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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





Slave Induction

Everyone will have their own style of play, but there are a few things you can do when you get a new slave that makes life a lot easier.

  1. Explain Her Position: Actually, it's quite hard to gauge the effect of this. But if you're going to do it, sooner is better than later. There are three topics for "explain" and you can do them one after the other.
  2. Medical Examination: Take her to the Technosphere in the Serpentine Quarter and have the medics look her over. This way you catch diseases and xeno-parasites. You might want to sterilise her while you're there. That saves having the Vatican steal your pregnant slaves and keeps them from being re-infected with Fiend larvae.
  3. Branding: You need to put your mark on your slave if you want to sell her anywhere other than slave auction. Go to the Outcast Quarter and get Uncle Bo to tattoo her with your brand.
  4. Rules: Check the rules page and make sure that your slave is getting enough food. I personally like to always use fresh food (expensive but worth it for the effect on her mood). Tick "Deny Orgasm" and "Force Rules". Leave her sleeping on a bedroll to begin with.
  5. Obedience You may need to apply some punishments before your slave will obey. Get these out of the way now.
  6. Clothing Once your slave starts to obey use the "Gift" reward to give her a sun dress.
  7. Encouragement: After that, Talk->Affect->Encourage should lift her mood into the green.
  8. Ask her questions: Asking what she wants to do might reveal a hidden talent, asking about requests can hint at a possible fetish, asking about fears could let you know about what punishments she responds greatly to.

At this point you should have a good basic start.

Keep Your Slaves Happy!

A happy slave learns faster than a miserable one, while unhappy ones can spiral into depression, which in turn can harm your slave's psychological stats and may eventually leave her broken and worthless. Consequently it is in the trainer's best interest if his slave is happy.

  • Talk to her: Ask your slave how she is feeling. She'll tell you all the things that are making her happy, and the ones that are making miserable. Where possible address her concerns. Complaints about bedding can be solved by letting her share your bed, for instance. If she complains that her secretions look strange, take her to the doctor. If there are things that make her happy that aren't present (good sex, free time, etc) consider using one as her next reward.
  • Active Sex: A dozen orgasms in quick succession will cheer up just about any slave.
  • Letting your slave sleep in a boudoir is a cheap way to boost her mood.

See also: Mood

Train D-Class Slaves (outdated)

It's possible to train a slave to D-Class fairly quickly and cheaply. The returns are better on higher quality slaves, but unless you have a sizable bankroll, so are the risks. Churning through D-Class slaves while staying in the slums can be a good way to accumulate the funds needed for a more ambitious project.

A D-Class slave with one blue skill sells for 300 sparks to the guild sub-purchaser, no questions asked. But check at the forum first - there are some buyers who will pay 500 for the same slave. Additionally there are buyers who will pay 500 for D-Class Assistants (White town - Trade Square; Realtor) Nurses (Serpentine Quarter - Technosphere; Medical Centre) Enchantresses (Border of the Fogs; Base Camp), Concubines (Quarter of the Bull; Madame Jofre) and possibly others. These are repeat customers, so you can sell them any number of slaves. However you'll need to spend a little time making your slaves presentable. Generally a full work-over at the Salon (I usually get one for the PC as well) plus a gown, lace gloves and heels seems to suffice. You'll probably need to equip the new clothes and then sleep before the bonuses take full effect for some reason.

Summary: Churn D-Class slaves to build up funds. Sell to buyers in preference to the sub-purchaser. Raise style to blue if you want to sell to businesses.

The Buyer Of Last Resort

Sometimes you get saddled with a lemon; too stupid and too stubborn to train in time. The slave market will generally give you 3 sparks for such slaves. But you can get 10 or more from the butcher. Just saying.

The Buyer Of First Resort

The guild auction only happens once every few days, but it is by far the best way to sell your slave profitably if you plan for it. Train your slave in multiple specializations, max out her charm by giving her stylish cloths and a full body treatment at the spa the day of the auction, and your slave will sell for much higher than any price you could get elsewhere. Training and Selling B+ slaves at the auction could net you ~4500 sparks OR MORE per slave! (personal best: 6100)

Save Your Sparks!

