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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Girl 3 [edit]


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The contents of this article are based on the collective experimental findings of players. Please help by adding to the article! If you have something that greatly disagrees with what's in the article, please discuss it on the talk page.

Quick reference

The following are character traits as they appear in the final tab in the AG3 Character Maker. For brevity's sake, this table only lists the original Japanese name, pronunciation, and a quick translation of the meaning. For actual in-game effects, see the sections below the table.

Acquirable traits are listed in bold.

In game: Needs increase slower
seiryoku kyuushuu
Absorb Life Force
In game: See Details Below
nemuri hime
Sleeping Beauty
In game: Sleeps More
Always Hungry
In game: Eats more often
kirei zuki
Likes Cleanliness
In game: Bathes more often
In game: Bathes less often
seiyoku ousei
Strong Sexual Appetite
In game: Hard to Satisfy
In game: Night Person
In game: Shy
Clumsy Girl
In game: See Details Below
In game: Quiet
In game: Exhibition easier/Ignore nude male
Very Stimulating Vagina
In game: Quicker Male Orgasm
kanji yasui
In game: Easily Stimulated
anaru kaikan
Anal Pleasure
In game: Enjoys Anal Sex
In game: Increased chance of her leading
dansei nigate
Uneasy Around Men
In game: Hard to interact with
onna no ko zuki
Likes Girls
In game: See Details Below
Extremely Jealous
In game: More prone to Yellow Icon
In game: More sexually active/willing
Brother Fixation
In game: See Details Below
Sister Fixation
In game: See Details Below
undou tokui
Good at Sports
In game: Runs faster (Better stamina?)
ryouri jouzu
Skilled at Cooking
In game: Eats less
kan ga surudoi
Sharp Intuition
In game: More likely to voyeur
takumina koshidukai
Good with Waist
In game: Cowgirl Expert
fera jouzu
Skilled at Oral Sex
In game: Self-explanatory
Childhood Friend
In game: See Details Below
Blood Relation
In game: See Details Below
In game: Self-explanatory

TRAITS - Observed effects

Some of the effects come from Not all are actually tested. Feel free to discuss experiments and findings on the talk page.


  • Trait effects are generally random in the game, and not all perform 100% as intended each time.

Some trait effects are consistent (Good At Sports), while others have effects that change according to a number of factors (Extremely Jealous). Observed factors that change the effects of traits are Proximity, Personality type, Mood, the way you are addressed by the girl, and other traits that enhance/decrease effects.

  • Traits that can be acquired in game: Not a Virgin, Enjoys Anal Sex, Cowgirl Expert, Blowjob Expert, Brother Fixation, Lewd, Extremely Jealous. Directions for acquisition can be found in this guide where available.

Add any discoveries you may have, others will test for confirmation.

Row 1

  • 特異体質 Idiosyncratic- Girl's Eat/Sleep/Pee need never increase. Sex and Bathing needs raise normally.
  • 精力吸収 Absorb Life Force (Energy Draining)- Girls with this trait never ask for a condom when Green or Red, may ask for one when Blue but will not insist if refused. Cumming in her mouth or vagina resets her Eat need to 0. She may refuse to allow you to end the session without cumming inside her.
  • 眠り姫 "Sleeping Beauty" (Sleeps More)- Girl's Sleep need increases at double rate, and she'll often go to bed at lower need levels. (Combination with Timid trait gives easy aroused girl according to Illusion blog.)
    • Pro - more opportunities to increase relationship by sleeping next to her, more opportunities to have sex with her in sleeping outfit. As she sleeps, her ecchi need freezes, so it will remain the same value when she wakes.
    • Con - she might tire easily, causing her to often run off to sleep when you want to interact with her. As she sleeps, her hunger/bath/pee needs increase, so she may immediately leave to satisfy those when she wakes.

