Jack-o-nine: Minor Residences

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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





Minor Residents

Several quarters have houses with potential customers in them desiring slaves with various skills and qualities. They are repeat customers but take a while to request a replacement. They are listed here on the same page to allow to quickly search.


Quarter Residence Skillset Min. Rank Price
Corvus Residences Wight Witch Doctor D+ $750
Corvus Residences Lestor Assistant D+ $750
Corvus Residences Para Lysis Concubine C+ $1000
Corvus Residences Draugr Concubine C+ $1000
Corvus Residences Scarlet Pet Ponygirl C+ $1000
Corvus Residences Mad Baron Witch Doctor C+ $1000
Corvus Residences Faceless Artist C+ $1000
Corvus Residences Donna Venturi Servant B+ $3500
Corvus Residences Lady Yasmenia Servant B+ $3500
Corvus Residences Count Yagellon Artist B+ $3500
Corvus Residences Baron Imladis Servant B+ $3500

Quarter of the Bull

Quarter Residence Skillset Min. Rank Price
Taurus Residences Don Castillo Assistant D+ $750
Taurus Residences Don Diego Concubine C+ $1000
Taurus Residences Magister Gilmeritus Witch Doctor C+ $1000
Taurus Residences Sir Toughbar Concubine B+ $3500
Taurus Residences Lady Edna Servant B+ $3500
Taurus Residences Lady Suinton Pet Ponygirl B+ $3500
Quarter Person Skillset Min. Rank Price
Gentleman's Club Don Karbolio Artist C+ $1000
Gentleman's Club Don Sigismund Servant C+ $1000
Gentleman's Club Don Sorino Artist C+ $1000
Gentleman's Club Don Bobrit Artist B+ $3500
Gentleman's Club Don Mladio Servant B+ $3500
Gentleman's Club Don Sedos Witch Doctor B+ $3500

Serpentine Quarter

Quarter Residence Skillset Min. Rank Price
Anthill Yohanan Stiven Assistant D+ $750
Anthill Archmage Zephiros Witch Doctor D+ $750
Anthill Zhuge Liang Pet Ponygirl C+ $1000
Anthill Peter Viaboo Concubine C+ $1000
Anthill Mister Lardbag Concubine C+ $1000
Anthill Krull Concubine C+ $1000
Anthill Avek Plesir Concubine C+ $1000
Anthill Green Mamba Pet Ponygirl C+ $1000
Anthill Leonid Aleksandriatos Artist C+ $1000
Anthill Lucius Patricius Concubine C+ $1000
Anthill Singh-Khan Gladiatrix B+ $3500
Anthill Frogger Artist B+ $3500
Anthill Dofine Tutti Witch Doctor B+ $3500
Anthill Earl Gray Assistant B+ $3500

Quarter of the Outcasts

Quarter Residence Skillset Min. Rank Price
Camira Residences Glot Prisonguard Pet Ponygirl D+ $750
Camira Residences Bullhorn Gladiatrix D+ $750
Camira Residences Arbue Pet Ponygirl D+ $750?
Camira Residences Magnaga Concubine C+ $1000
Camira Residences Kratos Concubine C+ $1000
Camira Residences Mikkey Pet Ponygirl C+ $1000
Camira Residences Sfinga Witch Doctor C+ $1000
Camira Residences Lady Mordhulla Pet Ponygirl C+ $1000
Camira Residences Kurfilinn Artist C+ $1000
Camira Residences Prince Charming Artist B+ $3500
Camira Residences Lord Pira Concubine B+ $3500
Camira Residences Countess Bathory Witch Doctor B+ $3500