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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





Download Merged Mods v1.9

you can post bug reports and feedback in the jack-o-nine tails hongfire thread

This is a merge of the latest edits of:

The russian GitHub commits by the_vm

The english GitHub commits by the_vm

The /hgg/mod v5, by Boney M

The NINJ4 R4BBID's mod from hongfire

And some edits of my own

Change Log

(the change log will be based on differences with the hgg mod since it was the only one that i was able to find a readme)


  • Added rule preset system.
  • Added patrician mode for sandbox.
  • Cheat mode activation is now translated.
  • Restored master name change when cheat mode is activated.
  • Added Sanity warning when slave sanity gets near broken levels.
  • Added traits and stat list to frozen slaves.
  • Added calculations for assistant charm.
  • Cryo tanks is now a daily expanse (overall price is unchanged).
  • Interest in the slave and assistant is now based on newness + charm/6 instead of newness alone.
  • Added checks for Sententia Veritas spell activation on various actions.
  • Slightly modified slave masturbation code.
  • Bugfixed variable typo in slave background.
  • Added auspex casting from aura page.
  • Assistant Anatomy page is now accessible.
  • Assistant style calculation is now in line with slave style calculations.
  • Assistant now get bonuses from clothes for style and exoticism calculations.
  • Added various error messages when trying to do actions without the required tools/persons.
  • Slightly modified the accounting menu.
  • Translated cheat mode stats display.
  • Options menu now remembers value of music volume when unmuting the sound.
  • Added more fast actions buttons in the house screen.
  • Added tooltips to some stats and actions.
  • If a particular residence does not need your services it will now be displayed in gray (you can still enter).
  • Earl Gray residence added to the Serpis district.
  • Some changes to mage experience gains when casting spells, it should be overall easier to raise it now and the spells are not capped anymore.
  • Reverted "Go to the beach" reward to degrade hygene. (made no sense to me that it would make you cleaner)
  • Added text when bestowing freedom to a slave after winning the champion fight.
  • Added 3 more unlockable Cryo tanks.
  • Added screem sound when buying a parasite from the smuggler to match the text.
  • Added 2 unique buyable slaves to the smuggler.
  • Modified slave selling calculations.
  • Added explanation help button for the color coding near the rank of the slave.
  • Changed no masturbation rule name from "No frigging" to "No masturbating".
  • Text database reshuffled to make more sense and group similar actions together (following the russian ordering).
  • Corrected typo in the aura page.
  • Some corrections on NPCs database.
  • Changed 5th line of Madame Jofre request.
  • New NPC (The Chef) for the virgin hip pub with its own custom request.
  • Fixed description for the formal suit.
  • Now you are unable to buy multiple dresses of the same type for the master.
  • Slightly reworked piercing menu.
  • Various code bugfixs or additions.

There are some more small changes, but those should be most of them.


  • Removed the cheat menu.
  • Merged hggmod5rc3 changes.


  • Merged some code fixes that slipped by the first pass.
  • Improved some of the translations of the newly merged stuff.
  • Fixed slave selling bargaining not firing off.


  • Merged the slave parasite/STD/deflowering calculations from hggmod that were previously left out.
  • Added positive mood boost calculation of scraps from your table to all food types.
  • Raised requirement for positive mood from your scraps when given no food.


  • Added conditionals for slaves iced 4 to 6 and barn slaves to database change options in NINJ4 R4BBID's mod.
  • Added the extra slave database library package from NINJ4 R4BBID that was previously left out.
  • Added readme for Jack_Custom library package (not a true readme, just copied what was written in the release post about it).


  • Fixed NSFW option to display the correct current value.
  • Updated the included readme for hggmod to the latest version.


  • Fixed minor typo in #txt database.
  • Deactivated debug mode to avoid false bug reports related to saves from other versions.


  • Changed the main menu to better identify what mod were merged.
  • First public release (not counting the beta).


  • Added the fiend size near the status.
  • Fast wash button for the master will always be present regardless of cleanliness to match available options in the menus.
  • Added quick preset switch buttons.
  • Presets now store sleeping arrangements and diet.
  • Slightly reworked the preset buttons to be more intuitive.


  • Merged the fog battle slave Parasite/STD/Deflowering calculations from hggmod that i thought i merged in v1.3.
  • Compatible with saves from 1.8.

P.S: to load a save from an old version start a new game then go into the option menu and click "next" two times and turn on "Debug" before loading, this will only work when stated, any other version saves will initially load but most likely will give you trouble down the line.