Row 2

  • ハラペコ Always Hungry- Eat need increases at double rate.
    • Pro - more opportunities to increase relationship by eating with her.
    • Con - She might hunger easily, causing her to often run off to eat when you want to interact with her.
  • 綺麗好き Likes Cleanliness- Bath need increases at double rate.
    • Pro - she spends more time bathing, so if she's Lewd you have a lot more opportunities to max out her Horniness. This is more of a factor when you have multiple girls, since with a single girl it's easy to keep up a cycle of sex->bath->more sex, even without this trait.
    • Con - she spends more time bathing, so unless she's Lewd it's hard to do anything with her.
  • ズボラ Sloppy (Lazy)- Bath need increases at half rate.

Row 3

  • 性欲旺盛 Strong Sexual Appetite (Hard to Satisfy) From patch 1.03 or above: the trait doubles the Ecchi points gained by the girl.
    • Pro - Girls with unfulfilled appetites are more likely to initiate sex on her own.
    • Con - Harder to satisfy.
    • Description: Girl more likely to initiate sex while outside of H-scenes. Friendship/Sex levels raise faster when moving and holding hands/hugging/kissing/being close by. Sex level raises to max if she sees you nude (she still runs away yelling).
      Animation Change - If she hasn't orgasmed enough, she grabs you and scolds you twice if you try to end scene, before she lets you go.
  • 夜行性 Nocturnal (Night Person)-prefers to sleep in the day and be awake at night (note: most girl's day/night patterns gets very messed up if you spend much time fucking them anyways). While sleeping, her sleep meter decrease twice than a none nocturnal girl (i.e : 6 pts instead of 3).
  • 臆病 Timid - Girl becomes shy. Girl can go from red mood to blue instantly if you upset her (walk in on toilet/bath, etc). Trait Effects Will Change Depending On Mood / Personality / Address / Other Traits.
    Combo - With Sleeps More, instant red mood if you sleep with her a few times.
    AnimationChange - Girl will walk with her head to the ground more often, avoid eye contact, run when she sees you (even with clothes on), squeal when you're near her.

Row 4

  • ドジッ娘 Clumsy Girl- More likely to trip and fall.
    • Pro: Girls who fall cannot resist an H-scene, making this an easy way to access missionary and doggy positions.
    • Description: Girl will trip and fall often. Girl has a higher likelihood to trip then fall. Only way to access doggy position without exhausting the girl first. Animation Change - Girl will visibly trip, and yelp often when walking around.
  • 無口 Introvert (Quiet)- Turn off all the girl's speech in H-scenes, making it hard to gauge, to know what she likes/doesn't likes and take decisions.
  • 近眼 Nearsighted- When she's not wearing glasses, she squints, is more likely to trip over objects, and won't notice events around her (player being naked or screwing another girl).

Glasses can be added or removed from her fashion set for effects.

Row 5

  • 名器 Very Stimulating Vagina (Snug Pussy)- Makes the male orgasm faster, and also the girl always squirts multiple times when cumming with the tongue out. (Note: these effects apply to anal sex too.)
  • 感じやすい Sensitive (Easily Aroused)- Female orgasms more easily and is easily stimulated by hugs. Changes from blue mood to green mood faster. Ecchi raises 50 points if she sees you naked. Horniness levels raise faster when moving and holding hands/hugging/kissing/being close by). Can be convinced into H-scenes at a faster rate.
  • アナル快感 Anal Pleasure (Enjoys Anal Sex)- Will allow anal sex while blue. Can finish from anal sex at lower Ecchi levels. Can be acquired within the game after 3 anal H-sessions, even before losing virginity. (She finished at least once every session). Fastest way to get a girl to finish repeatedly (within 3-4 seconds each time) is using this trait. Enjoys Anal Sex in Perpetual Orgasm Mode, highest speed once tongue is out.

Instructions for acquiring Enjoys Anal Sex:

1. The girl must allow you to have anal sex with her. Depending on her personality and traits, she may not allow you to have anal sex with her until her mood is red.

2. You must have three separate H-Sessions with her. In each one of these sessions, you must penetrate her anally and make her cum. Having her orgasm once per H-Session is sufficient. It does not matter what kind of sex you have with her (standing, missionary, doggy, etc.), as long as she cums (from anal sex).

