Jack-o-nine: Installation Guide

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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]




Technical Help

  • Installation Guide


Downloading the base game and the English translation

  • Get the base game from OldHuntsman's blog. You can download from either yadi.sk or mediafire. The game is around 450MB at time of writing (version 1.2.1) The download links are shown in red below.

How2dl 1.png

  • Next, grab the English translation from the translation GitHub. Downloads are available from Dropbox and Mega. This file is much smaller; around 1.5MB.

How2dl 2.png


  1. Extract the jack[version].zip archive wherever you want the game to be installed
  2. Extract the jack_eng.rar archive into the same directory and choose "Yes" to overwrite existing files
  3. You can now run the game using the Jack_FastQSP.bat file which will be in the directory you extracted to.