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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





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Active sex allows you to take a more direct approach in a sex scene, controlling the flow, actions, and ultimately the results.

On the right side of the interface there's a list of the slaver and his partner's stats.

Slaver stats

  • Arousal - How close the master is to orgasm
  • Energy - How much energy the master has: scene ends when it goes below 0
  • Interest - How interested the master is in sex: scene ends when it goes below 0
  • Cum Buildup - How much cum the master has saved. When this is emptied "Start sex" is no longer available.
  • Threshhold - Determines how long the master will be restrained before he will be forced to cum.

Slave's stats

  • Stamina - affects the growth of arousal and climax, and partner's diligence
  • Arousal level - modifies the climax threshold
  • Attention level - affects the growth of skills
  • Openness - "affects the complexity and balance during certain actions, on the climax-count threshold and type of orgasm"?
  • Climax - current arousal and threshold. When the arousal grows above the threshold, the partner orgasms

some observations
Actions performed here relate directly to the slaver's sexual skills. I.E. Johny is wierd. He has maximum perversion, and nothing else. So trying arouse actions end up turning the girl off, but performing "golden shower" is a major turn-on for even an untrained partner. Other actions are related to your partner's skill level, like Striptease which will will either increase interest or decrease it if used by an untrained slave. Insults/rude remarks cause the slaver's interest to crater (possibly related to dominance stat?)
Forced climax a function of threshold and cum buildup?

The PC orgasms initially when Arousal reaches 100. If you have enough juice and interest to go again, it's possible to exceed 100 the second time around.

Continuous Orgasms

If you manage your slave's arousal carefully you can get her to orgasm every turn for as long as the sex act lasts. This improves her mood a lot; ask her how she feels and she'll say "Ohh, it was a great sex! Such a heavenly pleasure... I would like to experience this once again.".

The general approach is to alternate massage and arousal until attention, openness and arousal are all green. Usually at this point she will have a threshold value < 25 and if she doesn't orgasm immediately on starting sex, she will soon after. If all goes to plan you'll get a message "if ably support her excitement, she will cum over and over again without interruption".

As always, there are a few caveats:


The biggest limiting factor is PC interest. If it's too low you won't have enough time to get her aroused, let alone take advantage of her state.

Some things that have been found to have a significant impact on Interest:

  • Slave beauty. The lower the Beauty of the slave, the less Interest. Keep in mind that scars and bruises affect Beauty.
  • Slave cleanliness. Bath her before having sex.
  • Slave sexual skills, particularly Demonstration skills like Seduction.
  • If the slave has high Demonstration skills and/or Dancer skill you can increase Interest by letting her perform Strip tease and Seduction a few times. But beware that a low skill level might decrease Interest. There is some randomness involved.
  • Doing the Garsid the Inseminator quest helps a lot to increase Interest, but it is not a fix for having sex with an ugly, dirty slave.

Reluctant Slaves

Some slaves are noticeably harder to arouse than others. Sometimes nothing will get them off red and you just have to sate yourself and move on. Often though you can get her interest with the other foreplay actions. Kissing and "caress me" can often move a slave to "interested". From there you should be able to proceed normally.

Sometimes it still doesn't work

Sometimes you do it all right and the slave comes once and her arousal resets to red. Sometimes you can make her orgasm again during sex but you never get the continuous orgasm effect. Other times her openness will rapidly drop back to red as well. This tends to happen more for highly trained slaves who have learned to set aside their needs and focus on pleasing their master. This, while laudable, is not what you want in this case.

What you can do is let her openness drop to red and then stop the sex act and re-arouse her. You'll generally need to make her kiss or caress you to get her started. After that it should be possible to overcome her self control and she'll orgasm helplessly for you. Again, PC interest is important here; there's no point in getting her all revved up if you don't have time to take her out for a spin.

Changing to a less familiar sex act can help as well. Sometimes a girl who retains control for normal sex will lose it completely for anal.


Sometimes a slave reaches her lowest threshold point before her arousal turns green. Continuing past this point will then make her less responsive. There's no way to tell if she's at optimum readiness, but if her climax values get to 0/2 it's worth starting sex there and then. Alternatively, if they seem to be rising rather than falling, you've probably passed the lowest point and again, you might as well just start.

Negative Threshold

Sometimes her threshold will go negative. This is useful since once you start sex, she will orgasm every turn, pretty much regardless of what you do. So she'll get an orgasm every turn of oral sex, for instance, or from being blindfolded, or just from watching the PC lube up. Bear in mind however that some actions may raise her threshold

There doesn't seem to be a reliable way to ger her into this state, but if you see it start sex immediately. Further foreplay is likely to raise her values to be positive and make less responsive.