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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Girl 3 [edit]


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Telling Time

If you look up in the sky, the Sun and the Moon acts like a clock. During the day the sun will rise from the east (shrine direction) and fall to the west (sea direction). Then at night the moon will do the same. Thus when the Sun/Moon is at the mid-point in the time corresponds to Noon and Midnight.

24 hours of game time corresponds to 48 minutes real time, but the game time is stopped when the game is loading anything (and of course when it's paused), so actual time might be a few seconds longer.

Player sleeping causes 6 hours to pass. Girls typically sleep for the same amount of time, but they can be waken up by player or by other pressing needs (food, toilet).


When you go outside at night, sometimes you will hear the sound of an UFO. There is a light moving over the sky if you look in the direction to the beach, the light eventually fades away. Occurs at random during nighttime.


When the clouds in the sky are dark (ie: rainclouds), you may sometimes see a rainbow arching out of it. They could be seen from the shrine or from the school roof.

080831 Darziel: The Rainbow has now been captured from the school roof (at night!!) pictures can be seen here: HF Gameplay Thread

White Room

If you keep swimming into the sea, you'll find a pathway that leads to a white room with 3 monoliths in it. This is comparable to the mystery room in AG2 (the room shown in the screenshots of the AG3 First Press bonus CD).

  • It should be noted that the extra white room map files found on the AG3 preorder disc are for AG2 only.
  • With expansion the white room pillar leads to the laboratory, the moon and the mystery room. Each side of the three pillars lead to different locations. Here is a map showing where the pillars lead to: The white room

Mystery room

In the data file, there are 5 bmp images named photo_01.bmp to photo_05.bmp. By changing these image, you can change the pictures shown in the mystery room. There is a brief instruction in the mystery room about changing the pictures.

Aquatic Grotto

Go to the beach and into the water. Look for what appears to be a road traveling parallel to the shore. On the right side of it is the cave entrance to the white room. At the left end of this "road" is a roughly 20 ft diameter flat space surrounded by rocks. If you and a girl swim over this area, you both stop swimming and start walking, as if you were on dry land, even though this area is about twenty feet under water. It is also possible to have sex here.

Cement Dock

At the beach, behind the tracks to the right, you can climb up the trash can and orange fruit boxes to get onto the cement wall. It leads to a cement dock that goes out into the ocean. You can also do this by going behind the rock formations next to the cement dock.

Secret Garden

In the Shrine zone, behind the main building, there is a small passage walled by bamboos and covered with leaves that leads to a cliff with a flowerbed and a statue (same type from AG2). Despite the entrance being covered, many girls like to go there quite a bit so you can easily discover it by following them.

You can lay down on the flowerbed but only a girl may sleep on it.

  • "Deflowering" a girl when she's sleeping on the flower bed does nothing in particular.
  • Laying on the flowerbed yourself and deflowering a girl in cow-girl position does nothing in particular.
  • There is a stone statue in the garden. From time to time, a girl will sit in front of it and pray.

Sacrificial Altar

In the Shrine zone, on the right side (standing at entrance of zone looking at main building) of the main there is a rock cave whose entrance seems to be blocked by three smaller rocks. However, if you are at the right position and right angle, you can actually walk through a crack in the rocks and reach an altar-like stone platform with candles and red (blood?) drawings on it.

You can lay down on it but only a girl may sleep on it.

The candles glow faintly in the early evening (6pm ~ midnight) and morning (6am~noon), and glow brightly in late night (midnight ~ 6am). They are extinguished in the afternoon.

  • Popping a girl's cherry when she's laying down at the altar does not do anything in particular.
  • Laying on the altar and popping a girl's cherry in cow-girl position also does not do anything in particular.
  • Laying on the altar seems to increase the chance a "horny" girl will perform a titfuck.


If you prevent a girl from urinating (by getting into the bathroom before her several times), she will eventually find someplace outside, where you can watch. If you prevent a girl from urinating and keep chasing her around, she will eventually be unable to hold it in any longer and "pee in her pants". If witnessed by the player, her reaction (laughing/neutral/crying/?) will depend on her affection/traits. Girls who have been broken to acquire the lewd trait no longer appear to have any reaction to being witnessed in this manner, and will simply declare that they will be going to take a bath.

Show FPS

This will show your framerate like in the tech demo. While in the game launcher, hold down the shift key and click on the "Start Game" button.

Sadako Doll

The Doll in the Japan Room changes its hair and looks like Sadako (from "The Ring" novel/film). This is a random change when you enter/exit the room.

Sex Toy

Not really a secret but nice to know. There is a vibrator between the left bed and wall in the double bed bedroom of your house. But it cannot be used though.

Porno Mags

If you position the camera correctly, you can see porno magazines under your bed.