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all characters are at least 18

Harem Heroes [edit]

Tina Reed
HH Red Battler Pose 1.png
Title Red Battler
Full Name Tina Reed
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Breast Size Large
Shaved Trimmed
Birthday 7/30
Location Begin City
Career Fighter
Favorite Food Skewer
Hobby Martial Arts
Fetish Discretion
Biography: Introverted since childhood, she got into sport to express herself. Often participating in competitions, she's used to the pressure. But when it comes to sex, she reverts to her shyness. It bothers her quite a bit and she fights it, with practice...
Wiki: [Here]

About Her

Red Battler is a girl in the game

How to Obtain

She is unlocked after playing finishing the quest Main Street in Begin City Arc.



HH Red Battler Pose 1.png
HH Red Battler Pose 2.png
HH Red Battler Pose 3.png
HH Red Battler Pose 4.png
HH Red Battler Pose 5.png
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Base (Classic)

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Text Messages