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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





When the slave has non-negative merit, you can grant a reward. Giving a reward greater than the slave's merit results in spoiling. Ending the day with positive merit can reduce mood. Giving too many rewards in one day (three on normal difficulty, two on hard, no limit on easy) results in spoiling.

Moral Encouragement

Reward Reward Level
Sparingly approve 1
Praise 2
Weighty compliment 3
Promise a reward 4
Promise a gift 5

Promise a reward/gift doesn't work if you've already promised a reward/gift but haven't yet delivered on your promise. But what counts as a reward/gift?


  • Any date (spend time together) that is at least somewhat successful
  • Give Free Time: Rest till evening
  • Give Free Time: Fun till evening
  • Give Free Time: Garden of Gethsemene
  • Give Free Time: Hot Springs
  • Give Free Time: Golden Cage
  • Erotic Reward: Vibes
  • Erotic Reward: Cunnilingus


  • Any gift (surprise, surprise)
  • Euphorijelly
  • Vesturian Ambrosia

Spend Time Together

Take your slave out on a date. If the date is at least somewhat successful, it increases the slave's devotion. All of these are individually less effective after every use. Devotion, Awareness, Taming, and Spoil all contribute positively to these rewards.

Reward Reward Level Cost Notes
Stroll on the roof 1 $0
Walk around the city 2 $0 Effected positively by Nature and Temperament.
Go to the beach 3 $2 Effected positively by Endurance and Temperament.
Go to the theater 4 $4 Free if the player's estate is Korvus.
Go to a restaurant 5 $8 Free if the player's estate is Kamira. Improves player's strength and slave's endurance.

Give Free Time

Giving free time costs energy for the slave. Some rewards also cost sparks. All of these, with the exception of the Garden of Gethsemane, are positively effected by Empathy, Nature, Temperament, and Spoil.

Reward Reward Level Cost Effect
An hour of rest 1 1 energy Heals the slave's bruises based on Endurance.
An hour of fun 1 1 energy Reduces despair by half of slave's Habit, Taming, Awareness, and Devotion.
Rest till evening 2 All remaining energy (at least 2) Heals the slave's bruises proportional to time remaining and Endurance.
Fun till evening 2 All remaining energy (at least 2) Reduces Despair by slave's Habit, Taming, Awareness, and Devotion.
Hot Springs 3 $2 and 1 energy Cleans slave and reduces Despair by their Habit, Taming, Awareness, and Devotion. Improves Nature and Devotion once per day, and Empathy per visit.
Garden of Gethsemane 4 2 energy Mood bonus is almost entirely based on slave's Fear and Despair. Significantly reduces Fear, Despair, and Spoiling. Reduces Pride and Arousal. Increases Empathy if below 3, Nature if below 2, and Devotion always.
Golden Cage 5 $5 and All remaining energy (at least 3) Having more energy positively effects mood. Reduces Despair. Increases Nature, Temperament, Empathy, and Devotion. Raises Spoil by Temperament (glitch?).

Erotic Reward

Each reward in this category, excluding Gentle Hug, costs the master one energy. Also increases the slave's arousal based on the player's various stats.

Reward Reward Level Effect
Gentle hug 1 Increases petting skill. Slave arousal by style oral skill. Does not cause orgasms.
Sensual massage 2 Slave arousal by petting and style. Improves player's petting skill. If petting > 2, once per day raises slave's Energy (if below 3), Empathy, and Taming. If medic < 3, makes bruises worse, else heals. Spoil by half of player's strength, petting, and allure. Does not cause orgasms.
Petting 3 Increases player's petting skill. Slave arousal by petting and style.
Vibes 4 Increases player's petting and fetish skills. Slave arousal by petting and style.
Cunnilingus/Special 5 Increases player's petting and oral skills. Slave arousal by petting, oral, and style.

Make a Gift

Warm Plaid reduces despair slightly every night.

Plush toy acts as a soft pillow, giving slight energy bonus when sleeping on bedroll.

Mini pony gives a permanent mood bonus.

Perfume gives a charm bonus.

Reward Reward Level Cost
Bouquet of flowers 1 $2
Warm plaid 2 $9
Plush toy 3 $15
Perfume 4 $20
Mini pony 5 $50 + $1/day food cost


Reward Reward Level Cost
Headband 1 $3
Sparkly Earrings 2 $3
A Ring with a Gem 3 $5
Sparkling Necklace 4 $10
Precious Tiara 5 $20


Reward Reward Level Cost
Soft Slippers 1 $5
Sundress 2 $5
Gown 3 $10
Gorgeous Dress 4 $50
Wedding Dress 5 $100

Sweet Treat

Sweet treats add calories to your slave's diet.

Reward Reward Level Cost Calories
Chocolate 1 $1 200
Cream Cake 2 $2 300
Banana Sundae 3 $4 400
Euphorijelly 4 $8 500
Vesturian Ambrosia 5 $25 600

Vesturian Ambrosia gives a small increase in Empathy, Awareness, Taming, Habit, Devotion, Nature, Temper, and Endurance.


In addition to the options in the rewards menu, you can use the Delikacia spell for $5. It increases Mood and Devotion according to slaver's magic level. Delikacia also increases Taming and Temperament once per day.