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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]






A barn is an extended rental for your house that allows you to profit every decade from eggs, milk and meat produced by your livestock. It costs 25 sparks/decade which will be billed on your rental costs.

Slaves assigned to the barn can be staffed under several roles:

  • Farmhand: performs various chores and helps you maintain your livestock;
  • Cow: produces milk which can be sold and used to stock up your cryostore;
  • Egg layer: produces eggs which can be sold and used to stock up your cryostore;
  • Pig: produces meat after being slaughtered which can be sold and used to stock up your cryostore.

You can only assign one slave to each role at any given time.

The barn can be accessed from your home's main menu under Domestic issues/Business as well as the hay icon and the stall portrait to the left of your slave/assistant portraits.

Your barn's finances can be viewed via your home's main menu under Domestic issues/Business/Reports/Financial report.


The farmhand is for all intents and purposes your barn's assistant. Not only does she help you profit more from eggs and help you sell milk when the price is highest, but she also keeps your livestock healthy for you.


A farmhand must have:

  • At least 3 devotion;
  • B+ nursing skill;
  • B+ secretary skill.

Otherwise she is not ready to assume the position. A slave cannot be forced to become a farmhand as the role is largely voluntary and requires a lot of autonomy.

The farmhand is responsible for:

  • Force feeding livestock (when they are unconscious);
  • Helping your cattle maintain Endurance, Temperance and Nature levels;
  • Automatically bathing cows;
  • Selling milk automatically;
  • Helping your egg layer produce more eggs;
  • Slaughtering your pig.

Furthermore, the farmhand can also be ordered to:

  • Manually milk your cow for you (she will never do this automatically);
  • Automatically fatten egg layers;
  • Automatically fatten prisoners (your farmhand will turn prisoners into pigs after the day has ended);
  • Automatically slaughter your pigs.

To order your farmhand to do something automatically you must access the barn through your home's menu at Domestic issues/Business/The Barn/Farmhand orders.


While a barn can be run without a farmhand this is not optimal for various reasons:

  • Livestock's endurance will drop over time;
  • Livestock will not be force fed (if they go unconscious they will starve);
  • Cows' hygiene will not be automatically maintained;
  • Cows can experience more adverse effects;
  • Egg layers will not benefit from production boosts;
  • You will have to manually slaughter pigs by taking them to the Gastronomicon.

Since having a farmhand with certain traits affects egg production, please see the Egg Laying section for desirable and undesirable traits for your farmhand.

A farmhand does not require an excessive amount of training but the required devotion can take some time to build up, but not as much as if you were trying to train an optimal egg layer or cow.

If you do not have livestock yet, you can either store your farmhand in the Cryostatic Store (1 spark/day) or make her your farmhand. A farmhand's diet is equivalent to fresh food by default (2 sparks/day). However, you can feed her Fiend's spawn if she has a Fiend Tattoo and you have enough Fiend's spawn in your storage to feed her (otherwise she will eat fresh food).

The farmhand's food is added every decade to your food bills and does not show up in your barn's financial accounts.


A cow is the queen of any barn. While a S+ Lactation cow is not the most profitable animal in your barn she still boasts an impressive 150-160 sparks per decade if you have a S+ Lactation cow and you're able to sell a decade's worth of production of milk at its maximum value of 4 sparks/liter. She's also a great way to manage your slaver's libido and strength since she will need to be inseminated every so often.


The only requirement for making a slave a cow is that she has undergone the permanent lactation surgery. Whether she accepts to enter the barn, or let alone stay in it, is a whole different matter.

Cow Skill

The cow skill influences:

  • Daily milk production;
  • Whether a cow will try to escape;
  • How the cow's Temperament, Intellect, Pride and Nature go down;
  • Positive and negative moodlets gained from spending a night at the barn;
  • How fast she'll develop the cow skill while staying at the barn.

Ultimately her cow skill dictates whether or not a slave will accept her role as a cow.

