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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Girl 3 [edit]


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Map Overview

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Hallway-2FHallway-2FGuy's Room2P RoomGuest RoomHallway-1FHallway-1FLiving RoomBath RoomRoadRoadHallwayGuy's Room2P RoomGuest RoomLiving RoomBath RoomRoad
About this image
Image is Courtesy of AlphaUltima on the HF forum, for more info click the info icon.
Imagemap by ©TriMoon™

Map sections

We need a better map of AG3, preferably with the new maps included.

I also suggest using imagemap's see here, and here, to link to actual images of the rooms, using the proper spots for teleports.
(Perhaps even use SVG.)

I provided a screenshot of the guys room to start with, to which you can navigate using the proper spots in the Map Overview.
I used Firefox's WebDeveloper plugin's option "Miscellaneos->Show Ruler" and "Miscellaneos->Display Line Guides" for the coordinates.
(Subtract 8 from X+Y because of default margins!)
--©TriMoon™ 01:27, 17 August 2009 (UTC)



Home Hallway

1st Floor

Living Room
Bath Room

2nd Floor

Guys Room

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The room contains a bed, a shelving unit a cupboard and other furniture. The shelving unit contains a lot of manga. There is a random chance the main character will wake up with girl characters sleeping beside him. The friendship level, love level and the jealousy level(not for all girls in some cases) will all increase.

3P Room
Guest Room


Western Room

Japan House


School 1F

Doctors Room

School 2F

Class Room


White Room