Meat is cheap in rome. The 1 dollar meal at the Virgin's Hip is both cheaper than the F- canned food, and is B+ quality. If you are living in the slums, this saves 10 sparks per decade, and increases your strength if your strength is low. Meat at the gastronomicon is a cheap way to up your meal quality once you get a kitchen. You just have to be OK with a little cannibalism.

Increasing your standard of living will only get you one point of positive mood, and can drain your funds very quickly. Consider whether that the cost is worth it (it's usually not). Having too low of a standard of living will decrease your mood, but doesn't seem to decrease it further if taken even lower. If you can't afford a happy standard of living, might as well set it to impoverished and be done with it. It will however, slowly drain your personality, which will make it harder to train slaves in the future!

Drugs are good... in moderation (version 2.2.3)

First rule: Never take one type of drug more than once per day.

Faries pollen (meth) adds 5 energy bars, a great way to get extra training done very cheap. It is like an entire extra day for 2 sparks: incredibly cheap value, even in the slums! Be mindful if your energy bar turns purple however: a purple energy bar means strenuous activities will RAPIDLY DRAIN strength. A feeble slave will probably get addicted from the second dose: So stop trying to exercise your feeble slave with meth, it just makes things worse. Give them supplements and maybe a plushy toy instead.

Kamra (coffee) only adds one energy bar for the same 2 sparks: not nearly as valuable... I recommend only using when your energy accidentally goes negative so you or your slave don't get the end of day penalties. An enduring slave can drink this stuff 49 days in a row before getting addicted, if you do find the extra energy valuable.

Datura (weed) and oblivion (opium) increase mood, which is awkward: mood bonus is most valuable when your slave is new and very unhappy... But slaves wont take drugs until they have a bud of obedience... which usually means their mood is already good. If your magic skill is high enough, there is a spell you can use to force them to take it, but really, you should just press the 'encourage' button... it is free, and is usually more effective.

Alcohol gives a nasty hangover. It is probably best to simply not.

Taking any drug more than once every 4 days is likely to eventually get your slave addicted. There is some RNG involved. (on average addiction goes down once every 3 days, and obviously goes up the day the drug is consumed)

A very safe way to handle drugs, is to only use them on your slaves on race and/or gladiator days (when you need the extra energy the most anyway). That gives ~8 days of recovery for every 2 days of use, which again should allow your slaves enough time to recover unless RNG hates you. (~0.15% chance of addiction on a 'healthy' slave if used 4 times over 2 decades.

The master's addiction is slower to deplete than a slave's addiction. If you notice the moodlet in your diary, you should probably go cold turkey for a nice little while.

DO NOT let your assistant get addicted to drugs! she will sneak them out of your store room EVERY DAY if it happens! It could take AGES of cold turkey for her to cure her addiction if you don't catch it quick.

Why is my Personality stuck at F- rank? (version 2.2.3)

Personality will slowly fall if your standard of living, housing, and interior decorations are lower than your brand rank. Personality is how other people view you, and if you don't live like a person who in their mind matches the reputation of your product they find it quite off putting. If your slaver has the "every penny must be considered" mood, or the "this house is no place for work and rest" mood, it means your personality is in free fall. Alternatively, one of the special missions gives a reward that prevents your personality from falling below B+ (though it may still take effort to get it there).

Why is my Slave cow skill going down? (version 2.2.3)

Training any skill other than endurance/athletics drains requires the mind, which drains your cow behavior. On the other hand, a well trained cow is going to have a really hard time learning human things. In other words, if you want to train your slave to be a cow, train everything else you want to train first, and only then train the cow skill.

Why is my Slave suddenly refusing to learn? (version 2.2.3)

Be careful what you equip! Fluffy paws and deprivation suit seriously hamper a slaves ability to learn most skills. A slave gets bored learning the same thing over and over again, give her some variety in the lessons to keep her interested. Dirty slaves have a really hard time focusing. Give them a bath, and they might be much more receptive to lessons again.

Money from fogs (version 2.2.3)

Blindly selling F ranked slaves from the fogs used to be a great source of easy money in previous versions, but it was nerfed so you cant just live in the slums and make bank. But it still is a decent source of extra money in the mid to late-game IF you know what you are doing.

