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Should probably go in melee section, but can't figure out how to organize it <Type>

Humans only have type Slash, all bosses and most mobs have type Blow. Blow type seems to have a vertical arc, which is why the attack can be avoided by sidestepping, but not by jumping.


Stand/Sprint/Air/Hold/Wake Up - Wake up is probably the counterattack from being knocked down. I haven't been able to do that lately, possibly broken by a patch


Weapons in right hand slightly lower (~5%), 2H moderately lower. Possibly attack speed.


2H get more radius bonuses


2H get much higher numbers, probably attack interval

< Span>

2H get higher values, possibly weapon hitbox


2H get higher values


2H get much higher values, probably stagger time from impact


Lo/Hi - varies with Type/SkillType. Equal between 1H/2H, right/left wielded


Roughly same for all weapons, ~5x higher in WakeUp


Almost double for 2H


Only 1H has this value


Much higher for 2H, almost none for 1H. possibly delay from attack to movement


1H gets much higher for Forward chain and Sprint, 2H gets 3x higher for standing


Generally higher for 1H, 2H gets higher for Sprint


Normal/SkillFront/SkillBack - only Stand has these


Only 2H has this, for Normal and SkillBack


Tags the end of each attack section

<FrameAdd> only mobs and bosses have this