ran on Jack 1.2.1 and no one knew that it was more update]

Know Bugs

  • Barn - needs a lot of help to get working correctly.  I know this is important to many of you and will be a top priority for future releases
  • Active Sex - I did make small improvements to this but it needs a hefty overhaul to work correctly.  It kind of works if you are wearing "Chimera's gem" (added code to try and help the situation)

Hotfix 1

Hotfix 2


  • New menu by powerairmax
  • Extra slaves by NewEra
  • Lot of bug fixes


  • Stuff... no one remembers this one.