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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]






This section is work in progress


Increased by:

  • Sparring in the Colosseum
  • Teaching gymnastics
  • Teaching martial arts
  • Applying Miracle Balm
  • Clean house
  • Good hygiene
  • Highly rated cooked food
  • Good mood
  • Assistant with high Nurse skill

Decreased by:

  • Energy below 0 (red stars)
  • Illness
  • Consuming alcohol/some drugs
  • Drug/alcohol addiction
  • Wounds
  • A dinner of rating below your current strength


Versions before 2.2:

Increased by:

  • Higher Brand ranking
  • Successful "Explain Her Position" and Encourage

Decreased by:

  • Drug/alcohol addiction

Version 2.2.3:

Increased by:

  • A Standard of living greater than your Brand ranking
  • Successful "Explain Her Position" and Encourage
  • certain artifacts (Up to B+)
  • More expensive housing
  • "Premium" Interior decoration

Decreased by:

  • Drug/alcohol addiction
  • A Brand ranking higher than Standard of living
  • Having insufficient housing + interior decoration compared to Brand ranking

Example in version 2.23:

If you live in Serpentine, with B+ brand reputation, and you upgrade your standard of living to B+ (by default standard of living is Basic, C-, for Serpentine residence), and you upgraded your hall, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, your personality attribute will stabilize at C-. If you stay with the C- basic standard of living, then personality will stabilize at D-. If you don't upgrade your home decor, then it will trend down towards F-.


Increased by:

  • Fashionable Attire (+1)
  • Noble Regalia (+1)
  • Salon->Services for Men
  • High Strength
  • Good mood

Decreased by:

  • Worn Clothes (-1)
  • Housecoat (-1)


Increased by:

  • Active sex life
  • Healthy lifestyle

Decreased by:

  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Poor health
  • Low mood
  • Ending day at maximum arousal (unless you have Chimaera Gem)

Brand Status


  • Selling price of slave at slave auction

Increased by:

  • Selling slaves under your brand (at Slave guild auction)
  • Slave wins Colosseum battle
  • Slave wins Colosseum race

Guild Reputation


  • Level of available contracts

Increased by:

  • Completing several contracts

Standard of Living


  • Mood
  • Respectable or higher required to enter the Gentleman's Club in the Quarter of the Bull
  • Personality

Change your standard of living in the Accounting section of the Domestic issues menu, and then wait until the end of decade for it to update (and for you to pay for your new standard of living).

Level Additional Cost Per Decade
Impoverished $0
Poor $20 ~ $30
Basic $40 ~ $60
Comfortable $80 ~ $120
Respectable $200 ~ $300
Luxurious $400 ~ $600
Extravagant $800 ~ $1200

If you have a slave that has high accounting skill and high intelligent, assigning slave to do accounting may receive a discount (up to 65% off if lucky) to cost from living standard.

Similarly, you may receive a fine if you assign a dumb slave with no accounting skill, which may cause up to +75% more expensive bills if unlucky.


This section is work in progress
Note: For a skill to increase the relevant activity must be done by the player character and not delegated to NPCs.
There are 5 sets of clothing sold at the Boutique of Servilla Quint that will increase your skill by 1 when worn, for as long as they are worn.


Increased by:

  • Training any slave skill.


Clothing: Livery

Increased by:

  • Training slave skill: Cooking
  • Training slave skill: Maid
  • Training slave skill: Secretary
  • Cooking yourself ('Domestic issues' > 'Prepare a meal')
  • Cleaning Yourself ('Domestic issues' > 'Tidy up the house')
  • Doing accounting yourself ('Domestic issues' > 'accounting' > toggle 'Do accounting personally')


Clothing: Formal Attire

Increased by:

  • Training slave skill: Etiquette
  • Training slave skill: Dance
  • Training slave skill: Singing
  • Training slave skill: Music
  • Training slave skill: Pet
  • Training slave skill: Pony


Clothing: Medical Gown

Increased by:

  • Training slave skill: Nurse


Clothing: Aketon

Increased by:

  • Training slave skill: Gladiatrix
  • Fighting in the Fogs.
  • Sparring in the Colosseum(???).


Clothing: Wizard Robes

Increased by:

  • Training slave skill: Enchantress
  • Casting spells.

Note: certain spells are only effective for levelling upto a certain level:

  • Auspex, Magna Magnifika: ineffective at Apprentice and above
  • Cruciato, Delikacia, Sententia Veritas: ineffective at Mage and above
  • Tremendio, Adverto Servili: always effective
  • Domini Dictum: always effective regardless of whether the domination succeeds or not. The domination will only succeed if the caster's magic level is at least equal to the slave's nature.