Training the cow skill has increasingly adverse effects on you cows's Pride, Nature and Temperament. The higher the level of training the worse these get. Once her cow skill is A+, training might also involve inseminating or milking your cow. Both of these take 1 energy so training your cow will start taking 2 energy. If you happen to perform an insemination on your cow while training her, and this is not counted as rape, your cow will also suffer the stat decreases from insemination as if you did it inside of the barn.

Branding a slave with the hot iron (you need a Dungeon) will reduce her resistance to learning the cow skill.

Since cows will lose Pride, Nature and Temperament from staying in the barn or from being inseminated it's worthwhile to train cows with S+ Temperament in order to avoid mind-breaking them. Furthermore, you should use clothes that increase Temperament in order to mitigate passive and active losses of this stat.

Making your slave a cow

In order for your slave to willingly enter the barn you only need:

  • The sum of her obedience and fear to be higher than 0.

If your cow has already spent some time in the barn and you removed her or she escaped from the barn, then she might refuse to re-enter. In order for her to not refuse you'll need:

  • The sum of her obedience and fear to be higher than 4 or 6 if she has had negative or extremely negative experiences in the barn respectively.

This can happen due to her cow skill being too low, not having a farmhand assigned or the cow having previously escaped from the barn.

Nights in the barn

When a cow spends a night in the barn several things can happen depending on her cow skill. Since the code is rather complex it's not worthwhile to go over every single circumstance. As a player, all you need to know is that:

  • S+ cows and mind-broken cows do not suffer Pride, Temperament and Nature losses;
  • S+ cows and mind-broken cows will instead suffer Intellect losses;
  • All losses are aggravated when there is no farmhand;
  • B+ cows with no farmhand and without the Inured to Helplessness or Loves Helplessness traits will generate negative moodlets that will make it harder for cows to return to the barn if you take them out or they escape;
  • <B+ cows will also generate these moodlets;
  • Sanity doesn't aggravate skill loss but increases the likelihood of suicide if the cow has despair;
  • All cows under S+ generate some cow skill, so keeping cows in the barn will slowly teach them the skill.

The only way to remove negative moodlets gained in the barn is for the cow to gain positive moodlets in the barn, this only happens when:

  • Your cow has A+ or S+ cow skill with a farmhand and/or she has Inured to Helplessness or Loves Helplessness.

A cow's Endurance will also be impacted from staying in the barn and will start trending towards Weakened. If you have a farmhand, she will attempt to keep your cow's endurance at Healthy.

On the 1st and 10th nights of your cow staying in the barn you will receive an update about how your cow is accepting her new role. These updates are mostly cosmetic and reflect your cow's skill and her sanity.

An S+ cow will only update you about her 1st night and no further updates will be generated.

It's worth mentioning that these are only passive changes. Actions like restraining your cow or fucking her in the barn can have further consequences that you should account for.


Every night a cow might escape from the barn if:

  • She is not mind-broken and she is not restrained;
  • Her cow skill is lower than S+;
  • The sum of her cow skill, obedience and fear multiplied by two is lower than a random number between 8 and 12.

If your cow escapes she will not gain cow experience or any of the negative stat decreases from staying at the barn. Additionally, your cow will receive:

  • 3 negative moodlets;
  • Guilt proportional to her cow skill.

Escaped cows will remain in the barn unlike regular escaped slaves, however if you do not take them out of the barn and punish them their aura will be affected by the unpunished guilt and they're just as likely (if not more) to attempt to escape the following day.

If you're having problems with a cow escaping either train the slave to be more obedient, raise her cow level, restrain her or mind-break her.


Every night a cow might commit suicide if:

  • She is not mind-broken and she is not restricted;
  • Her despair is higher than her nature plus her cow custom, and if a random number between 0 and 10 is lower than her despair.

Cow custom is as follows:

  • 6 if S+ cow skill (a mind-broken cow with S+ skill will have this custom level);
  • 5 if A+ cow skill;
  • 4 if A+ cow skill and sanity;
  • 3 if B+ cow skill;
  • 2 if B+ cow kill and sanity;
  • 1 if <B+ cow skill;
  • 0 if mind-broken.

