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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Girl 3 [edit]


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Your character profile will be saved within "Artificial Girl 3\data\save" and is called something like save000.js3wrd. Your character profile consists the name and the information you gave your male character as well as the girls you currently have selected for him. It's updated each time you modify his selection of girls or use the "sleep and save" function (1st option when laying down on the bed). You can also rename these saved games to something a little bit more friendly, like "Hayate.js3wrd" (if your character or world name is Hayate, of course, it works better...). This will not generate any trouble in your game.

The Girls

Girls created with the maker are saved within the "Artificial Girl 3\data\save\m_cha" folder.

Each saved girl consists of the following files:

  • NAME.js3cmi

The js3cmi file is the blueprint created by the maker. The only need you have for this file is if you wish to create a new Girl that looks similiar to the old one. If you wish to publish your girl, publish this one. A description of the file format can be found here.

  • NAME.js3up

This file seem to be created for some kind of Illusion Upload project that might have been scrapped.

  • NAME_v.bmp

This is the character portrait that will be shown in the maker.

  • NAME\NAME.js3cfi

This file is created once you save a set of clothes for your girl (third button in the bottom of the first screen of the character maker). It naturally contains the selection of clothes your girl will wear. HINT: js3cfi can be copied between the folders if you wish to quickly use the same selection for other girls.

  • NAME\NAME.js3csd

This file saves the girls "in-game-experience". This includes information like favorite bed, is she still a virgin, what color is her mood, have she had any experience with specific forms of sex etc. This file also includes her selected traits, which can be edited via hex editor.

  • NAME\NAME.js3csi

This file is believed to contain all non-model information about the girl, except for her breast size which is also included in the js3csi. This includes things like her name.

  • NAME\NAME.pp

This is the Girls model in a compressed .pp file. This file can be opened using AGDecrypt.exe. Inside you will find five files, body.xx, hairB.xx hairF.xx hairS.xx and head.xx. In theory it should be able to copy features from one girl to another simply by opening the .pp file, copy files around and then recompress it.

Modifying saves

- It's possible to copy files back and forth between the Girls folders. To copy the attributes of one girl to another, simply copy the wanted file from the first girls folder into the other girls folder, make a backup of the old file and rename the new one with the name of the second girl.

- With Illusion Wizzard (Illusion Wizzard, by Darkhound) you can modify in-world Traits, Relationship Values (Friendship/Love/Jealousy,) and Needs (Hunger/Pee/Bathe/Sleep/Ecchi), or the base traits such as body, hair, personality type and address. The skin editor also allows you to change model skins, colors, pubic hairs, etc, or overlay tattoos.