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all characters are at least 18

Love Death Final! [edit]



FAQ & Technical Help


Main Menu

Start - enters Campaign Mode

Free H - enters the H-mode selection menu

Free Battle - enters a selection menu for custom battles

Config - enters the Configuration menu

Exit - exits the game

Basic Controls

Full list of controls -- More detailed descriptions are given in Battle and H-mode sections.

  • WASD Basic movement, double-tap to evade
  • Space Jump, double-tap to DoubleJump
  • Shift Run
  • M Character Menu
  • Q Reset camera direction
  • Esc Return to title screen
  • Left / Right Adjust in-game time
  • Delete Toggle UI
  • F3 Toggle fullscreen/windowed
  • P / Print Screen Take screenshot

Campaign Mode

In this mode, you can adventure with your chosen character on a series of quests and challenges through different environments, building experience and gaining gold. You can choose your adventurer from any of the pre-made characters, or custom characters made in the character editor or imported from Tamzone.

Main: There are two main campaigns one for Eir and one for Rota, each featuring 5 missions in addition to the quests and rival fights. They also have individual scenes with rivals they encounter.

Custom: These include additional scenario characters and any custom characters saved to your save/Allpack folder. Any custom characters saved with the filenames "eir.alp" or "rota.alp" will have access to Eir or Rota's unique quests and encounters, and share any progress and inventory gained with the Main versions.

Adventurer status is saved separately from the allpack, so editing a character in Tamtam will have no effect on that character's campaign progress.

Entering campaign mode places your character in Rothschild square, where you can wander safely. Only the two red rings can be interacted with; one over a rug displaying merchandise, where new weapons can be purchased, and one at the path leading into the wilderness, where Quests can be embarked from.

Character Status and Inventory

The Character Menu displays current stats and inventory, and weapons and magics can be equipped. Menu buttons are arranged in this order:

Status shows Level, HP (hit points) and MP (magic points) with current amount on the left and max amount on the right. Exp is displayed with current amount on left and amount needed to gain a level on the right. Exp can only be gained by defeating enemies. And lastly, Money, is used to unlock more weapons, and can only be gained by completing Quests.

HP and MP both increase at fixed amounts per level. Power, a hidden stat, also increases the same way, and multiplies damage done by both weapons and magic.

Magic: Five magic attacks are available from the start, one of each type: Fire, Ice, Shortbeam, Longbeam and Homing Beam. To use them in battle, they have to be equipped to one (or all) of the three available slots by left-clicking and dragging them into each. These can be re-arranged from this Menu at any time in wandering or battle modes. Casting in Battle is explained in the Battle mode section.

On reaching level 20, upgraded versions of each magic attack become available, and a Hyperspeed move that accelerates movement rate in brief bursts.

Weapons: Here the collection of weapons unlocked can be viewed and equipped. Any weapons saved to the character's outfit will be available for all characters, as will any weapons purchased from the weapons market.

Weapons can be individually equipped to right (main weapon) or left (sub weapon) hands. All weapons have different properties depending on whether they're single-wielded or dual-wielded in right or left hands, and some have more unique abilities.

Weapons are organized by Exotic weapons, which includes improvised, unconventional and thrown weapons, One-Handed Melee, Two-Handed Melee, Ranged, and Custom, which includes any Melee or Ranged weapon assigned to an 'Original' slot or loaded from the Import object type.

The last two buttons Return to game and Return to Title Menu.


The Training Ground and Chapter 1 are available to all characters at the start. Completing each Chapter in the series unlocks the next one for all characters.

Chapter Quests
Quest Map Difficulty Lvl Reward
Training Ground Snow Fields Scales to Level 500
Chapter 1 Palm Bath 1 1500
Chapter 2 Beach 5 2000
Chapter 3 Shopping District 5 2500
Chapter 4 Tenements 10 3000
Chapter 5 Ruins 15 3500
Chapter 6 Mall 20 4000
Chapter 7 Tamtam's Shrine 40 4500
Chapter 8 Boxing Ring 35 5000
Chapter 9 Downtown 37 6000
Chapter 10 Rothschild 50 10000


  • The Training Ground gives a small Money reward for a very brief battle, but because it scales to your character level, you can always gain at least one level from it until Level 90+.
  • Chapter 7 is a series of duels with five Rivals in succession: Nanami, Urara, Ichigo, Koto and Ayumi.
  • Chapter 8 is a four-on-one match against the four main heroes: Eir, Rota, Aaron and Clive. The Boxing Ring is a very tight space for it, but you can use the ropes and outer ring to control the crowding.
  • Chapter 10 is a five-on-one match against the first five Rivals again. Rothschild Square is more open for maneuvering, but there are a few tighter allys to corner your opponents, or get cornered.


All Rival Quests are available to all players from the beginning. Each has a Level 25 difficulty and a reward of 5000 Money.

  • Nanami
  • Urara
  • Ichigo
  • Koto
  • Ayumi
  • Kaede
  • Kaoru
  • Yuuki
  • Itsumi

Every default character is equipped with only melee weapons although Ichigo can throw her chakram.


Eir and Rota have individual story quests available to them. Completing each part unlocks the next for all future playthroughs.