Assuming your guy has enough stats and items to fight in the fogs, you also need to get your assistant to S rank alchemy (send her to school if needed), rent a lab for a decade (remember to cancel on the 9th, otherwise you'll get charged for another decade) and make some Philter potions. also Rent a dungeon. The trick here is to trick the sub-purchaser or Farid that your goods are good. Once you get your slave, simply lock her in the dungeon for a while till she feels less rebellious (not too long, she probably has a baby fiend inside her). Once her thorns (you /do/ have a raven crown by now right? fog fights are much easier with artifacts) are in the single digits, take her out, use domini dictum to force her to do whatever you want. Whatever you want being: explain position and threaten to hopefully get fear up to 2, a philter to increase devotion to 1 and finally encourage followed by a whole bunch of drugs to make her high as a kite.

She should now be D- rank (or a few training sessions away, and she certainly has the energy from the drugs to speed through them), and sellable for 250 bucks to the sub purchaser. yea, she'll probably be back to -F rank in the morning, but by then she is someone else's problem, and you walked away with a good ~200 in the bank after the dungeon rental, spells, potions and drugs.

Rank C Concubine

Several residents request a rank C+ concubine. To satisfy their requirements they need quite a few sexual skills, which is often very hard to train. A B+ ranking slave will sell for much more to someone else, for not much more time investment.

Guild Quality Bonus

Just because your first guild contract is for a D- or D+ rank slave, doesn't mean you have to give them a D- or D+ rank slave. Do your best to give them the best slave you can (even if you have to take out a loan to do it). The quality bonus is worth far more than the contract itself, even if you end up turning in the slave a little bit late. You also will probably be able to skip over the rather unprofitable C ranked contracts. Remember, doing guild contracts is one of the least profitable ways to sell your slaves, you probably only really should be taking them to rank up your guild reputation. So you can probably save a lot of time(and thus money) here by simply training higher ranked slaves from the start.

[Jack 2.2.3]

It is not worth pursuing quality bonus since it at best pays whatever quality slave you offer: if you turn in a A+ slave for a D- contract, you're paid A+ contract equivalent at best (assuming not damage product). Since you've probably spent more time raising the rank, you will receive a reduced time bonus, so you're really just losing money. If you are able to train high rank slaves, acquire slaves yourself and sell them at auction is a way better choice (payout is usually more than double of contract).

Guild Contract Speed Bonus and Slave Laundering

You can turn in any slave for guild contract and receive the speed bonus based on contract day, not days you own the slave. As such, you can train a market slave toward a certain specialization, savescum the contract and turn in the contract on day 1 to receive ridiculous speed bonus. If on average you spend 30 days training a D- slave and do only D- contracts, you will be getting 650 payout per D- slave if you do day 0 turn in comparing to 350 payout on a 30 day turn in, almost getting double the spark for the same amount of effort.

Moreover, slaves offered by guild may be generated with extremely good values even at D- contracts, effectively allowing you to spend 20 sparks on a bad slave to turn in the D- contract and pocket the high quality slave for high quality auction sales. (Currently the game does not prohibit you from auctioning guild branded slave).

Gift Rewards

  • If you're selling your slave to a business that has a style requirements, reward your slave with some items that you'd have to end up buying for her to complete the sale to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
  • A good use of a one point reward is to buy flowers for your slave. It's cheap and it allows you to use the five point "promise her a gift" option later without penalty.
    • [Jack 2.2.3] The promise reward/gift option requires you to give reward or gift of significant value, otherwise it will give the slave bad mood of cheap gift/reward and reflect that if you ask her how she feels. However, currently it's bugged and the negative mood is immediately removed after giving another cheap gift/reward.
  • A good use for a two point reward is the sensual massage which gets an extra action (if the massager's petting skill is Blue or above).
  • Sweet rewards are, paradoxically, good for dieting slaves. Set the slave to weight loss regimen, make them exercise them until they have negative calories and then use a sweet reward to bring the cal count up to zero or one. That way the slave will lose weight rapidly but without starvation.

Jonny: Some notes on playing at maximum difficulty (outdated)


The trouble with playing as Jonny (one of many) is that his initial dominance is F-. That means his slaves will rebel with clockwork regularity, up to and including trying to kill him if he tries to discipline them. So Job One is to get the bare minimum of combat training.

