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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]






The Diet is the most important point in training the slave. An underweight slave is weak and needs longer to improve her Endurance. Plump, Overweight and obese will have a weakened endurance that will lower the Price of the slave. (A Plump Slave that has an "S+" in Endurance will have only "A" if she lose weight) Healthy Weight is ideal, although Voluptuous is sometimes requested.

Calorie Counter

The Calorie Counter has a Range from -99 to 99 cal (Training decreases it and Eating increases it) The F (fat) counter has a range from -80 to 40 depending on metabolism. (Normal metabolism has -30/30 while weakened metabolism gains weight at 30 F and only loses weight at -80.) As the F counter reach the maximum the Slave will gain weight and if the counter reach the minimum she will lose weight, resetting back to 0 in the process. A Slaver needs a Medic rank of D/Hospitaler or better for the F counter to be visible. This can be raised by wearing Medical Gown and training the Nurse skill.

List on the Diet Plan

Mass Cal
Weight Loss 2 - 4
Weight Stable 5 - 9
Weight gain 9 - 13
your leftovers 0 - 3

Add Suppliments - from what I understand this option helps improve a slave's Endurance slightly every day up to B/Healthy with its effectiveness determined by the slaver's medical skill.

Sweet Treat

Reward Cal
Chocolate 2
Cream Cake 3
Banana Sundae 4
Euphorijelly 5
Vesturian Ambrosia 6

Food Options

Type Effect
Dehydrated Cheap, but decreases mood.
Fresh Expensive, no effect on mood.
Fiend's Cum Expensive, but free if you can harvest it yourself (current stock is shown in the cryostore; doesn't take up space).

Decreases mood much like Dehydrated food, unless the slave has Trait: Pervert, then it acts similar to Fresh Food.

Your Leftovers Adds a few calories, improves mood if combined with Fresh or Fiend (if the slaves like it)


All activities have an -1 Cal, Dance and Pony have -2, Fitness and Martial Arts have -3.

NOTE: Every Slave will in the beginning eating as much as they like. Example: You have a New slave that is "Feeble" and "Underweight" and you set "Weight Gain" but the Cal Show only 7 That means she cannot eat more than that you should not waist money on it and switch to stable weight. Feeble Slave tend to not Gain Weight until they are healthy enough.


It's important to tune the diet of your slave to match your plans for her. A Gladiatrix working on endurance training will burn through a lot more calories than a Secretary and should have a diet that reflects that lifestyle. It's also worth noting that going into negative calories will help with weight loss, but will have a detrimental affect on a slave's endurance as well. The ideal range for weight loss seems to be 0-1 cal left at the end of the day.

Experimenting with Isabella:

Cal at End of Day Change in F
<= 1 -3 (tested to -10 cal)
2-5 0
6 +1
7 +2
8 +4
9 +4
10 +8

In my limited testing results seemed to vary slightly. It's possible that actions might be affecting F directly in addition to EoD calories, i.e reward: Sweet Treat or Fitness Training. When going into negative calories through fitness training, the training will probably offset the lost endurance from starvation, but that said, it's best to avoid it so you don't have two actions fighting each other. I have not seen more than -3f in a day, so you're not gaining anything for weight loss by pushing her too hard.

  • Lolis to lose weight without going into starvation should end the day with 0 cal and unmodified adults with 1 cal. Technosphere food-giving modifications increase the cal spent while sleeping.