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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Girl 3 [edit]


Character Maker

Technical Help


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Getting Started

Note: This "Getting Started" section is mainly for people who do not have an English modded version of AG3. Otherwise, you do not need to read this since you could probably figure out the main menu by yourself. Just know that once you remove a girl from a world, all progress with that girl will be lost.

Editing Girls


Adding Girls

Note that you must first create a world before you can start adding girls in it. In the main menu, click a world from the top right menu, then click a girl's name in the list on the bottom right half menu, and then click on the middle of the three buttons just below that. If you want to preview the girl, click the right button. You'll know you've added her if her name appears in red. If you happen to change your mind and want to take a girl out of a world, just click on her name and then click on the left of the three buttons below the menus. But beware, once you remove a girl from a world, all progress will forever be lost, even if you add her right back into that same world.

Creating A New Male Character

In order to create a male character you must be able to type in Japanese characters. You may have to change your language and regional settings to Japanese (recommended). Once that's done, use the Left Alt key + Left Caps Lock key while the cursor is in the second text box down in the male character creator screen. In order to type Japanese characters you type two letters (ex: ka) then a character will show up (if confused type kazuya, that will give you a nice name that they can pronounce), once the Japanese characters have appeared hit the enter key to lock them in.

More useful info on doing this:Technical help

-You can type directly in Roman letters--without converting to Japanese--if you use Hentaijin's English Launcher Mod (see mod list, under Localizations); however, if you wish to use common Japanese names with the mod, you will have to render it in all-capitals (eg. MASATO). Moreover, you must render the name in Hepburn romanization. So TUKASA should be written as TSUKASA, YUUITI should be YUUICHI, HIROSI should be HIROSHI, SYUN should be SHUN, and so on.

A list of usable names available at the bottom of this page: personalities



  • Esc key: Quit menu (left icon quits game, right icon returns to game)
  • F1: Configuration menu
  • 1: Toggle your character
  • 2: Toggle your penis
  • 3: Toggle your clothes
  • 4: Toggle environment (to make it easier to locate girls)
  • 5: Toggle hand/lip icons
  • 6: Toggle camera center reticle on/off
  • 7: Toggle display of girls' state/location icons
  • 8: Toggle exclamation mark above your character's head


  • When laying down on a bed, 3 options are presented. Choose the top option (セーブ which transliterates to "seebu," meaning save in English) to sleep and save, second option to sleep without saving, and the bottom option to cancel sleeping and saving.


  • Move forward: W
  • Move backward: S
  • Strafe left: A
  • Strafe right: D
  • Walk: Hold Shift while moving
  • Sprint: Press E while moving

Controls in 'Normal' Mode

  • Left click: Environment interaction
    • Sit on the ground (default)
    • Lie down / Open save menu (on beds)
    • Sit down / Lean back. (on chairs & sitting surfaces.)
    • Open doors / Change region
  • Right click: Girl interaction
    • Call her to your side (Oi!)
    • Grab/release left hand (to follow you) (get close to her, then turn so that your right hand is close to her left hand)
    • Show affection / enter H-mode
      • From front: First click to hug. Second click to Kiss. Hold for H-mode.
      • From behind: Click for brief hug. Hold for H-mode.
    • Call for special H-scenes: When sitting or lying down (only if she's in the mood)
    • Listen to your girl talk: When sitting/lying beside her (If you're close enough, you won't call her. Instead she'll just start talking) (Effect unconfirmed)



  • Ctrl: Activates camera mode in normal mode
    • While in camera mode (in H-mode or while holding ctrl in normal mode):
      • Left-click hold: Rotate camera
      • Wheel drag: Camera movement with respect to current camera angle
      • Right-click + drag up/down: Move camera up/down
      • Right-click + drag left/right: Move camera in/out
      • Right-click + left-click + drag up/down: Move camera in/out
      • Right-click + left-click + drag left/right: Move camera left/right
  • C: Default
  • V: Face
  • B: Chest
  • N: Lower body
  • M: Switch between guy and girl (girl has to be in the same area)
  • Spacebar: First Person View Mode (Not available in H-mode)
  • F11/PrintScrn: Takes a photo (pictures stored in data/cap directory of installation folder)

Not so useful:

  • Period key ".": Spins camera clockwise
  • Comma key ",": Spins camera counter-clockwise
  • Forward slash key "/": Resets camera spin
  • Up / Down / Left / Right: Restricted camera forward/back/strafe left/strafe right movement
  • Numpad 2,4,6,8,5: Camera rotation and reset
  • Page Up / Page Down / Home / End: Move camera up/down/in/out
  • "]" / ";": Perspective zoom in/out
! Danger: Using the perspective zoom may cause nausea or eye discomfort. Use at your own discretion. Don't say I didn't warn you. It makes everything look freaken cool though.

I know the camera controls are confusing. So to make it simple, just use the camera mode mouse controls.

Relationship Level

The icons on the bottom left of the HUD represent each of your girls' locations (symbol) and moods (color). There are four colors presented here in the order of affection:

Blue Icon (Acquaintance): A blue icon means that she's not comfortable with you hugging or kissing her. In H Mode, she will force you to use a condom if you decline (Although the first time will be a Condom Free sex scene, she will not have special dialogue to the aftersex

Note: The only confirmed way to get a girl to enter an H-scene while only the blue icon is shown is if she has the えっち - ecchi (lewd, dirty, pervert) personality trait.

