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all characters are at least 18

Harem Heroes [edit]

Alice "Bunny" Carott
HH Bunny Pose 1.png
Title Bunny
Full Name Alice "Bunny" Carott
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink (Gold when ascended)
Eye Color Red
Breast Size Large
Shaved No
Birthday 7/26
Location Begin City
Career Harem Manager
Favorite Food Carrot
Hobby Poker
Fetish Brutal Sex
Biography: A humanoid of the were-rabbit family, Bunny possesses, like all were-rabbits, the ability to travel between dimensions. After having found the Hero in our world, she fell for his unexpected sexual charm. She agreed to be part of his harem and became the manager. Her sexual preference? Savage and fast fornication. When she plays with her five chaos sextoys she becomes "Golden Bunny" - in this state, more brutal intercourse is necessary to make her cum.
Wiki: [Here]

"In this dimension, sex is free and shared with everyone. Our aim is to get the most partners we can! To build our harem! But recently, many macho dudes are taking their partners for sex objects, pieces of meat devoted to their selfish pleasures... These guys only care about their own pleasure, this has to stop!"Bunny, introducing the Player into the Haremverse

About Her

Alice "Bunny" Carott is one of the main characters in the story.


Bunny is a young woman with an extravagant personality. She uses her charm and beauty to enchant others. She's playful, creative, and open-minded, often teasing others and getting into playful scuffles. Despite this, she's kind and caring, especially towards the Hero.

How to Obtain

Bunny can be obtained by playing through the initial tutorial story quest.


Before Main Story

Bunny was a very active Hero recruiter. Bunny tells the Player that she was raped by three men for hours and that for the moment she has been feeling resentment towards not achieving sexual satisfaction.

Begin City Arc

As the introductory guide to the Haremverse, Bunny plays a critical role in welcoming the Player to this new dimension. Bunny encounters the Player within the familiar setting of his school, where she introduces him to the seductive allure of the Haremverse, captivates his curiosity, and invites him to an indulgent night surrounded by various women. This eventful evening takes an unexpected turn when Bunny urges the Player to consume a mystical fruit from a peculiar package he receives. Imbued with extraordinary sexual prowess as a result of the fruit, the Player arouses a fervent excitement in Bunny.

The situation escalates when Juliette and Alban appear on the scene, accusing the Player of appropriating a demonic vegetable. To mediate the conflict, the quartet engages in an intimate encounter. Following Alban's departure, Bunny, in her role as Haremverse mentor, assimilates Juliette into the Player's growing harem.

With Alban gone, Bunny takes the opportunity to impart crucial knowledge about the Haremverse. She elucidates the underlying dynamics, cultural practices, and regulatory framework governing their world. This tutorial is promptly put into practice when Red Battler accidentally incapacitates the Player. In this moment of crisis, Bunny demonstrates her resourcefulness, instructing Red Battler on the appropriate revival techniques. Once the Player regains consciousness, Bunny seizes the chance to expand his harem, encouraging him to invite Red Battler to join.

Bunny explains the Pachinko, the Haremverse's unique and captivating pastime. She lets the Player roll a free one, granting him Ankyo in his harem.



Bunny plays a lead female role in the play, "The Nut-Sucker". However, when the lead male role is nowhere to be found, so she invites the Player to fill in. Later, Bunny invites the Hero to spend the Christmas holidays with her and her family. She introduces him to her mother and sisters, Hari Carott and Rabbi Carott.


In the whimsical world of the Haremverse, the arrival of winter's first snowflakes kindles a playful spirit among Bunny, the Player, and the rest of the girls. To commemorate the season's gentle chill, they engage in a spirited snowball fight that unexpectedly evolves into a passionate orgy, celebrating the frosty weather's invigorating effect.

As tranquility settles post-frivolity, an adventurous urge grips the Player who sets his sights on sleighing down the snow-draped slopes. The girls, including Bunny, instantly take to the idea and add a thrilling twist: they suggest the Player disrobe before taking the plunge down the hill, while they position themselves enticingly at the base, their legs welcomingly parted in anticipation of his descent.

The festive mood trails the Player into the town where Bunny, whimsically, requests him to select gifts for her. In a mischievously grateful display, she rewards his diligent shopping with a stirring blowjob, tucked away in the anonymity of a changing room, fervently indifferent to the burgeoning queue of oblivious patrons outside.