Nature is one of the hardest stats to increase and any long term cow is very likely going to end up Spineless, for this reason it's very hard to prevent suicides if your cow has Despair. The best course of action would be to prevent Despair from building up entirely. Alternatively, you can restrain your cow or mind-break her.


Restrained cows will suffer from a variety of penalties which depend on how much she likes helplessness:

  • Claustrophobia:
    • +20 fear, +20 despair, -20 mood, +5 awareness;
    • If fear is lower than sensitivity, then the cow's fear becomes her sensitivity.
  • Normal:
    • +5 fear, +10 despair, -10 mood, +5 awareness;
    • If fear is lower than sensitivity, then the cow's fear becomes sensitivity - 1.
  • Inured to Helplessness:
    • +3 fear, +5 despair, -5 mood, +3 awareness;
    • If fear is lower than sensitivity - nature, then fear becomes sensitivity - nature.
  • Likes Helplessness:
    • +0 fear, +2 mood.

Regardless of how much your cow loves or hates her helplessness, all cows also suffer:

  • -1 energy;
  • -1 endurance;
  • +1 deprivation xp;
  • +3 negative prisoner moodlet.

Restraining your cow has severe consequences so it's not an action that should be done lightly.


Your cow has four options for her diet:

  • Standard cattle food;
  • Calorific food;
  • Fiend's cum;
  • Starving.

Standard cattle food costs 1 spark/100 calories, Calorific food costs 0,5 sparks/100 calories and Fiend's cum costs 1 spark/100 calories. Starving is free!

Calorific food makes your cow require more calories in order for her to be satisfied, thus making it about 1.5x more expensive than either of the other options. In order to maximize your profit margins you should switch to Fiend's cum as soon as possible. Make sure that you have your own fog fiend beforehand or you will have to purchase fiend's cum to feed the cow.

A cow that is being starved will also experience:

  • +5 fear;
  • +5 despair;
  • -5 mood;
  • Endurance and Physique losses.


Lactation is a stat inherent to all slaves that have the permanent lactation enhancement. But in order to achieve maximum lactation you must:

  • Have a mature slave;
  • Maximum boob size;
  • S+ cow skill;
  • S+ impregnation;
  • 4+ habit;
  • Ecstatic mood;
  • Chubby physique (corpulent will not boost production any further and has other negative effects).

Her Lactation will be labelled as S+ Dairy Cow if it's within 36-37 daily milk gain, this means that your impregnation can only drop to at most an S- before you lose the S+ Lactation rating. While the stat is mostly cosmetic it is an excellent indicator on whether or not you're maximizing your milk production since the maximum milk possible is 37 and S+ Dairy Cow is only attainable if you have 36 or more.

While you can make Young or even Loli slaves lactate, it should be noted that they will never be able to achieve S+ Lactation due to Mature slaves receiving a +2 bonus to Lactation (35 and 34 is not enough to be labelled as a S+ Dairy Cow).

Factors that can reduce lactation are: - Bony physique (1/2); - Illness (2/3); - Mind-broken (2/3).

A mind-broken cow is not good by any means, but is better than having no cow at all.


The key to maintaining high levels of lactation is impregnation. There's three ways to do it:

  • You can do it yourself by fucking your cow;
  • You can request that your cow be inseminated;
  • You can request that your cow be fully inseminated.

Requesting insemination costs sparks and has other effects that you should take into consideration:

  • Group insemination:
    • Has the same resistance as a vaginal sex lesson (if she resists it'll be treated as rape);
    • Your cow will be 40-45% inseminated;
    • No disease risk;
    • 30 sparks.
  • Minotaur (full) insemination:
    • Has the same resistance as a horse lesson (if she resists it'll be treated as rape);
    • Your cow will be 100-110% inseminated;
    • Disease risk (about 2/3 of the time);
    • Injury risk (if Endurance is lower than A+ and horse and vaginal fisting skills are below B+);
    • 60 sparks.

Full insemination is always worthwhile for your first time or if your cow's insemination drops to F-. Otherwise it might be more cost effective to do group insemination give that there's no risk of diseases or injury.