Green Icon (Friend): The green color indicates that the girl in question likes you as a friend. She will allow you to hug her and, when worked a bit, will let you kiss and eventually do her. What position you will do her in will depend on where you will approach her (front, behind, in bed, etc.). She will also not leave a room as random, and is more likely to stay in the room with you.

Red Icon (Lover): The red color indicates that the girl in question loves you. In this state, the girl, with no regard to any type of personality traits, will allow you to enter an H-scene with her. She will be able to initiate new sex positions such as oral, tit fuck, cow girl, and sitting. But she will only take action if she is blushing red and not pin

Yellow Icon (Jealous Girl): The yellow color indicates that the girl in question is jealous of other girls. Jealousy occurs when the girl sees you taking actions with another girl. There are also traits and locations in game that can help speed up jealousy. Also, her jealous mood may change to either blue or red in an instant if you hug her or sleep in the same bed with her (this might depend on previous mood levels.). In Ecchi Mode, she will allow you to have sex with her without the use of a condom.

This mood is similar to the red mood state since girls who are jealous can initiate sex with you, but only if they are blushing.

Changing Mood

Each girl starts with a blue color icon. Here are some things that are known to change mood so far:

Positive actions:

  • Hugging & kissing.
  • Eating with her (You must be in the dinning room before she finds a seat at the table).
  • Holding her hand and traveling to different locations.
  • Sitting on the couch with her (You have to be leaning back in order for any effect to take place. You know you're doing this right if she puts her head on your shoulder.)
  • Sleeping in the same bed as her.
  • Sex (only if you satisfy her).

Negative actions:

  • Not interacting with the girl for a prolonged period of time.
  • Having sex with her in front of other girls. - (unconfirmed)
  • Having her watch you have sex with another girl. (Positive reaction with lewd trait)
  • Walking in on her while she urinates. (Positive reaction with lewd trait)
  • Walking in on her while she bathes. (Positive reaction with lewd trait)

The changes are not that obvious so you might not really notice. The key thing is to do activities with each girl and spend time with them. Ignoring a girl and doing things to make her unhappy will have a negative impact. Results may vary depending on her personality traits.

A Deep Explanation About Mood Colors

Technically, each girl has a numbered value, from 0 to 2000, for love, friendship, and jealousy. The game always shows the color with the highest number. You can get one of these 3 colors if you get enough of the respective points. Here is the color you get when you interact with them:

Green >= 1000 points: Increases by staying with a girl, hugging her, or taking her hand and traveling around.

Yellow >= 1000 points: Increases by staying with exactly 2 girls in the same map/room (if a 3rd enters, jealousy starts dropping again), or when one girl sees you having sex with another.

Red >= 1000 points: Increases by staying with a girl, kissing her while hugging, having sex with her, or if she is lewd, watching her while she is bathing or urinating.

(Tip: if you want to understand exactly how your actions influence the mood of your girls, you can get Darkhound's Illusion Wizzard and see the actual values of their moods in the save file (link). For example, I was able to discover that when you sleep with the girl, you gain about 160 red icon points, and if you sleep alone, you lose about 146 red icon and green icon points from all your girls, and It seems you need 1000 points to get the icon color to change from blue. With Ilusion Wizzard, you can cheat and set a girl's Red value to 2000 to get all the sex positions). You can also use a trainer, such as Breaker's, to watch/edit values in real time.

Note that different traits appear to effect what a girl will do with a different colored icon. For example, sex still seems possible with a girl who has a blue icon, but also has the horny + easily aroused trait (other trait combinations allow this, as well).

Girls' Location

In addition to the color, there are also kanji characters inside the mood icons, which represents the current location for every girl. If an icon is highlighted, it means that the girl is in the same location as you are.

Map with the kanjis marked and translated: Artificial Girl 3 Map

Misc. Tips

  • Move after giving her a hug instead of trying to kiss her if she isn't comfortable with it. You can easily achieve a green icon by just hugging her repeatedly.
  • If you're lazy and just want the action you should give her the horny and lewd traits. She'll be up for pretty much anything with relatively little effort.
  • The girl can go straight from red to blue if you don't do anything with her for some time and depends on many different factors. If you notice this early enough, a quick intercourse will probably get her back to red easily, but if you prolong it too long then you will have to get her back up the hard way. Even calling her, looking at her, or holding hands with her for brief periods of time every now and then will put this off considerably.
  • A combination of the right or wrong traits can drastically alter the rate her mood changes from every interaction.

Making Her Follow You

To have a girl hold your hand and follow you, move the male player so that you are to the general front and left of the girl (Northwest of her). Then turn your back to face the girl's left arm and right click.

While holding hands, even if you move far away from her, she will catch up to you. However, if you move far away and go into a different map location, then she will stop following you. To go into to a new map area with the girl, you must have the girl right behind you as you transition. Make sure that you are constantly moving while holding her hand when turning the camera, or else she will let go

You can also make her follow you from room to room by calling to her and exiting. You may also be able to lead her across the entire map, depending on her timidity, her friendship/love/jealousy for you, and her current mood. Her current needs will be overridden until she catches up with you.

Influence of Traits

(see Artificial Girl 3 traits)