Increased by:

  • Punishment: Psychological pressure
  • Training slave skill: Pony training
  • Training slave skill: Humiliation
  • Training slave skill: Masochism
  • Training slave skill: Self-torture
  • Training slave skill: Dig/Pig/Horse/Fiend mating
  • Training slave skill: Fitness
  • Put in Place (if successful)
  • Threaten
  • Punishment: Torture
  • Active Sex: Bite/Hit (and Dirty Talk? maybe - the code looks weird for Talk...)


Increased by:

  • Punishment: Flogging


Increased by:

  • Punishment: Torture instruments/units
  • Active Sex: Tickle with dagger


Increased by:

  • Punishment: Bondage and Deprivation


You can check the things affecting the Slaver's mood in his diary. Good moods improve his efficiency and increase the odds of successful actions. (need to verify: affects slaver allure?)

Things that improve his mood:

  • Decent housing relative to Reputation
  • Good standard of living relative to Reputation
  • Recent Sex
  • Slave making good progress
  • Having lots of energy
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Clean house
  • Being clean
  • Buying a new slave
  • Selling a slave
  • Date (reward: spend time together) that goes well
  • Training a beautiful slave.
  • Eating well (Restaurant date with slave, eating at Gentlemen's Club)
  • Slave obeying (green in "achievements" area)
  • Rule: Behave alarm w/slave with Blowjob skill
  • Rule: Behave urinal w/slave with Golden Shower skill
  • Rule: Behave toilet w/slave with Scatology skill
  • Assistant Rule: Bath slave w/assistant with Oral and/or Petting skills
  • Salon: Invigorating massage, Erotic Massage, Aroma spa
  • Watching a battle in the Colosseum
  • Drinking at the Virgin's Hip
  • Drugs - Camra, Datura, Essence of Oblivion, Bacchus' Nectar

Things that decrease mood:

  • Housing that doesn't reflect his reputation
  • Too low of a standard of living
  • Pent up sexual desire (Stallion/Wild Stallion)[1]
  • Being oversexed
  • Slave not behaving
  • Worn/uncomfortable clothing
  • Dirty house
  • Injuries
  • Cleaning the house yourself
  • Preparing your own meals
  • Drug/alcohol withdrawal

[1] Wearing Chimaera's Gem guarantees this.

Sexual Desire

Levels from highest to lowest:

  • Wild Stallion*
  • Stallion*
  • Rock Hardon
  • Mighty Hardon
  • Hardon
  • Contented
  • Cold
  • Sated*
  • Overfucked*
  • Flacid*
  • Hanging*
* Decreases mood when in these states

Access to Buyers

Within "I need to continually work on my reputation", found in the "objectives" tab accessible after clicking on the slaver's portrait while at home, one can see not only the status of the slaver's brand, but also the slaver's standing with the various Great Houses of Eternal Rome.

When this standing is increased to at least D or pink level with a faction, the slaver can rent living accomodations in that faction's quarter, and when standing is increased to at least B or blue level with a faction, the slaver can gain entrance to the palace of that faction, to access the A rank and S+ rank buyers therein (and become a Patrician by selling to the S+ rank buyer.)

Selling slaves to businesses does not appear to increase the rank of the slaver's standing.
The various standing-ranks also seem to have very particular requirements for their increases.
These particular requirements for standing-rank advances mean that selling to buyers out of order will actually do no good whatsoever for improvement of the slaver's standing.

  • To go from F to D rank standing, the slaver can sell a slave to anyone in the residential area in the district. (Or even Mystra, for Quarter of Outcasts)
  • To go from D to C rank standing, the slaver must sell a slave to someone in the residential area who requires a C rank slave or above.
  • To go from C to B rank standing, the slaver must sell a slave to someone in the residential area who requires a B rank slave or above.
  • To go from B to A rank standing, the slaver must sell a slave to someone in the palace who requires an A rank slave or above.
  • And to go from A to S+ rank standing, (Patrician), the slaver must sell a slave to the faction-leader, who requires an S+ rank slave.

This is why all of the quarters' residential areas have 3 residents who require B-rank slaves; if a person sells only B rank slaves and sells them only to those 3 residents, he will still thereby fulfill all the requirements to gain entrance to that faction's palace.
(Though access to the faction's palace in White Town works differently.)