If you want to inseminate your own cow you should know that how well you can inseminate her is determined by:

  • Your sex skill;
  • Your excitement.

For this reason, how many times you have to fuck your cow is completely dependent on your stats and skills.

When fucking your cow in the barn, and it is not considered as rape, your cow's stats will change by:

  • +1 Habit;
  • -1 Pride;
  • -1 Nature;
  • -1 Temperament;

For this reason it's advised that you use clothes that boost Temperament in order to mitigate the loss of the stat since Pride isn't desirable in any slave and Nature is the hardest stat in the game to raise. You should also avoid fucking your cow multiple times a day in order to avoid inadvertent Temperament rank drops.


If your cow has S+ Lactation, or close to it, the optimal milking rotation is to milk your cow every 2-3 days.

A more average cow's optimal milking rotation is closer to every 2 days. You can adjust your milking rotation by taking into consideration the per day milk gain and the amount of milk you'd get from milking the cow.

The way that milking works is that if you will gain 1 liter of milk for every 10 milk, rounded down. (E.g.: Your cow has 37 milk, if you milk her she will give you 3 liters of milk and 7 milk will carry over to the next day.)

For this reason it's better to let 2-3 days pass before milking your cow since there's also a random bonus to daily milk generation which might give you rounder numbers.

If you milk your cow when you already have 100 milk stored in your barn the milk will be wasted. It's better to sell some milk before milking your cow depending on how many liters of milk you'll be getting.

Milk Price/Demand

Milk price can only vary between 1-4 sparks/liter.

Whether the price of milk goes up, down or stays the same is random, but it will not increase or decrease more than one spark each day.

Asking Milky for a tip costs 5 sparks. When you do, she will tell you how the milk price will develop tomorrow based on the demand for milk. This process is mostly random, but:

  • It is always advantageous to ask for a tip if the milk price is 1 since you'll have a 2/3 chance of it going up as opposed to the regular 1/3;
  • It is always disadvantageous to ask for a tip if the milk price is 4 since you'll have a 5/6 chance of it going down compared to the regular 1/3.

The way in which the milk price is coded also suggests that if you ask for a tip and Milky does not know how the price will behave tomorrow then the milk price will behave in the same way as the last time that Milky gave you a conclusive tip about the milk's demand. (E.g.: If Milky does not know how the price will behave tomorrow and the last time that you asked for a tip you got a positive demand, then the price will always go up.)


If you are looking to maximize your cow's daily milk production and profits you'll want to:

  • Train a Mature slave, with Stupendous breasts, S+ Temperament (A+ and B+ can also be used, but they have lower stat decrease margins), S+ cow skill, S+ Impregnation, 4+ Habit, Ecstatic mood (Devotion will help a lot here), Chubby physique, A+ Endurance, S+ vaginal sex, B+ vaginal fisting, B+ horse and enough obedience for her to not refuse vaginal sex and horse lessons;
  • Milk her every 2-3 days;
  • Fuck her to prevent impregnation from dropping to S-;
  • Have a farmhand;
  • Take her out if her endurance is about to drop (exercise her);
  • Switch her diet to caloric food if her physique is dropping;
  • Switch to fiend's cum for (almost) free food;
  • Equip mood bonus clothes;
  • Equip endurance and temperament boosting clothes;
  • Ask for tips when the price of milk is 1 spark/liter.

You don't want:

  • Corpulent Physique: this reduces endurance to B+ and means that there will be days where your cow might have 0 calories on fiend's spawn at the start of the day, additionally Corpulent does not provide any bonuses to milk production that Chubby wouldn't;
  • Healthy Endurance: Same reason as stated above, on starting 0 calories if you do anything to your cow she might lose physique and there will be a lot of these (every 2-3 days);
  • Torpid trait: This makes it so that your cow will not exercise while in the barn which will make her Endurance drop a lot quicker;
  • Restrain her: Huge negative effects on her aura which will impact milk production.

