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all characters are at least 18

Harem Heroes [edit]

Daily missions are small blurbs of story activities that the Player can perform. They reward the player two things, experience points and one of the following: equipment, affection gifts, books, or money). After completing all daily missions, the Player is rewarded with 25 kobans (Nutaku).

Icon Title Description
HH DailyMission 0.png Bring your girls to the onsen All those harem battles... Your girls are complaining you don't chill out with them like you used to anymore. Take your princesses for a trip to the onsen so they can enjoy a relaxing and sensual time with you!
HH DailyMission 1.png Playing Arcade Games All Night This world is awesome! Getting laid has never been so easy! But well, it’s been a while you haven’t played arcade games and you kinda miss those… It’s late and your girls are sleeping. Why not slip away to the arcade room tonight?
HH DailyMission 2.png Catch up with Bunny Bunny seems a bit sad these days. With these new girls joining your harem she might feel less important in your eyes. Organize a wonderful day only with her! Let your love flow but don't forget hardcore sex! Well... You know her...
HH DailyMission 3.png Attend the Begin City Anal Festival Some citizens of Begin City have spread the word - this year the level will be very high at the traditional BCAF! Come on, you have all your chances, just be careful not to write your name in the wrong column!
HH DailyMission 4.png Clean up your harem Yesterday, the ninja spy was telling some new girls in town that your harem is filthy! He's just jealous but it's true your sheets are still full of sperm and wet from the last orgy... You should clean it up for the next one tomorrow!
HH DailyMission 5.png Accept Masamura's Invitation The owner of the Pachinko parlor Masamura is known for bragging that he has the horniest harem in town, his orgies are also very popular and you're invited to the next one! Well, let's check it out!
HH DailyMission 6.png Visit the Mermaids It's been many times the mermaids are asking you to visit them. They've been very impressed by your rescue in the pirate boat. Oh, and they want you to come with plenty of sea stars, they really enjoyed their special effect on them!
HH DailyMission 7.png Celebrate Juliette's Birthday In your harem, the girls had a great idea: to celebrate Juliette’s birthday! You should all go to the sex shop with her and let her choose the accessories to be used for her very special night...
HH DailyMission 8.png Hold it back if you can!

The girls were teasing you this lunch. They said because you like anal sex so much, you wouldn't be able not to cum if you’d put your cock in their ass one after the other, only once! Well, you should show them how wrong they are!

HH DailyMission 9.png Increase your sex skills

The old chinese guy from the boosters shop said there is a priestess living in a cave behind the Tower of Fame. You should visit her, she will teach you new techniques! (Of course the practical tests are included)

HH DailyMission 10.png Shoot a sex scene

This afternoon they are shooting a sex scene for a commercial in the mall. They say you and your girls would fit perfectly! Can you make love in front of the camera?

HH DailyMission 11.png Investigate the dildo thefts

Bunny's favorite dildo has disappeared! Some other harems are complaining for similar cases. Find out who the cruel thief is and expel him from town! Our ladies deserve to masturbate in peace.

HH DailyMission 12.png Solve the fisting case

Bunny is mocking Red Battler again, pretending she’s not able to take your whole fist in her pussy! Last time was that deep throat challenge… Girls… Organize a peaceful threesome and show them they are equal.

HH DailyMission 13.png Run naked in the street

While you were out, the girls found the place you hide your saké and drank all the bottles! They’re totally drunk and defy you to follow them in a naked race by night! Well… You should keep an eye on them...

HH DailyMission 14.png Travel to the nude camp

Summer has come! Your girls are so excited to go with you for the first time to the nude camp! Bunny is definitely the biggest fan of orgies when it’s about doing it in the warm water of the sea...

HH DailyMission 15.png Play Olympic harem games

Have you heard about this amazing event? Dozens of harems will participate! These various games award harem heroes according to their level of creativity, endurance, savagery and other skills. Practice your sex hard!

HH DailyMission 16.png Try the sex changing pill

Ankyo is back from the market and she has bought some pills which can transform you into a girl! It’s not that it’s your fantasy but the girls really insist to have a lesbian experience with you. Hard to say no to these cute little faces…!