3. From this point on, she has this trait. She will enjoy sex the same way regardless of which hole you penetrate.

Row 6

  • 献身的 Devoted- Female is more likely to take initiative while in sex-scenes (this doesn't help the girl to start sex-scenes). Girl becomes easier to condition into sexual favors and initiation during sex. (ex. higher chance of Cowgirl initiation when you stop suddenly right before she comes).
  • 男性苦手 Uneasy Around Men- Harder to interact with and raise relationship, more likely to reject sexual advances given the same relationship levels. Girl will be less responsive to calls. Most effective with V-type Personality. Trait effects will change depending on Mood / Personality / Address / Other Traits. Gains Friendship/Love/Jealousy at half-rate, rounded up. Gilrls can't be broken into the lewd triat with this selected.
  • 女の子好き Likes Girls- Easier to please in Foreplay mode, however also less likely to accept actual intercourses. Will speak more suggestively towards other girls when met. Ecchi need raises to max if caught in front of other girls. Jealousy rate increase when caught in intercourse with another girl. Also has a random chance of kissing other girls after having extended conversation with them, regardless of the other girl's traits.

Row 7

  • ヤキモチ焼き Extremely Jealous - Easier for a girl with this trait to get a yellow icon when male interacts with other girl(s) in front of her. The advantage is that girls with the yellow icon will give oral sex, tit fuck and all the other positions that usually require a red icon (only if she's blushing). Jealous girls can sometimes go from yellow to blue or yellow to red depending on your previous relationship levels. Trait effects such as duration and frequency of trigger will change depending on mood / personality / address / other traits.
    • Very Rarely, If a girl with the Extremely Jealous girl thats yellow or red catches another girl hugging the guy, she will tell the other girl to lay her hands of him, or "back off, he's mine." The girl, regardless of her relation to you, will make a threating remark back at the Jealous girl. Then, they will separate themselves, remaining in the room, and leave the man to pick one of them. To pick, you must move the guy to the girl you choose and right-click, similiar to hugging the girl. Taking too long picking a girl will result in them says such phrases as "It takes you this long to pick me." Both women will remark on who he chooses and ditches, resulting in a great increase/decrease in relationship levels, respectively.  This has been witnessed on AG3+, with the agressor having the Devoted and Extremely Jealous Trait.
  • えっち Lewd (Ecchi) - More likely to accept sex at lower relationship levels (even at blue). She'll stop and watch you screwing someone else, instead of running off. Won't be scared if she sees you naked. Acquisition of this trait is comparable to "breaking" the girls in Illusion's RapeLay game. Once this trait is acquired, the girls will not resist your advances. Nor they will be turned off by your lewd acts (such as walking in while they pee or bathe).
Lewd girls will not end an H-scene with you if another girl shows up. Horniness increases to max if she sees you in an H-scene with another girl, and if you walk in on her in the bathroom. Finally, this trait may be acquired.

Instructions for acquiring Lewd:

1. Requires 10 separate H-sessions (this number has been reduced to 3 in the expansion).

2. In all ten H-sessions, you must make her cum at least five times. When you end the session, she will collapse from sexual exhaustion (she will stand up, then fall down). If the girl terminates the session, she may still collapse after as few as three orgasms, but you must give her at least five in order to force the collapse.

3. You can give her orgasm by any means, even if you only masturbate her. If you penetrate her, it doesn't matter if you put her in perpetual climax mode (tongue hanging out), but if you do penetrate you must cum at least once, and you must not climax simultaneously with her. First time vaginal and anal penetration will prevent the collapse, as will acquiring the Likes Anal trait.

4. When she has collapsed, you can take advantage to make her collapse repeatedly, but follow up with a session in which she does not collapse.

To keep things simple for yourself, once you've ended the current session and the girl has collapsed, stop. Leave this as a successful session, no need to complicate things for yourself with follow-up sessions and whatnot.

