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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Girl 3 [edit]


Character Maker

Technical Help


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Summary of Files inside of .pp files

(incomplete, as I still don't know what some of the files inside are. You can help by adding onto this.)

  • js3_00_00_00.pp: .lst files
  • js3_00_01_00.pp: Environment meshes
  • js3_00_02_00.pp: Hair & body meshes
  • js3_00_03_00.pp: .uv and .mpt files
  • js3_00_04_00.pp: Textures
  • js3_00_05_00.pp: .wav files, C-Type
  • js3_00_05_01.pp: .wav files, K-Type
  • js3_00_05_02.pp: .wav files, N-Type
  • js3_00_05_03.pp: .wav files, T-Type
  • js3_00_05_04.pp: .wav files, U-Type
  • js3_00_05_05.pp: .wav files, V-Type
  • js3_00_06_00.pp: .wav files
  • js3_00_07_00.pp: clothing meshes
  • js3_01_07_00.pp: clothing meshes
  • js3_00_08_00.pp: cum meshes
  • js3_00_09_00.pp: condom & miscellaneous meshes
  • js3_00_10_00.pp: food meshes

Expansion files

  • js3_01_01_00.pp: Environment meshes
  • js3_01_04_00.pp: Textures
  • js3_00_05_06.pp: .wav files, A-Type (get it here, or here (Wizzard-Ready) ©TriMoon™ 22:06, 14 October 2008 (UTC)
  • js3_00_05_07.pp: .wav files, M-Type
  • js3_00_05_08.pp: .wav files, P-Type
  • js3_00_05_09.pp: .wav files, J-Type
  • js3_00_05_10.pp: .wav files, Y-Type
  • js3_00_05_11.pp: .wav files, S-Type

LST files


This file probably controls the default bedrooms of characters.


This file specify character model/animations.

  • Line 5 is for the main screen of the Character Maker mode
  • Line 6 is for the character creation mode
  • Line 7 is for the coordinate (fashion) creation mode
  • Line 8 (probably) specifies the male character

Thus mods for each of these models can be packaged into their own separate .pp file.

Uploader for Characters & Clothes

Content of the RAR-file is supposed to be like:

  • Tetora/Tetora.js3cfi
  • Tetora/Tetora.js3csd
  • Tetora/Tetora.js3csi
  • Tetora/Tetora.pp
  • Tetora.js3cmi
  • Tetora.js3up
  • Tetora_v.bmp

Templates/UV Maps

For all of you thinking of modding some textures, there are templates/UV maps on Disc 2 in directory:

  • X:\エクストラデータ\参考

X being your drive letter

The hard part would probably be figuring out wich template you need for your texturing.

Editing Enviroment Textures

You will find the enviroment textures in js3_00_01_00.pp

Use the SB3Utility to export and import the textures.

  • mb00_00_00.xx is beach textures
  • mb00_00_00.xx is school textures (probably first floor)
  • mg01_00_00.xx is also school textures (probably second floor)
  • mg01_00_00.xx is classroom textures
  • mg03_00_00.xx is infirmary textures
  • mh00_00_00.xx is "your room" textures
  • mh01_00_00.xx is the room to the right coming from the stairs textures
  • mh02_00_00.xx is the japanese house room textures
  • mh03_00_00.xx is the white room textures
  • mh04_00_00.xx is the mansion room textures
  • mh05_00_00.xx is the room straight ahead coming up from the stairs textures
  • mj00_00_00.xx is the main hall in your house textures
  • mj02_00_00.xx is the kitchen/livingroom textures
  • mj03_00_00.xx is the bathroom textures
  • mj04_00_00.xx is the changing room before entering the bathroom textures
  • mk00_00_00.xx is the main street textures
  • my00_00_00.xx is the mansion hall textures
  • mz00_00_00.xx is the shrine textures

Note: There are some misc textures related to each place (ex. mk00_00_05.xx is the cat on the wall by your house, notice the start of the filename has the same name as the street textures the cat is on).

Altering Shiny Reflections

  • Load up SB3Utility
  • Open the character's .pp file you want to change
  • Select the .pp file on the list
  • Select the body.xx or head.xx listing in the lower-left window
  • Open the Textures heading under the Object Tree (middle window)
  • Drag-and-drop the shiny files onto the program window
  • Select the sp12.bmp under Textures
  • Select one of the shiny files on the list under Img (upper-left window)
  • Click the Replace button under the lower texture (right window)
  • Select a15_ref01.bmp under Textures
  • Select one of the shiny files on the list under Img
  • Click the Replace button under the lower texture
  • Repeat from 4th step for other body parts until finished
  • File > Save .pp

Note: You may need to change alternate shiny texture maps in the character's .pp file if it has been altered to use something else. You will need to consult the Materials section under the Object Tree to see what may need to be changed if different from the standard textures (sp12.bmp and a15_ref01.bmp).

Background music

You will find the background music in js3_00_06_00.pp and js3_01_06_00.pp (expansion).

  • env00_00_00_00.wav : world selection screen background music
  • env01_00_00_00.wav : street background music in the morning
  • env01_00_00_01.wav : street background music at noon
  • env01_00_00_04.wav :street background music at night
  • env01_00_00_12.wav : beach background music
  • env01_00_00_13.wav : indoor background music in the morning
  • env01_00_00_14.wav : indoor background music at noon
  • env01_00_00_16.wav : Indoor at night, mansion and western room background music
  • env01_00_00_17.wav :Shinto Temple background music
  • env01_00_00_18.wav : school roof background music
  • env01_00_00_19.wav : shopping district background music in the morning and at night
  • env01_00_00_20.wav :shopping district background music at noon
  • env01_00_00_21.wav : laboratory background music
  • env01_00_00_22.wav : temple background music

Modding Tools