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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Girl 3 [edit]


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The main menu serves as the "dress-up" menu, where you can try on various "fashions" (full sets of clothing from underwear to accessories) on your girls and decide what they should end up wearing in the game.

Character List Character
Display Delete
Fashion List Fashion
Display Delete
Dress-up Setting
First (text input field) Set Clear
Second (text input field) Set Clear
Night (text input field) Set Clear
Sleep (text input field) Set Clear
Bath (text input field) Set Clear
Cute (text input field) Set Clear
Sexy (text input field) Set Clear
Erotic (text input field) Set Clear
Main Camera
Reset / Face / Chest / Hips
Toggle sub-camera

Reset / Face / Chest / Hips

Clothing toggle
Character Editor Fashion Editor Save Clothing Setup Quit

  • Character list - the girls you created using the Character Editor will be listed here.
  • Fashion list - the clothing sets you created using the Clothing Editor will be listed here.

For the character and fashion list, you can click on the column labels to sort the list by the selected criteria. The columns are:

  • (characters only) In a world or not (you may only edit characters who are not inside a world)
  • Name
  • File name
  • Last modified date

Trying clothes on

The "Display" buttons for character and fashion lists will load the selected object into the watery background for a more detailed preview. Note that you must have a girl loaded in order to load clothing sets.

Once a girl is loaded in the background, you may use your mouse to move the cameras around. You can also use the camera control buttons in the man menu to set the camera to pre-set positions. The "Reset" button will reset the angle, position, and zoom of the camera. The Face / Chest / Hips buttons will move the camera without changing the angle or zoom.

The "Clothing toggle" button, if a girl and fashion set have been loaded, will toggle the clothing display between Fully-Clothed, Underwear, and Nude.

Setting character's clothing

The "Dress-up Setting" in the lower left corner of the main menu determines what the girl actually wears in the game. Which of the 8 outfits a girl will wear depends on the time of the day and her current mood.

  • First (primary normal clothing)
  • Second (alternate normal clothing)
  • Night (night time clothing)
  • Sleep (worn when going to sleep)
  • Bath (worn when taking a bath)
  • Cute (worn whenever the girl feels like being cute)
  • Sexy (worn whenever the girl feels like being sexy)
  • Erotic (worn whenever the girl feels like being erotic)

Note: If you leave a particular slot empty, the girl will be naked when she attempts to wear the outfit set to that condition. For example, leaving "Night" empty will cause the girl to be nude when she wanders around at night. However, this does not mean you must design 8 separate sets of clothing for each slot - you can assign a particular set of clothing to multiple slots if you wish.

To assign clothes to a girl:

  1. Select a girl from the character list to load her
    1. Highlight the desired clothing set in the fashion list
    2. Click the "Set" button corresponding to the condition when you want the girl to wear that set. For example, if you highlighted a school uniform in the fashion list, click on the first row's "Set" button to make it her primary daytime outfit. Alternately, you can manually type the name of the clothes set into the input field of the target row.
    3. Repeat the previous 2 steps until you've filled in all 8 of the girl's clothes set slots.
  2. Finally, when you're satisfied with all of her clothing options, click "Save Clothing Setup" in the bottom of the main menu.

Caution: If you highlight a different girl before saving, all the clothing sets you have previously just specified will be discarded, and you will have to set them again. In order to avoid this, save the clothing setup for the current girl before you select a different girl.