HH DailyMission 17.png Inspect the new swinging club

Bunny and Juliette have heard about a new swinging club which just opened nearby! They want you to try it with them! They say it’s already very popular and that most of the girls in town are going there every night!

HH DailyMission 18.png Assess harem quality

It seems that you already got an impressive reputation in town! This morning a ninja you met at the market is requesting your expert insight - he wants you to try some new girls who joined his harem and give your opinion!

HH DailyMission 19.png Hide for a sex break

It’s been one whole week you hadn’t more than 1h of sleep per night! You must have the horniest harem of that world! Tonight when they all go in town to have some drinks, find a hideout and sleep the most you can. It probably won’t last long...

HH DailyMission 20.png Meet the Arena Minister

While elections are coming soon, the Arena Minister is organizing a conference in our town to know more about the people’s needs and expectations. Let’s catch the opportunity to ask him about modernizing our arena!

HH DailyMission 22.png Buy an avatar

You think of taking a few days off to visit your family but you can’t leave your harem without any company! Order a copy of yourself at the replica shop so you make sure your girls stay in good company during your trip.

HH DailyMission 23.png Attend the Newlyrem Game

The famous TV show tests new harems with questions to determine how well you know your girls. The next episode will be held in our town! Make sure to know by heart every single pussy, boob and cheek of your girls!

HH DailyMission 24.png Exchange your harem for 1 day

In order to get to know your neighbors better, the government launched the 1-day harem exchange program. This a good way to go deeper with the girls from your street and create relationships with other harem heroes!

HH DailyMission 25.png Have a threesome with yourself Bunny never lacks creative ideas! She said it’s a pity to leave your replica in the closet while you could use it to make a threesome with her. Well, that will be the occasion to check how good the copy is!
HH DailyMission 26.png Attend the Virgins Fest

Girls willing to have their first sexual experience quite enjoy this event! During one week, they review candidates’ profiles, refine their selection with practical tests and finally choose their lucky stud! Hey, give one of those girls some great memories!

HH DailyMission 27.png Take fisting classes

The public sex university has welcomed a new sexy teacher offering fisting classes! During the lessons, she helps students improve their techniques by practicing on her! It’s always worth getting better in anything!

HH DailyMission 28.png Foil the intruders

It’s been several nights you hear your girls laughing in the middle of the night and you didn’t identify all of the voices! Probably an unauthorized lesbian party again! Foil them and demand payback for side-lining!

HH DailyMission 29.png Meet the world's biggest ego man

He just arrived in town! People say his ego is so huge it can be seen as a red steam flowing from him! And it seems that if girls inhale it, their pussy becomes instantly wet and they get multiple orgasms!

HH DailyMission 30.png Test the telesex device

Red Battler is attending a free fight championship oversea next week. So to make sure you won’t forget how it feels to be inside her, she bought you a modern device allowing long distance sex - 100% feelings guaranteed! Let’s give it a try!

HH DailyMission 31.png Donate to the sperm bank

The sperm van is in town! For once give a chance to your semens not to end up in the sink. Most important thing - while harem heroes’ sperm is quite valuable, if you do a donation the nurse herself will collect it at source!

HH DailyMission 32.png Create your harem fragrance

Have you heard about that recent harem trend? A new shop is proposing heroes to create a perfume elaborated from your girls’ vaginal fluids! The only condition is to gather one half liter from each... You should begin the harvest ASAP!

HH DailyMission 33.png Support Red Battler at the mud wrestling

Red Battler has registered to the Naked Mud Female Wrestling Championship! That will be her first time so make sure all your harem will be there to support her. She always feels a bit unconfident the first times...

HH DailyMission 34.png Take Bunny to the doctor

This is worrying. It’s been a couple of times Bunny is complaining about painful deep throats… As a big fan of it, there must be something wrong, she might have caught cold or something! Take her to doctor before it gets worse.

HH DailyMission 35.png Explore the Great Camphor

On top of the hill overlooking Begin City, a small forest welcomes a legendary tree, the Great Camphor. Since ancient times, men willing to boost their Supa Sexual-Jin get inside through its wet orifice and meditate there for days!