To do this travel white town. Visit the armourer shop and get an Aketon and a whip. "Borrow" Isabella's leather armor - it's not much but a bit better than nothing for now. Then go to the Colosseum and spar with the weakest slave. You won't be able to raise your combat skill (beyond the one level granted by the Aketon fencing jacket) but it will train your strength. Try and get it to B/Blue and buy a special training - roundhouse kick is recommended.

With that done you stand a decent chance of surviving your first couple of slave rebellions

Guild Work

Now go to the Guild and see what slave training work is available. You can train most specialties, but there are a few pitfalls.

  • Feeble Slaves get too few actions to be trainable in a hurry (and you are in a hurry). Especially if they have multiple thorns of rebellion in their aura. Best avoided.
  • Enchantress Slaves. Neither you nor Isabella have any initial magic skill, so you'll need to send her to school. That's an expense you can do without when starting out as Jonny.
  • Courtesan. Sex slaves take longer to train than the others. You're in a hurry.
  • Pet training inspires a lot more resistance than the other types. Once you gave a few successes under your belt you can probably cope, but avoid these missions to begin with.

Housing & Assistant

With your new slave (and the up front payment for training her) go to the real estate office and rent the bare minimum apartment in Serpentine, and then nip down to the Fogs and pick up Isabella - you're going to need her skills to do most of the training.


The first few slaves are going to be difficult. You need to train them before you run out of money, which means inside decade, two if you're lucky. You don't have time to gently lead difficult girls to right behaviour. And they are all going to be difficult to start with.

So your strategy is basically to train the key skill every turn until it meets the requirements, punishing as needed. Don't bother with psychological stuff - go for shaming, bondage and flagellation in that order. In particular you want to avoid bruises and traces of beatings as these can keep a slave at F- level until they heal.

Once the skill is established, add other common skills until the slave reaches D rank. Then turn them in and get another one as soon as you can. Keep doing this until you have around 1500 sparks.

Remember that there is one thing in which Johnny is good at - starting as the Worst of Perverts he can use Golden Shower during active sex and only slaves with Purist trait will be turned off by it. You can also very early start Golden Shower training to drain Pride and when it gets to S+ (B is enough but his other sex skills begin at dismall level so might as well max this out) set the slave to behave:urinal without negative mood penalties and with an excuse to daily train slave's Maid skill.

Other Considerations

Your Skills You'll need the appropriate garb to start training in most areas. You can't afford to get it all at once but it's worth buying the relevant item for each contract until you have the set (or can afford to fill the gaps)

Isabella You're going to be relying on Izzy's skills a lot to begin with. Not only is she better than you at most things, but she's a better teacher and she's cheaper than sending slaves to school. Make use of her.

Raising Basic Attributes. This can be a tar-pit and is often a sign that a slave is useless to you. Raising basic stats to D rank can take a long time depending on where the deficiencies may lie. Sometimes its faster to sell them to Farid (or to the butcher) and buy a new slave for 5 sparks and start over. Remember - you don't need to deliver the same slave - any one that fits the spec will do. Alternatively, if you're fond of the slave, check her into a cryo-tube and finish her training when you have the sparks and time to spare.

Bruising, Beatings and Scars As I mentioned earlier, bruises and beatings can lower the looks of a slave to the point where she no longer qualifies for D rank. Scarring can at least be fixed at the medical center, but you probably don't have the budget for that. Again, it may be best to freeze or sell the slave and start over.

Saving This approach should be viable without resort to "save scumming" or excessive saving and reloading. All the same, I'd recommend you keep a save gave every decade or so. Things can always go wrong unexpectedly.

Fame Avoid working on your brand! The better known your brand, the higher rank the guild will expect from your training missions. The trouble is that it takes a lot longer to train C rank slaves and you need a rapid turnaround at the start. So keep your brand low until you no longer depend on guild work.


Jonny is entirely playable if appropriate care is taken. He's a lot slower to get up to speed and needs to spend a lot more time breaking in his slaves. On the other hand (as has been pointed out elsewhere) after Jonny, anyone else is going to be a breeze.

pandawarrior00's Jonny start guide (2016-06-13)

Custom Start Extreme: Some Notes on Playing the REAL Maximum Difficulty

(work in progress)

Do not play on extreme for your first game. You will have a very bad time, and you will end up complaining about how hard the game is. Even if you use all your points in an optimal fashion, an extreme custom start is about 4 times as hard as Johnny is on normal start.