Meanwhile, a domestic squabble casts a shadow over Bunny's familial harmony. In a bold, comedic interjection, the Player vaults nude into the conflict, gyrating in a humorous dance. This unabashed display diffuses the tension as peals of laughter replace discord. Grateful for the levity and rekindled holiday cheer, Bunny and her family thank the Player in the most intimate Haremverse fashion—by engaging in joyful sexual gratitude.

Seeking solace after the day's escapades, the Player retreats to the comfort of literature, discovering a tome filled with exotic sexual positions. Inspired and eager to explore, Bunny and the Player convert the written word into a hands-on learning session, experimenting with the newly found techniques.

Ever the innovator, Bunny unveils to the Player a novel and sensual method for toasting marshmallows—a clear testament to her continual desire to blend everyday joys with erotic discovery.

Lastly, in a moment of playful intimacy, Bunny is observed tenderly licking the silhouette of a snow angel crafted by the Player, adding a touch of sweetness to the ice and a symbolic gesture of their heated bond amidst the winter's embrace.

Winter Chill

Bunny is seen penetrating herself with a carrot. Later after a wine-tasting, she participates in a lazy orgy with the Player

Valentine's Day

Bunny and the Player visit the City of Lights and have public sex.

Later, Bunny and the Player go on a St. Valentine's date together to see a very boring and cheesy movie (A St. Valentine's tradition). They have sex near the projector, causing their silhouettes to appear on the screen.

The Player takes Bunny out to dinner to thank her for the life she has given him. At the restaurant, they serve gourmet dishes and the hostesses give them both oral.

Super Girlzz

As the Player researches the internet for any Superhero spotting, Bunny dresses as a Superhero and blows him from under the table.

Later, Bunny and Lupa participates in Hildr's celebratory orgy.

Lovely Moments

Bunny's mind seems very preoccupied, so the Hero decides to give her a romantic massage to help ease her mind. Grateful for the effort, she gives him a kiss. She is later seen arguing with Zoe Martins and Ankyo Takanoki. When the Hero asks them what they were fighting about, they all get embarrassed and don't answer. Instead, they all get naked, throw themselves on him, and all make love to him.

Naughty Girls

Player tests the two Bunnys
Chamelea sneaks into the Player and Bunny's bed

When the Player comes back from the circus, Bunny joins in on the welcoming orgy. However, during the welcoming party, Chamelea disguises herself as Bunny, causing the Player to have sex with both of them to reveal who the real Bunny is. Bunny is able to pass the tests, revealing Chamelea.

3rd Anniversary

The girls from the Player's harem throw a surprise party for Bunny's birthday. Thinking the Player is away on a mission, she is pleasantly surprised when he jumps out of the cake. After a fireworks display thrown by the girls, Bunny insists they play her favorite game: "Pin the Tail on the Bunny". Later, she is excited to receive a special chair with a dildo attached as a present. Her birthday party ends with bondage orgy. Bunny and the Player end up bound together naked and she tells him that he's the only present she wants (and that the chair is also pretty cool).


While the Player is on his two-week celibacy vow to Goddess Ishtar, Bunny tries to sneakily have sex with the Player right before he wakes up. However, the Player manages to sneak out in the nick of time, frustrating Bunny.

Later, Bunny sets up an easter egg hunt event with members of the Player's Harem by hiding eggs in one of the girls. She tasks the Player with finding the eggs, which he eventually finds hiding in Bunny. After he finds the eggs, Bunny rewards him with a blowjob.

Cameo 2019

Before the Player heads out to visit his favorite Haremverse locations, Bunny appears on his motorcycle naked and offers him a quickie for the road.

Far West

Bunny asks the Hero to help her sister, Rabbi, settle into her new ranch. Bunny is tasked with accompanying the Hero on the long horse carriage to the ranch. They pass the time by having sex.

5th Anniversary

Bunny, Lupa, and their families throw a celebration party for the anniversary of the Player's arrival into the Haremverse. Bunny appears naked on a cake with frosting on her body that reads "5 Years". Later, they all have dinner and Bunny participates in eating food off of Lupa's bare body. Bunny and her sisters give the Player a special present, an album of pictures they secretly took while they had sex. At night, Bunny is naked and invites the Player onto the balcony and hands him a glass of wine. As fireworks fill the sky, they share a passionate kiss.