HH DailyMission 36.png Repair your Supa Sexual-Jin

What’s going on? This is the first time your SSJ doesn’t show up while you’re having orgy sex! Travel to the east, there is a town there where people are very used to SSJ concerns. Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs for your harem!

HH DailyMission 37.png Summon the spirit of Orgasmolia

Do you believe in ghosts? There is one who’s able to give orgasms without any contact, Orgasmolia! She’s very popular among virgin female teens. You can easily imagine why but it also works with men if you’re curious enough...

HH DailyMission 38.png Attend the Wet Musical Party

It happens only once a year and it's amazing! Imagine in the same room hundreds of naked girls and a DJ capable of making the vaginas flow litters only with his music vibes! Last year we were dancing in almost half a meter of fluids!

HH DailyMission 39.png Help organizing a hen party

Bunny has a great idea for her best friend's hen party - a gangbang! But Bunny wants all your harem’s girls to be the bangers. All you need to do is find enough sex changing pills for them and if you succeed, you’re allowed to join the party!

HH DailyMission 40.png Take out the geisha balls

Kimie feels a bit ashamed about that… She was playing with geisha balls in her ass and suddenly they slid deeper inside! Now she can’t reach it with her fingers so… could you help her take it out?

HH DailyMission 41.jpg "Good Succubus" Jam

The jam factory of Abraël is preparing a special recipe. Knowing how much your fluids are tasty, she wants you to be part of this premium selection.

HH DailyMission 42.jpg Ugg! The staff!

Eugénie is complaining that the waitresses of her restaurant are too slow. Indeed, they get fucked each time by the clients. It’s no surprise the food arrives cold. They’re asking for help. We all know you’re going to slow them down even more.

HH DailyMission 43.jpg Explore the ancient temples

Jeanne often explores ancient temples. Many riddles await, and she needs you! No! Not for your brains… But for the power of your cock, that seems to be a useful tool to unlock a certain mechanism.

HH DailyMission 44.jpg Judge the souls

The world of the dead is submerged with souls to purify! You accepted to come back and help from time to time as a Shinigami. It’s time to live up the your promise! The waiting line’s getting longer at each lost second.

HH DailyMission 45.jpg Back to basics

Pelagie hasn’t seen you in a long time! She’s missing you. After all, she’s only just rediscovered the pleasures of flesh, and you’re the only one who’s satisfied her. You need to take care of her.

HH DailyMission 46.jpg Hoe ohe ohe, and a cock of rum!

On the beach of the Juy Sea, many pirate crews assemble to tell their tales and show-off. Rum’s flowing, girls are defying each other and it often ends in fisticuffs, and orgies...

HH DailyMission 47.jpg Out on patrol

Princess Agate has had enough the Dark Lord always captures girls passing through her realm. She wants to ensure patrols on the main road. She asked you to help. Luckily the militia is mixed...

HH DailyMission 48.jpg Arcana’s invitation

Arcana is happy to see you. After the tragic accident that happened between you, she wants to excuse herself properly. Her and her magician friends will take care of you. Apologies accepted?

HH DailyMission 49.jpg Obsessional intelligence

A singularity occurred in the harem web. An A.I. has appeared and is threatening to take control of the entire network if no one can give her orgasms. A V.R helmet and controllers are ready for you.

HH DailyMission 50.jpg Herbalism

After fucking so much, your penis is sore. But how to resist? This situation is difficult for you! Fortunately, the fairies of the forest know the right ointment for this. After years of using branches, they gained experience in the matter.

HH DailyMission 51.jpg The boxer case

You don’t know why, but you have less and less boxers! Someone’s stealing them, and not the clean ones! You hide them to try and catch the thief off-guard. For now, you’ve only seen Bunny's mother come take your laundry… If only you had a clue!

HH DailyMission 52.jpg Super plumber

The pipes of Princess Noemy’s castle are blocked. She’s called for valourous plumbers to help save the day. As a reward, a night with her! You’re not going to let others walk over your space! Right?

