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all characters are at least 18

Love Death Final! [edit]



FAQ & Technical Help


The majority of Netowaku Netorare Karemachi Kanojou's FAQ & Technical Help applies to Love Death Final too.


  • Q: Some clothes look alright in the maker but have graphical glitches in-game. Any fix?
    A: Disabling Physics will solve this.
  • Q: Why does the game takes so long to load? And what's with the lag?
    A: Post FX effects are really taxing on some machines and lowering or disabling them will help in both cases. HDR, Multi-lighting, Blur, Bloom, God-ray, Motion Blur and SSAO are especially taxing on GPU while Physics are especially taxing on CPU. The full options are in data/Config/GraphicConfig.dat and ToolGraphicConfig.dat.

Installation Guide

  1. Mount "LoveDeathFinal.iso". If you're using Windows 8 you can mount it without other programs, otherwise you'll need Daemontools Lite (other mounting software has been known to fail with Japanese games)
  2. Do not autorun, but explore the mounted DVD and right-click autorun.exe and select Run with Japanese locale as administrator (you need HF pApploc for the right-click options). Running it without Japanese locale will give you an error when clicking the install button.
  3. If you don't have DirectX 9.0c then you can install it now by choosing the second option. The game will not work without it. Even if you do have the latest DX9, the included distribution has some Japanese libraries the game depends on that may be missing from your installation.
  4. Click on the first button to install the game.

After the game is installed it is recommended that you patch it. There have been 6 patches released and the easiest way to get them all is from this archive.

After the game is patched you need to get a NoCD fix. You may also want to get its demosaic and UI translation. The easiest way to get them is by following this link.

Configuration and Settings

These are the configuration files found in data/Config/. These files will be re-written after exiting Configuration menus and on exiting the game. Any of them can be deleted to let the applications rewrite them to default values.


  • [First]: First run flag, always sets to 0 after exiting the game. Effect unknown.
  • [FPS_Draw] - default 1: Draw FPS in upper left corner of the screen.
  • [MaxFPS] - default 30: Caps framerate to the number entered.
  • [TextDrawSpeed] - default 1000: The rate at which text appears in the message box.
  • [AutoWaitTime] - default 10: Time of delay to hold text in the message box before refreshing it with new text.
  • [LoadGame] - default 0: Unimplemented vestige of the Gear engine; when set to 1 a shooting minigame will be playable during loading screens.
  • [ModelQuality]/[AnimeQuality] - default 0: 0 is highest; at higher settings, lower poly models will be used and some animations may not play.
  • [Expression] - default 1:
  • [H_BreathFlag] - default 1: Set to 0 to turn off the visible puffs of breath during H-scenes.
  • [SpermDel] - default 1: Sets whether sperm deletes after an H scene.
  • [PhysicsCalc] - default 0: Set 1 to to calculate hair and clothing physics in real time. High processing for the results.
  • [Difficulty] - default 1: Sets difficulty from 0 (lowest) to 3 (highest). At higher difficulty, enemies hit harder and take less damage. The same levels can be selected in Free Battle Mode.
  • [CameraPos]:
  • [ThreadNum]: How many processor threads will be allocated to running the game. 1 per core is a stable amount.


  • [WindowSize]: Best set to monitor's native resolution, or nearest available resolution.
  • [FullScreen] - Fullscreen/Windowed modes: The [F3] key also toggles this at any time. The game performs better in Fullscreen, but Windowed mode runs more stable when task-switching.
  • [ShaderVer] - [AUTO/0/1/2/3]: The highest shader version your graphics card can support. This can be set manually if either application fails to detect the correct shader. It will always rewrite back to AUTO after exiting Config menus and closing the game.
  • [AntiAlias] - [0/1/2/4/8]:
  • [HDR] - [0/1]: High definition range
  • [PostEffect] - [0/1]: When enabled, all the following effects can be enabled and configured. Disabling this disables them all.
    • [ToneMap] : Flg:0 Mid:0.400000 BrightMax:0.900000 BrightVal:-0.100000 BrightSpeed:0.300000 DarkMax:0.100000 DarkVal:0.100000 DarkSpeed:0.100000 BrightGamma:2.500000 DarkGamma:0.800000
    • [Blur] :1 100.000000 0.500000
    • [Bloom] :0 0.900000 3.000000 500.000000
    • [DepthOfField] - [0/1]:
    • [SSAO] - [0/1]: (Scale:0.250000 MaxDis:5.000000 MaxDot:0.950000 MinDark:0.500000)
    • [GodRay] - [0/1]:
    • [MotionBlur] - [0/1]:
    • [MultiLighting] - [0/1]:
  • [Parse]: This sets base field of view.
  • [ClipDistance] : 1.000000,10000.000000
  • [Z_Buffer] :16
  • [V_Sync] :0
  • [Fog] :1 1000.000000,10000.000000
  • [MipMap] - [0/1]:
  • [TexColor] : 32
  • [TexDivRate] : 1.000000
  • [DropShadow] : 1
  • [DropShadowMapSize] :1024
  • [SelfShadow] :1
  • [SelfShadowMapSize] :1024
  • [CharaShadowEasy] :0
  • [SoftParticle] - [0/1]:
  • [OctreeTex] - [0/1]:
  • [LiquidAnime] - [0/1]:
  • [RevLight] - [0/1]: Rim light effect.
  • [Gamma] :0 1.000000