All that said, a lot of the Johnny tips are still applicable, however, rent prices are incredibly punishing. You will almost certainly have to train a B+ slave to get out of the slums, and continue training nothing short of B+ slaves to manage to stay out of the slums.

The (current) game developers regularly plays zero starts (200 sparks, all -F ranked skills), and posts about them to ensure the game is beatable even in the most seemingly impossible of starting conditions. This basically involves using and abusing every possible game mechanic and detail. Here are some of his posts on the subject:

V 2.2 zero start AAR (out of date, but the most detailed guide for a zero start)

2.2.2 zero start AAR

2.2.3 Zero start AAR

2.2.3 no combat zero start

Tips for Training

Linked Sex Skill Training

Many skills are linked to another skill. Training other skills will sometimes raise a skill to a certain minimum level:

Skill Minimum Skill Level
Handjob Petting
Blowjob max(Deep Throat, Bukkake, Group Sex)
Licking Oral Pleasure
Exhibitionism Demonstration
Masturbation Dildo
Vaginal Sex max(Fisting, Double Penetration, Triple Penetration, Gangbang)
Fisting Vaginal Sex - 1
Anal Sex max(Anal Fisting, Double Penetration, Triple Penetration, Gangbang)
Anal Fisting Anal Sex - 1
Triple penetration Gangbang
Double Penetration Triple Penetration
Bukkake Blowjob - 2
Masochism Self-torture
Golden Shower Scatology

Note: this only seems to work up to B+ rank in version 2.2.3

Raising stamina

Notes on raising Stamina: On a slave with Stamina:feeble, most of the stamina raising actions are greyed out. There are 2 still available that are not:

  • Enema training
  • Entertain me: Acrobatics (be careful, uses 2 calories)
  • Wearing Athletic Leotard and Sneakers gives bonus to learning stamina which applies even to Feeble slaves

Lowering Pride

Notes on dealing with high Pride: Most of the Rules have Pride in the obedience test, so the slave will usually disobey until Obedience is quite high. There are 2 that test other stats and also lower pride:

  • Silence rule - obey check is Obedience vs Temperament.
  • Deny Toileting rule - obey check is Obedience vs (Ego + 1)

Two of the Shame punishments decrease pride, oddly the others don't appear to:

  • Naked walk
  • Shameful Podium

Some of the Trainings that reduce pride have relatively low Obedience requirements for the slave not to refuse to perform them:

  • Humiliation training: 3
  • Anal sex: 5
  • Enema training: Pride + 1


  • The leather collar will decrease pride without any mood malus.
  • The steel collar will decrease pride, but affects mood quite harshly (-3)
  • Some of the pet gear (pony plume, anal tail, pony harness) will decrease pride, but affects mood, some quite harshly (harness is -2, plume is -3, matches the Pride effects)
    • If you're in a hurry and worried about mood, you can possibly balance this with some mood raising clothing (sundress,slippers,headband,wedding dress), Rules(boudoir, leftovers) or actions(Encourage, spa treatment)
    • Beware that Rule:in my bed will *decrease* mood with high slave Pride and low Obedience.

Grocery Shopping

To minimize food cost, it is worth considering what you buy versus food quality. You may have noticed there are chances of making meal of lower quality than your skill which is no coincident: certain dishes require certain ingredients and high-end dishes often require premium ingredients such as egg and milk. To minimize cost for each tier of skill, this is the recommended grocery list

Level Vegetables Greasy Mince Meat Flour Tender Fillet Herbs and Spices Alcohol Average Cost
S O O OO OO OO $10
A O OO O OO $5.4
B OO O OO OO $5.8
C O O O $3.6
D OOOO O $1.88
* Number of O is the ratio of average consumption speed
** There is about 2% chance you're unable to make the food of the S and A rank with the listed ingredients
*** It's recommended you keep a small stock of Greasy meat even at S rank (no S rank dish uses it, does not affect average cost) so there is even less chance of failing to make high quality meal