HH DailyMission 53.jpg Bring Your Noodle!

A contest of noodle swallowing is organised in the Ninja Village. You’re invited! Not to compete, but to be the “noodle”... Yup, the noodles are penises. Don’t worry, only girls participate.

HH DailyMission 54.jpg For the Good of Science

You wake up in Romero’s laboratory. He’s grafted you a second cocok! He promises to turn you back to normal, but only if you participate in his experiments. He’s assembled voluntary girls to help with the tests.

HH DailyMission 55.jpg Radio Interview

You’re invited to a local radio show to talk about male pleasure. To verify all your theories, you ask the girls in your harem for help. One must always confirm hypothesis with practical experiments!

HH DailyMission 56.jpg Another way to move

To increase your sexual attraction, you take dancing lessons. Good choice as there’s few guys! The girls from the class, glad of your open mine, all give you their number. That was quicker than expected!

HH DailyMission 57.jpg Afternoon shopping

The girls of the your harem would like to renew their lingerie with something even sexier, just for you! And they want you to accompany them… You appreciate the intention, even though it’s going to take hours!

HH DailyMission 58.jpg I'll Support You

The local football team needs a new Pompom Boy. Initially against the idea, you agree. Why? Because it’s not only on the field the girls need support.

HH DailyMission 59.jpg Excalihardcock!

You pass the auditions for the main role of a television series. Some story about zombies, dwarfs, and a queen with dragons… And only the chosen one’s cock can convince her to save the world!

HH DailyMission 60.jpg Everyone Gets Wet!

It’s too hot these days. You’ve asked a local dealer to build a pool in your harem’s garden. And it’s finally finished. Tonight, pool party with your girls.

HH DailyMission 61.jpg Kinky Movie

Some of your girls are huge fans of cinema. Knowing you still have a lot to learn about the Haremverse culture, they decide to have a retro movies screening for you. You find out black and white porn has a special charm...

HH DailyMission 62.jpg SSJ Mastery

Your devil vegetable’s powers are awakening more and more, so you go into the mountains to master them. Along with some of your girls though… After all, you’re not a hermit.

HH DailyMission 63.jpg Explore Yonaguni Ruins

After you learn about a lost ancient civilization that developed high-tech sex. You decide to undertake an expedition with Juliette and Edna to find them.

HH DailyMission 64.jpg Club Maintenance

Creating a sense of comradeship within a club is nice! But you have to keep the place clean… Take your best broom… and a lot of bleach!

HH DailyMission 65.jpg Homework Still

Today, you have a sex education class with Virginia. You like her lessons… Even though she has a tendency to keep you in detention… for herself. Even so, you don’t see any reason to complain.

HH DailyMission 66.jpg Doctor's Orders

It’s time for your annual medical check up. You go in for a full body exam, but she seems to be focused on one specific organ.

HH DailyMission 67.jpg Weed Wacking

Your neighbor hasn’t taken care of his yard and it’s gotten out of control with all sorts of weeds. You go to loan him your lawnmower, but you are stopped in your tracks by a peculiar plant.

HH DailyMission 68.jpg Set on Vibrate

The party last night was crazy and you can’t seem to find your phone. You ask Bunny to call you so you can find it by the sound. As soon as she does, she starts giggling. Turns out she had it all along.

HH DailyMission 69.jpg A Tasty Diet

You seem to have gained a few pounds so you decide to go on a diet. At first you’re always hungry, but then the girls offer you something that has almost no calories at all.

HH DailyMission 70.jpg Curing Them Softly

A girl named Kaliko has invented a machine for taming nymphobies - people that have been afflicted by a virus that turns them into mindless and sex-crazed drones. She asks you to help her test her new machine.

HH DailyMission 71.jpg Smut Watch

The girls give you a special present - a smart watch that tracks all sorts of valuable data about your sex life. You go to put it on your wrist, but the girls tell you it’s actually supposed to go on the appendage you use the most.

HH DailyMission 72.jpg Need for Seed

There’s a car race called Nutscar, and some of the girls really want to participate. You are reluctant as you were never much of a driver, but it turns out instead of being behind the wheel, you’ll have to be behind the girls.

