Jack-o-nine: Quarter of the Outcasts

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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





Quarter of the Outcasts

Camira Residences

See: Minor Residences

Uncle Bo

A tattoo parlor run by a master of his craft.

Uncle Bo's services include:

  • Small Tattoo - 5$;
  • Tattoo - 5-100$;
  • Permanent Makeup - 20$;
  • Brand Tattoo - 10$;
  • Fiend Tattoo - 30$.
  Note: Getting tattoos will negatively affect mood, hygiene and even drop energy for more extensive tattoos.
  Note: All tattoos besides the brand and fiend tattoo will increase your slave's exoticism.

Uncle Bo will also buy slaves from you if they meet the following requirements:

Name Skill Skill Level Colour
Chef Rank D+ Pink
Beauty B+ Blue
Sensitivity B+ Blue
Endurance C- Purple
Cook A+ Teal
Witchcraft B+ Blue
Alchemy C- Purple
Dance C- Purple
Music C- Purple
Penetration C- Purple
Virgin (optional)
No Tattoos
  Reward: 750$. Negotiable.
  Note: No Tattoos can be checked on your slave's anatomy page under the Exoticism equation.
  Note: Pure isn't a skill, it's a check for whether any of the slave's sexual skill categories are above F-.
  Note: He will pay extra for virgins, 50$ every (+) rank. (E.g.: 500$ - D-; 550$ - D+; 600$ - C+; etc.)


Mystra sells a variety of Alchemy ingredients, that can double as drugs, and explains the recipes for various potions and their effects.

Mystra will also buy slaves from you if they meet the following requirements:

Name Skill Skill Level Colour
Mystra Rank C- Purple
Witch Doctor
  Reward: 850$. Negotiable.

Public Animal Farm

The Public Animal Farm is one of the few businesses in Eternal Rome that specialize in renting purebred animals and human slave husbandry.

Jarik will buy slaves from you if they meet the following requirements:

Name Skill Skill Level Colour
Jarik Rank C+ Purple
Pet Pony
  Reward: 1000$. Non-negotiable.

In order to sell cows to Jarik the player must first:

  • Purchase a milk license - 200$;
  • Have historically sold 100 liters of milk to the Milk cooperative;
  Note: While expensive, the milk that you sell to the cooperative doesn't have to come from your cow.
Name Skill Skill Level Colour
Jarik Cow Skill B+ Blue
  Reward: Variable.

Cow price factors include:

  • Physique - best Chubby;
  • Nature - best Spineless;
  • Pride - best Unashamed;
  • Endurance - best Enduring;
  • Pet skill - best S+;
  • Horse skill - best S+;
  • Xenophily - best S+;
  • Cow skill - best S+;
  • Mood - best Ecstatic;
  • Taming - best >3;
  • Habit - best >3;
  • Despair - best 0;
  • Fear - best 0;
  • Boobs - best Stupendous;
  • Virginity - best loose vagina;
  • Fisting skill - best S+;
  • Age - best Mature;
  • Indolent trait;
  • Mind Broken - will halve price.
  Note: Almost all factors give out penalties for insufficient stats or training.
  Note: The most significant positive factors are Cow skill, Mood, Xenophily skills, Boobs and the Indolent trait.
  Note: The most significant negative factors are Despair, Boobs, Physique, Pride, only B+ Cow skill, Mood and Mind Broken (halves total price).

Tips on making bank from selling cows:

  • Disable Loli when initially getting slaves from the auction, as breast size is one of the major factors that influence price (Lolis are capped at 3 out of 6);
  • To prevent Mind Breaking your cow while maintaining decent price, it's recommended to have high temperament since both high Nature and Pride reduce cow price;
  • Send your cow to cryo sleep after lactation surgery to save on food costs;
  • Train your slave's pet and pony skills first, then train her cow skill to prevent it from going down;
  • You can cheese the 100 milk requirement by selling store bought milk;
  • Start with slaves that have high Temperament and both low Nature and Pride;
  • A good, but potentially lengthy, way to lower your slave's Nature and Pride while keeping Temperament high is to:
  • For some reason this particular buyer doesn't care if the slave is in rehabilitation, so you should always go do a breast size increase surgery before selling if applicable.

Milk cooperative

Milky, who runs the cooperative, can provide you with a variety of useful things for raising a cow and selling milk:

  • Cow gear - 25$. Allows you to train slaves past B+ cow skill (one per slave);
  • Refrigerated can - 25$. Allows you to store milk from the barn;
  • Milk License - 200$. Allows you to sell milk to the cooperative;
  • Sell milk bottles;
  • Ask about the milk price.

Tierra del Citadel

Tierra del Citadel is the seat of government for the Quarter of the Outcasts.

To enter the palace and meet with the Ministers you must work your reputation within the Quarter of the Outcasts to a B+.

To gain an audience with the Ruler you must work your reputation within the Quarter of the Outcasts to an A+.

Minister Skill Skill Level Colour
Archbishop Shaitana Rank A+ Teal
Witchcraft S+ Green
Alchemy S+ Green
Nurse S+ Green
Dance A+ Teal
Music A+ Teal
Painting A+ Teal
General Carneys Rank A+ Teal
Intellect S+ Green
Secretary A+ Teal
Xenophily A+ Blue
Penetration B+ Blue
Oral Pleasure B+ Blue
Praetor Tifaret Rank A+ Teal
Endurance S+ Green
Temperament B+ Blue
Pet A+ Teal
Penetration A+ Teal
Xenophily A+ Teal
Pet Pony
  Reward: 5500$. Non-negotiable.
Ruler Skill Skill Level Colour
Tiamat Rank S+ Green
Empathy S+ Green
Pet S+ Green
Nurse A+ Teal
Witchcraft A+ Teal
Alchemy A+ Teal
Maid A+ Teal
Music A+ Teal
Xenophily B+ Blue
 Reward: 8000$. Non-negotiable.
 Status as a Patrician of the Kamira House.