Out of all the people she has recruited into the Haremverse, Bunny is particularly fond of the Player. The Player also seems to hold mutual feelings towards her. During daily missions, the Player can occasionally dedicate an entire day of romance and hardcore sex with her. They share a very deep connection, even going as far as to manifest as what Bunny describes as a "sixth sense" that lets her sense when the Player is in danger. She truly cares deeply for him, as seen when she cries after learning about the Player's apparent death. During Anniversary events, Bunny expresses romantic affection towards him as well. She is also in a love-triangle with Neono X.

Lupa Longteeth

Lupa and Bunny have a fairly complicated relationship. On the one hand, they are hereditary rivals, generally seen fighting over the Player whenever they can. However, most of their fights reduce down to playful bickering. They admit that they like it better when all three of them go at it together. Lupa deeply cares for Bunny, lecturing her on the dangers of holding special romantic feelings for those she recruits. She is also seen comforting Bunny while she grieves over the Player's apparent death. Although they are sometimes rivals, they do enjoy sex with each other.

Neono X

Neono is one of Bunny's love rivals. They occasionally butt heads when fighting over the Player. However, the two of them eventually reconcile by having sex with each other.

Hari Carott

Hari is Bunny's younger sister. The two have the same amount of interaction as Bunny has with Rabbi. Bunny lets Rabbi and Hari fool around with the Player during the holidays. They also frequently have competitions over their abilities of seduction.

Rabbi Carott

Rabbi is Bunny's older sister. They are not seen together too much, but they appear to have a trusting relationship. When Bunny brings the Player over to her family to celebrate the holidays, she lets Rabbi and Hari fool around with the Player. It is also mentioned that Rabbi, Bunny, and Hari frequently have competitions over their abilities of seduction.

Louise Carott

Louise is Bunny's mother. She raised her all by herself after Bunny's father mysteriously disappeared one day. Because of this, they seem to have a fairly close relationship. Bunny introduces the Player to her when she brings him over to celebrate the holidays. Ever since, Louise frequently invites the two of them over so they can fool around.

Red Battler

After witnessing Red Battler's skill in performing, Bunny recommends that the Hero recruits her for his harem. It is implied throughout the story that they occasionally hook up, the Hero even noting that Bunny seems to be incorporating some of Red Battler's moves in her performance. Red Battler and Bunny occasionally have generally harmless arguments, like when Bunny mocks her for pretending not to be able to take a fist. Bunny is seen fucking Red Battler with a strap-on as a test of the Harem's equipment.



HH Bunny Pose 1.png
HH Bunny Pose 2.png
HH Bunny Pose 3.png
HH Bunny Pose 4.png
HH Bunny Pose 5.png
HH Bunny Pose 6.png


HH Christmas Bunny Pose 1.png
HH Christmas Bunny Pose 2.png
HH Christmas Bunny Pose 3.png
HH Christmas Bunny Pose 4.png


HH Easter Bunny Pose 1.png
HH Easter Bunny Pose 2.png
HH Easter Bunny Pose 3.png
HH Easter Bunny Pose 4.png


HH Loving Bunny Pose 1.png
HH Loving Bunny Pose 2.png
HH Loving Bunny Pose 3.png
HH Loving Bunny Pose 4.png

5th Anniversary

HH Anniversary Bunny Pose 1.png
HH Anniversary Bunny Pose 2.png
HH Anniversary Bunny Pose 3.png
HH Anniversary Bunny Pose 4.png


HH Golden Bunny Pose 1.png
HH Golden Bunny Pose 2.png
HH Golden Bunny Pose 3.png
HH Golden Bunny Pose 4.png
HH Golden Bunny Pose 5.png
HH Golden Bunny Pose 6.png



HH Meeting Bunny.jpg
Meeting Bunny
HH Bunny Waking Hero Up.jpg
Bunny waking the Player before the Magic Forest Arc
HH Bunny Saving Player From Fountain.jpg
Bunny saving the Player from the Fountain of Perpetual Pleasure
HH Bunny Feeling Player Aura.jpg
Bunny feeling the Player's aura after thinking he was dead.
HH Bunny Lupa Assvengers.jpg
Bunny and Lupa in their ascended forms fighting in the large Harem battle.

Text Messages

HH Bunny TM 1.jpg
Bunny getting ready to build a Harem building to house the Player's harem
HH Bunny TM 2.jpg
Bunny and Juliette plan out where the new Harem building location will be
HH Bunny TM 3.jpg
Red Battler and Ankyo help Bunny with installing the electrical system.