5. Make sure that at least one of the ten H-sessions is performed outside. You can go to the beach, the shrine, whatever.

UPDATE: Incorrect; the requirement is that some other girl must witness the scene - although it doesn't matter if she runs away immediately or, in the case of Lewd girls, stays to observe. The girl you are attempting to break must also "survive" being witnessed, i.e. she does not attempt to end the session (if she does, then obviously that session has failed and does not count). Location is irrelevant, although no testing has been tried in a world with only a single girl in it - this case may require an outdoor scene since there will be no other girl to witness her. (If there is only 1 female in a world, being outside for a H-scene counts.)

6. After the completion of aforementioned ten H-sessions sequences, make sure that her mood turns red. Once she is red, intiate another session with her and make her cum at least once. It does not matter what kind of session you have. You do not have to make her collapse again either. Any quick H-session will do, as long as she cums. (It's reported but not fully verified that you need to cum simultaneously 3-5 times in a session with V-types and some T-types.)

UPDATE: Testing with several V- and T-types has shown no difference in requirements compared with other types.

7. Voilá! You will have a "broken" (lewd) girl. Ready to serve and please you. ;)

Note: The aforementioned ten H-sessions do not have to happen at the same time. There is no time limit. You can save the game and resume it later as often as you like.

Note: Penetration is not required; you can let the girl remain a virgin to acquire Lewd; if you like that challenge, it is possible. The quickest method by far is through penetration; a girl who is Not a Virgin can be put in perpetual climax, and penetration animations scroll up to climax quicker and the cool down between them is shorter. Actually, performing a non-penetrating scene may be the easiest way of fulfilling the condition, because you do not have to worry about the guy cumming at the wrong time and messing up the entire process.

UPDATE: Testing in worlds with 5 girls all with Brother Fixation shows that after "breaking" 3 girls, the final 2 may require you to save, quit, then restart the world for them to start getting Love points - as opposed to the first three, who you can "break" in a single game session without exiting. So if you encounter any anomalies (i.e. girls not "breaking" when you think you've fulfilled all the conditions), save and restart the game. Also, if you have the Illusion Wizzard installed, you may load the girls' stats to check whether they have acquired the Lewd trait (or Brother Fixation, if you're attempting to break Blood Related girls - see below).

UPDATE: For the expansion you will only need to do her 3 times following those steps above does not matter where. IMPORTANT: At least 1 session with the other girls watching (if she end the session herself, redo no need to worry).

EDIT:  Originally Posted by Loda   
   Er sorta theres more to it than that if you are referring to that japanese text on it posted  
   It says it takes 10 climax and a collapse in the red state. 
   "えっち - 状態が赤のときに、腰砕けの回数が10回に達する。 
   ecchi - joutai ga akano tokini , koshikudake no kaisuu ga 10-kai ni tassuru .
IF they are V or U type they need to speak while panting and resting after sex mode. 
   sekkusumo^do shuuryouji ni , aegi koe no serifu woiu .( V kata , U kata de kakunin ) 
If you are using caressing to make her collapse, do it 5 times then do her thoroughly after. (or  
   maybe in the rear im not sure) 
   ( koshikudake ha aibu de 5 kai ijou zecchou saseta nochi , shuuryou saserutohetari komu are )
IF you do it when she is not in red, she will not pick it up until she becomes red    
   later on. 
   (kigou) aka joutai igai de koshinuke no kaisuu ga 10 kai ni tasshi ta baai , aka joutai ninatta  
   nochini nochi fusa reru . "
Igai koshinuke means "with the exception of coward".. so maybe either the timid trait won't  
   work.. or it will not work if she is in her timid phase.. not sure. 

It means you cant't have the uneasy around men triat seleced, you both will 
only get 3 climaxes before you have to stop. The timid trait is fine.
That is the best i can make of that translation. And it is VERY rough.

  • ブラコン Brother Fixation (Brother Complex) - When combined with Blood Relation trait, allows Love and Jealousy to increase normally. No effects with non-Related girls have been confirmed. Trait effects will change depending on mood / personality / address / other traits. This trait can be acquired, on the condition that the girl has the Blood Related trait.

