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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





All Normal start characters (even Johnny and Tom) start the game on normal difficulty.

Extreme game difficulty is only available for a custom start. The current effects are:

  • Always use hardcore obedience difficulty
  • 4x higher rent than normal game difficulty
  • More difficult pony races (less maneuverability)
  • Suppress the new in-game hint pop-ups

(note: you can still access the unique Johnny and Tom mechanics by selecting their portrait in custom start)

There are three difficulty settings for obedience. You can change the setting anytime during game play in the game options and it is applied immediately, unless you chose an extreme difficulty setting custom start.

  • Easy – obedience will be easy to obtain within a few days at most – no penalties for giving out too many rewards or not having enough rules assigned – relaxed game play – very forgiving and flexible
  • Classic/Normal – This is close to the original obedience system that the game had – can give out three rewards per day without penalty (instead of two) and you only have to have two rules assigned instead of three.
  • Difficult/Hardcore – This is the current version (since 1.6) difficulty formula and modifiers. This is for players who want a challenge and more difficult slave training experience.

There are also some cheatcodes to make things even easier. In order to use them, select custom game on a new game. You then change your name to the name of the cheat and get the benefits. You can use one or all of them by changing your name multiple times. Once you have selected your cheats, you can change your name to whatever you would like it to be. (Names must be input as shown)

JeanGrey (low cheat)
includes CrushBoss, Thor, Hulk, Isabella, Rogue

BlackWidow (medium cheat)
includes CrushBoss, Thor, Hulk, Isabella, Rogue, Enchantress

ScarletWitch (high cheat)
includes CrushBoss, Thor, Hulk, Elektra, Isabella, Rogue

BlackCat (maximum cheat)
includes CrushBoss, Thor, Hulk, Isabella, Deathstrike

Testing set (all skills max)

Start estate = White city (all rooms)
White city prestige = 4
25000 Sparks
brand rate+

Start estate = White city
Strength =5, Libido = 5, Domination = 5
All items (weapons, armor, clothing, food, drugs, special training items)
Special jewelry

Sparks +5000
Hero points +1600
master fighter = 5

turns off young and mature
all slaves loli

turns off loli and mature
all slaves young

mature (or milf)
turns off loli and young
all slaves mature

slave has weapons, armor, clothing
slave: weight =1,2; fame = 1-3, penetration+, groupsex+, petting+, demonstration+, attributes+, skills+, aura attributes+, full piercings, if not loli - full tattoos, full clothing

isabella has: full piercings, full tattoos, all clothes, weapons and armor, jewelry, some fame, magic brand, sterile
isabella comes with a free fog fiend if you have an empty pen

slave has weapons, armor, clothing
turns off Elektra
slave fully trained when acquired

slave has weapons, armor, clothing
slave has full piercings, tattoos, clothes, armor, weapons and accessories

slave has weapons, armor, clothing
slaves have: energy 5, metabolism 5, stamina 3+, beauty 3+, exotic+, meekness+, increased chance of: perversion, nymphomania, bisexual, self esteem, special likes, courage-, masochism-, pain tolerance-, affinities: gladiatrix+, ponygirl+