HH DailyMission 73.jpg The New Dickasso

You decide to take up painting as a hobby and pretty soon you are deep into it. You use the girls from your harem as muses, because they have a way of making inspiration burst right out of you.

HH DailyMission 74.jpg Bench Pussy

Bunny’s been going to the gym a lot lately, and she really needs someone to spot her. You go with her, although it’s not really your scene, but as you get into it, you remember she has a talent for lifting more than just weights.

HH DailyMission 75.jpg Hitting the High Notes

Everyone needs some culture in their life, so you buy two tickets for the opera. The singer has an amazing range, mostly due to the fact that they’re getting a boost from behind.

HH DailyMission 76.jpg Acumdemy Awards

Everybody’s excited for The Cockstars - an award ceremony for the best sexual feats for the past year. You are nominated for best cocksman, so you put on your best tuxedo, and head to the red carpet.

HH DailyMission 77.jpg Crème de la crème

It’s morning and everyone needs some coffee to start their day. Unfortunately, you’re fresh out of cream. Fortunately, some of the girls prefer you put your fresh organic substitute, even though it’s a little salty.

HH DailyMission 78.jpg Slip Inside

You’re preparing for a light orgy when you realize you’re running out of lube. But you just restocked yesterday. Some laughter from the back leads you to the solution - the girls used it for a slip and slide.

HH DailyMission 79.jpg Census Fucker

You’re volunteering as a census taker, gathering data on the Haremverse girls’ favourite poses. It’s going very slowly, because every time you try to ask about the poses, the girls insist on trying them with you.

HH DailyMission 80.jpg Jump On It

You’re at a punk show, and the energy is great. At the peak of excitement, the band’s singer decides to do a stage dive. As she jumps into the forest of hands, you notice this dive is gonna be really fun.

HH DailyMission 81.jpg A Hot Cup

The girls really wanna go to a new coffee place called “Starfucks”. Of course you take them and three lattes later all of you have a humongous amount of energy so you make the best of it.

HH DailyMission 82.jpg Hot Wheels

Trying to pick a new car is always hard. The model, the year, the color; so many things to decide. In the end you decide that seat space is the most important thing - so you invite Bunny for a test drive.

HH DailyMission 83.jpg Fix the Table

Your table is really wobbly so you spend the whole day trying to fix the legs. Finally, you decide to test its sturdiness by having a session with some of the girls, but you go too hard and now it’s wobbly again!

HH DailyMission 84.jpg Only Happy When It Rains

The rain catches you by surprise in the middle of the street, and it’s pouring cats and dogs. A lady invites you under her umbrella to hide, and soon you get her soaking wet.

HH DailyMission 85.jpg Talk Show

You are invited to be a guest on the most popular late night talk show in the Haremverse. The hostess is so funny and charming, before you know it, you are ready to give the audience something to talk about.

HH DailyMission 86.jpg Boob Bureaucracy

Your harem is getting so big, you can barely keep track of everyone in it, so you decide to make a picture catalogue of all the girls. After a few hours spent organizing, you are too horny to organize so you give up.

HH DailyMission 87.jpg Probing Interview

You’ve been invited to one of the most popular podcasts in the Haremverse - The Jane Roland Experience. Her questions delve deep into your personal life, and you end up delving deep into her.

HH DailyMission 88.jpg Rollercoaster Rub

It’s a nice sunny weekend, so you and some of the girls go to the amusement park. The rides are even more thrilling when you share them with your harem.

HH DailyMission 89.jpg Hook, Line and Suck her

Sharing your hobbies with your harem is always good, and Red Battler never learned how to fish so now is the time! She’s a bit of a slow learner, but at least you manage to catch a good view.

HH DailyMission 90.jpg Take a pic! Give a dick!

A very famous art photographer - Anala Leibotits wants you to be her next subject. She is a real professional with the camera and she manages to capture your best side.

HH DailyMission 91.jpg Clean up Red Battler

In the hottest moment of an epic orgy you reach for the bottle of lube and squeeze a bit too hard, covering Red Battler. She’s okay with it, but she asks you to wash it off using her favourite fluid.