How to acquire Brother Fixation: The girl must have the Blood Related trait and not have Brother Fixation. Having Blood Relation without Brother Fixation will result in your girl never gaining any points in Love. She will only gain friendship. She will never go red. The solution is that you 'break' her by following the steps in acquiring Lewd (while she is in green). This will give her Brother Fixation. Once she has acquired Brother Fixation, she will start to gain points in Love as well. At that point, it is just a matter of time until her mood changes to red. As soon as her mood changes to red, she will acquire lewd trait as well.

Step-by-step directions:

1. Obviously her mood will never turn red yet. Don't worry, just break her using the steps in acquiring Lewd. You will have to do the entire process while her mood is green. If you follow the steps 1 to 5 from acquiring Lewd, she will acquire the Brother Fixation trait.

2. After acquiring Brother Fixation, she will start gaining love points for H-scenes. Once you acquire Brother Fixation trait, "work her" until her mood changes to red. This includes sleeping on the same bed as her and doing her.

3. Once her mood is red, just have a H session with her. Any type will do, just make sure that she orgasms.

4. Voilá! You will have a blood related girl that has both Brother Fixation and Lewd traits. In other words, a "broken" blood related girl.

Note: Similar to acquiring the Lewd trait, you do not have to penetrate a girl you're trying to give Brother Fixation. All sessions can be kept strictly masturbation-only if you wish to keep her virgin status. This has been tested and verified.

Row 8

  • シスコン Sister Fixation (Sister Complex) - (Unconfirmed: Girls with this trait sleep with other girls more often. Also reduces the amount of jealousy generated when seen with another girl? Need to be one family members.)
  • 運動得意 Good at Sports - Girl runs faster
    • Pro - girl loses less time moving between places
    • Con - harder for the male to chase her, Nearly impossible to eat dinner with her (due to the requirement that you be in the room before she sits down)
UPDATE: A faster girl is hardly a bad thing; she gets to fulfill her needs faster by not needing to spend time getting to her destination. It is unknown whether this trait has any effect on her sexual stamina though (tentative testing shows no difference compared to girls without this trait).
  • 料理上手 Skilled at Cooking - Prepares better food that is more filling, so eats less often.

Row 9

  • 勘が鋭い Sharp Intuition - More likely to look for you while you are screwing somebody else.
    Frequency: Trait Effects Change with Proximity/Mood/Personality/the way the girl addresses you.
  • 巧みな腰使い Good with Waist (Cowgirl Expert) - Male orgasms faster during Cowgirl position. Can be acquired within game progress.

How to acquire this trait: (VERY ROUGH translation from Japanese wiki by kirishitan)

Cum more than 20 times in sitting position and cowgirl position. (ja: 騎乗位や座位で20回イく。)

  • フェラ上手 Skilled at Fellatio (Blowjob Expert) - Male orgasms faster during fellatio. More likely to initiate and also spend more time at fellatio? Can be acquired within game progress.

How to acquire this trait: (VERY ROUGH translation from Japanese wiki by kirishitan)

Cum more than 20 times by blowjob. (ja:フェラで20回イく。)

Row 10

  • 幼馴染み Childhood Friend - Extra conversations. Friendship levels raise faster than normal?(not love though). Combination with Very Jealous Trait gives easy aroused girl according to Illusion blog. Cannot be chosen if the girl has the Blood Related Trait.
  • 血縁 Blood Related - Extra conversations, combines well with Brother fixation trait for higher relationship levels. Horniness levels raise at a slower rate unless with the Brother Fixation trait. Combo - With Brother Fixation (Illusion Blog). Cannot be chosen if the girl has the Childhood Friend trait. Cannot raise Love without Brother Fixation trait.
  • 非処女 Non-virgin - Already bled her first time, with you or not. Can achieve perpetual orgasm mode at "first time"? Can be acquired within game progress.