If you cannot afford to train a perfect cow you can try to teach a slave as much as possible and make her a cow as long as you have a farmhand, she has at least B+ cow skill and she's obedient enough. So long as she raises her cow skill to S+ before she mind-breaks you will still have a good to average cow (maybe even perfect depending on her specs and mood).

Hypothetically speaking, a perfect cow that is mind-broken will still produce 12 milk a day which is better than no milk production at all.

Egg layer

An egg layer is the work horse of any barn. Due to your farmhand further boosting egg production, an egg layer can easily be the most profitable animal in your barn. An optimal egg layer can make around 180-220 sparks per decade.


The only requirement for making a slave an egg layer is that she has undergone oviparity surgery. Whether she accepts to enter the barn is a whole different matter.

Making your slave an egg layer

In order for your slave to enter the barn without rebelling she needs to either:

  • Be mind-broken;
  • Have over 4 devotion and not be spoiled;
  • Have 5 devotion;
  • Be unconscious;
  • Be under the influence of Domini Dictum.

Unlike cows, egg layers cannot escape from the barn.

Egg laying

The amount of eggs that an egg layer will lay per day is determined by:

  • Age;
  • Stamina;
  • Physique;
  • A pseudo-random number between 3 and 6.

This means that egg layers can lay anywhere between 3 and 18 eggs a day.

An egg layer that is recovering from a surgery will not produce any eggs.

Theoretically, the perfect egg layer would be:

  • Mature;
  • Enduring;
  • Corpulent.

However, this combination of traits is impossible to train. It's possible that a slave might have them when she's generated but if she loses physique or endurance, it'll become impossible for her to be both Corpulent and Enduring no matter what you do.

Since this is completely dependent on luck, an optimal egg layer will most likely be producing 13-16 eggs per day instead of 15-18 eggs per day.

A farmhand is indispensable if you want to maximize your egg sales:

  • Having a farmhand will boost your egg layer's production by 20%;

Depending on whether she has some traits, you can get a further:

  • -10% if your farmhand is Homophobic;
  • 20% if your farmhand is Bisexual;
  • 30% if your farmhand is a Lesbian.

If you happen to find a slave that is a Lesbian then you should make her a farmhand. On the other hand, it's not required for you to train a slave in order for her to become Bisexual since farmhands will generate lesbian xp over time and develop the trait on their own as long as they have a cow and/or a egg layer to take care of. Due to limitations in the code, your farmhand will not have the Bisexual trait displayed if she develops it while in the barn.

Not having a farmhand also means that your egg layer's Endurance will drop to Healthy. An egg layer without the Torpid trait will exercise in order to raise her Endurance to Healthy.


Egg layers do not need any skills but given that you require high levels of devotion in order for them to willingly enter the barn you would want to develop her skills anyway.

In order for you to have an optimal egg layer she should be:

  • Mature;
  • Corpulent Physique;
  • Healthy Endurance (Enduring and Tough would be better);
  • Have a farmhand (without Homophobia);
  • No Weak Metabolism (she'll lose physique while in the barn);
  • Give her a Fiend Tattoo for (nearly) free food (she will only eat fiend's spawn if you have enough to feed her with).

Ordering your farmhand to force feed your egg layer is a viable way to increase her physique. Just make sure to turn it off once she's corpulent or you'll be needlessly spending more sparks on food.

As far as I can tell, forcing a slave to become an egg layer is viable since production is not impacted by mood, obedience or sanity.


The pig. Unlike all the other livestock the pig is the most expendable. Her role is to eat highly caloric food, gain weight and be slaughtered. Preferably as fast as possible in order to maximize profit. A good pig can generate anywhere between 80-130 sparks worth of meat and unlike the cow and egg layer you can profit from having multiple pigs in a decade.

Making your slave a pig

In order for your slave to enter the barn without rebelling she needs to either:

  • Be mind-broken;
  • Have Stupid or Retarded Intellect;
  • Have the Moronic trait;
  • Be unconscious;
  • Be under the influence of Domini Dictum;
  • Be fetched from the dungeon by the farmhand.

If your slave has a combination of high devotion, low Nature, 0 spoiling and you have high stats then it's possible for her to resign herself to her fate without rebelling despite her knowing that becoming a pig is the same thing as a death sentence.