HH DailyMission 92.jpg Fly with Captain Bunn

Bunny has just gotten her pilot’s license and she wants to take you and Arcana for a flight. As the plane ascends, so does something in your pants. Arcana quickly opens her hangar for you.

HH DailyMission 93.jpg Shave Abraël

Taking a shower with Abraël is always a lot of fun! This time she asks you to shave her pussy. You wonder why she can’t do it herself, but then you see how wet she gets as the blade glides on her skin and just go with it.

HH DailyMission 94.jpg Hit the Bullseye

Juliette wants you to take part in a sharpshooter competition. At first you decline, saying you don’t know how to shoot, until you realize you have to use the one weapon you’re really skilled with.

HH DailyMission 95.jpg Try the Cupcakes

Brittany has baked some delicious cupcakes in your favorite shape. She asks you to sample them; they are delicious and taste just like the real thing!

HH DailyMission 96.jpg Go to the Therapist

As part of your annual medical check up you go see a therapist. As you relax on the couch and start to spill your guts, you notice the woman behind you is also releasing some emotions of her own.

HH DailyMission 97.jpg Becum One with Everything

You’ve been a bit stressed lately, so Bunny sets up a meditation session for you. You close your eyes and focus on your breath until you reach transcendence. Suddenly all your stress is released.

HH DailyMission 98.jpg Party Till Your Pants Drop

You and the girls decide to go to a rave. You grab a couple of glow sticks and hit the dance floor. The DJ is spinning so good, you go compliment her and soon you find yourself behind the pult.

HH DailyMission 99.jpg Topped Off

The girls want to go to the funfair. Arcana gets you two tickets to the ferris wheel, and teaches you a very fun game - you have to make her peak before you get to the top.

HH DailyMission 100.jpg Car Trouble

Your car is completely busted, so you ask Viola to help you with the repairs. As she gets under the car, you can’t help but get the urge to put your key in her ignition.

HH DailyMission 101.jpg Caddy Shag

Golfing was never quite your passion, but when Bunny is your caddy, you’re sure to hit a hole in one every time.

HH DailyMission 102.jpg Cam Friends

Scrolling through your feed, you see a link for camgirls. You click on it, and find yourself making many new friends. Soon, some of them come to visit you in real life.

HH DailyMission 103.jpg Gordian Cock

You are called as a guest lecturer on sex techniques. On your first day, you walk into the wrong classroom to find one of the assistants - Airi - tied up educating her students on bondage.

HH DailyMission 104.jpg Buy New Underwear

The Haremverse lifestyle has only one disadvantage - you are constantly losing your underwear. You go to the store to get some new ones, and the clerk gives you another reason to take the old ones off.

HH DailyMission 105.jpg Hot Cock Eating Contest

There’s a cock eating contest in town, and Eugénie really wants to take part, but she needs to bring her own cocks. With your help, she wins by a landslide.

HH DailyMission 106.jpg Rising in the Fall

You and Bunny are frolicking in the colorful autumn landscape. You decide to play a joke on Bunny by hiding in a pile of leaves, but your excitement gives you away fast.

HH DailyMission 107.jpg Perfect Fit

Princess Noemy is invited to a royal ball and wants you to take her shoe shopping. You’re about to get bored, but then you find out her feet aren't the only thing the shoes have to fit.

HH DailyMission 108.jpg Lick Stick

Harri is fighting with her sister Rabbi over a lost lipstick. You calm the tension by offering to buy them both the lipstick in question. The girls are so grateful, they shower you in kisses.

HH DailyMission 109.jpg Fill the Suit

For Halloween, you decide to go as All Mastery. It's very hard acquiring his suit, and filling it. Luckily, Shina is there to provide some assistance in filling it.

HH DailyMission 110.jpg Hands On Training

You apply to help a mechanic named Viola with some of her inventions. She’s training her A.I. suit’s arms to perform complex actions. As the hand wraps around you, you become harder than iron.