Battle Mode

Battles consist of waves of monsters that the player must fight, followed by a large boss. Rival battles will proceed to the 1-1 character fight after the boss is defeated.

The first bar represents your Health, which is only replenished when you level up.

The second bar represents your Magic Points and replenishes automatically.

The third bar represents your balance. If you get hit enough times you will lose your balance and fall. After you get up you will be unable to take damage for a while, represented by a blue aura surrounding your character.


  • Left-Click Attack with your right weapon
  • Right-Click Attack with your left weapon
  • Middle-Click Magic attack
  • Mousewheel Switch magic attack
  • E Toggle Targeting
  • R Reload ranged weapon(s)
  • G Guard
    • Every attack works in mid-air too.
    • Guard can be used with every weapon.

Melee Combat

Melee attacks can hit multiple enemies and are more effective against monsters since they cannot block them. Clicking the mouse button(s) produces up to 5 attacks and clicking while sprinting produces an unblockable attack. This applies to every melee weapon. If you dual-wield two melee weapons, clicking both mouse buttons in quick succession will produce a flurry.

  • Rarely, a melee attack can produce a critical hit, identified by a different animation.
  • When used against characters they have a chance of tearing up the character's clothing once they lost enough hit points.

Ranged Combat

Each weapon will fire where the center of the screen is and you will see the crosshair for that brief moment. Ranged attacks become more effective the closer the target is. Different weapons fire in different ways.

  • Weapons can be fired while sprinting.
  • It's safe to fire rockets and throw bombs when the enemy is next to you as the explosion will not harm you.
  • Shots will do the same amount of damage regardless of which body part is hit.


Magic attack

During every battle you will only be able to use 3 preset magic attacks. Each magic attack consumes Magic Points, which constantly regenerate.

Flame fires a steam of fire that steadily damages any enemy that it passes through

Ice fires shards of ice that inflict damage to the targeted enemy

ShortBeam fires a short ray of light that inflicts damage to the targeted enemy

LongBeam fires a beam of light that steadily damages any enemy that it passes through

HomingBeam fires 8 rays of light that converge on the targeted enemy but is ineffective at close range

FlameLv2 surrounds your character with fire, damaging any adjacent enemy

IceLv2 fires multiple shards of ice that steadily damage any enemy that it passes through

ShortBeamLv2 fires multiple short rays of light that steadily damage any enemy that it passes through

LongBeamLv2 fires a very large beam of light that steadily damages any enemy that it passes through

HomingBeamLv2 fires many rays of light that converge on the targeted enemy, with a few of them surrounding your character for defense

Hyperspeed uses Magic Points to make a large dash. During this brief period all attacks will pass through you, including magic attacks, but your attacks will also miss until you decelerate to normal speed.

  • When used against characters, magic attacks have a chance of burning or pulverizing up the character's clothing once they lost enough hit points.

Monster List




-stone beasts


-giant rats

In addition, most quests feature a large boss. Some are larger versions of the aforementioned monsters while others are unique.

The succubus are monster opponents who move, attack and defend as human characters. They share the tactics and threat level equal level Rivals, but they frequently spawn in packs. The giant succubus moves and attacks similar to other giant monster.

Weapon List

Dual-wielding two 2handed weapons
Throwable chakram

2handed melee weapons will act as a 1handed one if dual-weld with another melee or ranged weapon.

If your only weapon is a ranged one you can use your other hand to aim.

Melee Weapons
Weapon Type Price Power Range Attack Rate Notes
zhaodong normal 1000 1.2 1.2 1.0 default weapon
popsicle normal 100 0.5 0.5 2.0
melon bun normal 100 0.5 0.5 2.0
Tasty-Puffy I-Beam Normal 10 10.0 10.0 1.0 lethal joke weapon
  • Types: normal/axe/2handed/bomb [bomb type deprecated; it acts as normal this game]
Ranged Weapons
Weapon Type Price Burst Stream Auto Rate Fire Rate Auto Flag Spread Recoil Zoom Chamber Magazine Muzzle Power Impact Range Notes
handgun pistol 5000 1 1 0 150 0 1.5 0.2 1.1 1 13 0.5 2.5 2 100
Default Original_01 import
  • Types: pistol/revolver/machinepistol/rifle/shotgun/flamethrower/launcher
Burst = number of bullets per shot
Stream = number of consecutive bullets in autofire
Auto Rate = interval between autofire
Fire Rate = interval between single shots
Impact = stopping/staggering power
Thrown Weapons
Weapon Type Price Power Speed Gravity Throw Rate Detonation Time Notes
chakram return 1000 50 150 0 3000 0 only throwable if wielded 1-handed
neko grenade bomb 2000 1000 30 1 0 5000
  • Types: return/bomb

Unique weapon effects

If your only weapon is one chakram you can throw it by attacking with the other hand.

Firing the flamethrower at the ground will start a fire which lasts for a few seconds, dealing damage to any enemy that passes through. You can safely pass through the fire though.

Free Battle

Accessible from the title screen, this mode is used to pit up to five characters against each other on any map. Every character will use it's default weapon and the Flame, Ice and ShortBeam magic attacks and will have instant Magic Points regeneration. You can also set up teams. Non-boss monsters can be added too but since you can only add up to four they are too weak to prove a challenge even on the hardest difficulty.