Unlike cows, pigs cannot escape from the barn.


A pig's diet consists exclusively of weight gain cookies. You cannot change this.

However, slaves with high Nature will resist eating these to some extent, thus making their caloric intake lower and weight gain slower. Slaves with powerful metabolism will also gain weight slower.

Since traits like metabolism are not revealed unless the slave gains or loses weight it's not worth worrying too much about them.

To put this into perspective:

  • A pig will gain 21000 calories from eating highly caloric cookies;
  • If she has the hungry moodlet she will gain additional calories equivalent to her Endurance level;
  • If you cooked food she will also eat leftovers for another 200 calories;
  • A Willful pig will resist eating 500 calories of cookies;
  • A pig with a Powerful Metabolism will lose 500 calories at the end of the day.

Metabolism and Nature can at most make it so that a pig will be fattened 10000 calories a day less. This makes it so that she'll get fatter almost half as slow as a spineless pig with a normal metabolism. On the other hand, pigs with weak metabolisms will gain weight faster.


There are three kinds of meat in the game:

  • Mince (Chopped meat);
  • Tenderloin;
  • Virgin meat.

You can sell Mince for 1 spark, Tenderloin for 2 sparks and Virgin meat for 4 sparks.

Additionally, slaves of different ages will produce different kinds of meat:

  • Mature slaves will never produce Virgin meat regardless of their virginity;
  • Young slaves will produce Virgin meat instead of Tenderloin if they are virgins (restoring virginity will not give Virgin meat);
  • Lolis will always produce Virgin meat and Mince.

The way that the game calculates how much of each meat a slave has is quite complex and not worth dissecting. However, I can give some tips:

  • In order to maximize Tenderloin and Virgin meat, your slave should maximize Endurance;
  • In order to maximize Mince, your slave should maximize Physique and boob size;
  • In order to maximize profit, your slave should have maximum boob size, a Corpulent Physique and have a Healthy Endurance (more is theoretically possible on slave generation but impossible to train);
  • Lolis produce roughly half as much meat as both Young and Mature slaves;
  • There's no difference in the quantity produced between Young and Mature slaves.


If you tell your farmhand to slaughter pigs automatically she will only do this if they're at least Chubby. While this might seem counterproductive at first glace, it's important to remember that every day that your pig eats at your barn comes out of your pocket at the end of each decade.

The most profitable pigs are the ones that don't require fattening. For this reason slaves that are already Chubby and Corpulent are preferable since:

  • It takes almost as long for a Voluptuous slave to become Chubby as it does for a Bony slave to become Voluptuous.
  • It will take twice as long for Chubby slave to become Corpulent as it does for a Voluptuous slave to become Chubby.

While it's possible to train slaves on Fiend's spawn to fatten them up "for free" before slaughtering them later, this is most likely a waste of your time and money given the time commitment required.


The most obvious and natural strategy would be to patrol the Border of Fogs every day for a free slave. After winning, the option to "Fatten the sow up" will only be available if there is no pig and you do not have a slave, however you can still cryostore her, put her in your dungeon if it's empty or manually make her a pig after you choose to keep her. While one could save-scum for optimal slaves, you should still be able to find some promising slaves to turn into pigs this way as it'll blend nicely into a regular patrol routine.

Buying Chubby or Corpulent slaves with big breasts from the Slave Market can be a viable strategy depending on how inexpensive you can get them. A variety of slaves can be bought for around 20-60 sparks and since you don't care about any other stats this opens up a big avenue for quick slaughtering. Keep in mind that a pig will still be fed before it is slaughtered at the end of each day. With save-scumming, one should be able to make about 760 sparks per decade while only purchasing slaves for 20 sparks. Even if you are not willing to save-scum, it should still be worth checking for any such opportunities.

You can lock slaves in your dungeon and feed them highly caloric cookies, this won't fatten them as fast as making them pigs but it should cost slightly less and be overall more efficient (you're already fattening your next pig in the meantime while the current one is getting ready for slaughter).