HH Bunny 2 Affection 1.jpg
I'm putting the harem girls to the test, we need to check their quality! I need equipment, can you buy me the items on this list?
HH Bunny 2 Affection 2.jpg
I'm interviewing girls to join your harem! Will you pay the nationwide newspaper ad?
HH Bunny 2 Affection 3.jpg
Can you pay these gentlemen? Yes, it looks expensive, but it takes a loooooot of people to fill this, you see!
HH Bunny 2 Affection 4.jpg
The girls of your harem are so dirty I need to purify them everyday! Your dick is also dirty. Come clean it in my pussy, it's already prepared.
HH Bunny 2 Affection 5.jpg
Han, han. Managing your harem is an important task. But with moments like these, it gives me all the satisfaction needed. Pump me every day like you know so well!

Base (Classic)

HH Bunny Affection 1.jpg
I'm putting the harem girls to the test, we need to check their quality! I need equipment, can you buy me the items on this list?
HH Bunny Affection 2.jpg
I'm interviewing girls to join your harem! Will you pay the nationwide newspaper ad?
HH Bunny Affection 3.jpg
Can you pay these gentlemen? Yes, it looks expensive, but it takes a loooooot of people to fill this, you see!
HH Bunny Affection 4.jpg
The girls of your harem are so dirty I need to purify them everyday! Your dick is also dirty. Come clean it in my pussy, it's already prepared.
HH Bunny Affection 5.jpg
Han, han. Managing your harem is an important task. But with moments like these, it gives me all the satisfaction needed. Pump me every day like you know so well!


HH Golden Bunny Affection 1.jpg
Hey Player!! A package arrived from Juliette! As soon as she finds an artefact in her searches, she sends it to us! Haha! It looks like dildos carved directly into precious stones. It's written "the 5 sextoys of Chaos". Weird... Should we try them?
HH Golden Bunny Affection 2.jpg
Hmmm!! These toys gave me a phenomenal orgasm!!! However, I don't understand how they transformed me like this... On the other hand I've never been more horny. I hope you're up for it!
HH Golden Bunny Affection 3.jpg
Hmmm... Weird, it's been an hour that you're at it... But I don't feel anything... What's happening to you? You seem frustrated...
HH Golden Bunny Affection 4.jpg
Wahoo!!! Thanks to your navel-thingy form, you make me cum like never before. Keep fucking me in the ass violently!! I want to feel it as deep as possible!! Fuck me hard!!
HH Golden Bunny Affection 5.jpg
Hello? Juliette? THanks for the package with the toys of Chaos. I don't really understand why you need such violence to cum but... What? You didn't send anything?


HH Christmas Bunny Affection 1.jpg
Player, you must be missing your family right? Why don't you come to mine for the holidays? We'll need to take the train though.
HH Christmas Bunny Affection 2.jpg
Here's my Mom! She's a super cook, you'll see! Stuffing turkeys is her specialty.
HH Christmas Bunny Affection 3.jpg
Merry Christmas Player! Me and my sisters, Hari and Rabbi, have come to give you your present!

Lovely Moments

HH Loving Bunny Affection 1.jpg
I love sucking you discreetly... It's weird... Why is the table moving like that?
HH Loving Bunny Affection 2.jpg
(thoughts) So that bitch stole my night-out and romantic dinner? I'm gonna steal hers. Hihihi...
HH Loving Bunny Affection 3.jpg
It's better like this... We need to find an arrangement to stop messing with each other... no?


HH Easter Bunny Affection 1.jpg
Hihi! I've hidden the easter eggs in the ass of one of us!! Will you be able to find them? Catch us if you can...!
HH Easter Bunny Affection 2.jpg
Keep looking. You're getting warmer!
HH Easter Bunny Affection 3.jpg
Well done! You found them! Now you get a little present.


HH Anniversary Bunny Affection 1.jpg
Oh, Player, has it really been so long? Just thinking about everything we shared is getting me so excited. Every time I touch you, I remember the first time you came. Now I want you to cum again!
HH Anniversary Bunny Affection 2.jpg
That's it! You know me so well! You know just how I like to be handled. My body's become so in tune with yours. The sex with you is so different, because it's not just fucking - it's intimacy.
HH Anniversary Bunny Affection 3.jpg
Oh, Player, I don't know how to say it. It's such an intense feeling. I can't help it! I have to finally let it out. I'm... cumming!

HH Christmas Bunny 3 2.jpg
The original Christmas Bunny variant painted Rabbi as a light-skinned girl.
HH Christmas Bunny Affection 3.jpg
This was later changed to her current skin tone.