HH DailyMission 111.jpg Warming Up

It’s a cold day in the Magic Forest and you’ve been wandering for hours. Just when you think you can’t go on, Queen Titania finds you and gives you a cozy place to snuggle up and get rid of the hypothermia.

HH DailyMission 112.jpg Dick or Treat

It’s Halloween season and Kimie knocks at your door expecting some candy. Unfortunately you’re fresh out, but there's something else you can fill her bag with!

HH DailyMission 113.jpg Lick it Up

As you go through the bounty from your trick or treating expedition, you find Fairy stuck inside a lollipop. You start licking until she is free... and then she asks you to lick some more.

HH DailyMission 114.jpg Scared Stiff

You and Bunny snuggle up to watch some horror movies, but Bunny is so scared she is constantly grabbing you for comfort. Soon your spine isn’t the only thing that’s tingling.

HH DailyMission 115.jpg The Big Apple

Rabbi invites you to the autumn fair. As she leans over the barrel to bob for apples, you can’t help but dive in her apple shape as well.

HH DailyMission 116.jpg Sharing the Load

Bunny and Lupa insist you be the judge of their snowballing competition. As you put your jacket on, they start taking their clothes off. This will be a whole new kind of contest.

HH DailyMission 117.jpg Front of the Line

Rabbi wants you to go to a concert together, but it's sold out. Rabbi quickly takes you to the back, where the security guards' pants drop and the doors soon open wide.

HH DailyMission 118.jpg Open Wide and Say Ah!

Nurse Clarysse demands you get a physical examination ASAP. You go to her office, but you decide it will be way more fun if you examined her for a change.

HH DailyMission 119.jpg A Shower for Two

You and Bunny spend the whole day cleaning all the nooks of your house, so both of you are filthy. You go to take a shower together, and that's when things get really dirty.

HH DailyMission 120.jpg The Banger of Seville

Bunny's mother insists you accompany her to the opera. The show hasn't even started yet, and you're already BB - bored with a boner. Soon, Bunny's mom's tenor is echoing throughout the theatre.

HH DailyMission 121.jpg Reaching the Top

Jeanne and Sophie invite you on a mountain hike. As you climb the steep path, you want to give up, but the view above you is too stimulating, so you press on.

HH DailyMission 122.jpg Bath Man

After an exhausting day, you come home to a pleasant surprise - Bunny ordered you a special bathtub massage. After Vashalanor rubs her beauties all over you, you are ready to release your bath bomb.

HH DailyMission 123.jpg Cyberspunk 2069

Breno invites you to check the new shooter he got for the Laystation 6. It's a Haremverse game, so your weapon is hard and veiny. It's so immersive, you can't help but give it your all.

HH DailyMission 124.jpg Cum Pool Karaoke

Abrael wants you to help her with new obsession - streaming herself trying to sing popular songs while being drowned in cum! She calls it cum pool karaoke and it's taking the internet by storm!

HH DailyMission 125.jpg Drinking Contest

Lola is bored so she challenges you to a drinking contest. You take a drink each time you have a naughty thought. Both of you are under the table in no time, making your thoughts a reality.

HH DailyMission 126.jpg Taming the Wolf

Lupa has been acting in a very annoying way lately - constantly teasing you and then running away, until your frustration lets your Holy Egoist form out. That's what Lupa wanted all this time - a good master to train her.

HH DailyMission 127.jpg Raining Cats and Dongs

The first few droplets hit, and you already know it's time to get your umbrella, because walks in the rain are Bunny's second favorite way to get wet!

HH DailyMission 128.jpg A Sucker for You

Exploring an old castle, you encounter Dracumla, a very hungry cumpire. You swiftly take out your stake and impale her again and again until she is ready to feed from you.

HH DailyMission 129.jpg Lock, Cock, and One Smokin' Body

A locked wooden chest arrives at your door. After trying to open it for hours, desperation makes you try the key between your pockets. It opens! Skytte’s inside, and she has another lock that needs picking!

HH DailyMission 130.jpg Lick of Legends

You’ve been gaming non-stop for almost 12 hours and you’re about to win a huge tournament, but there’s something even harder than the game in your pants. Luckily, Sifra is there to provide you with a bonus life.